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Author:  theAlphaMale [ July 21st, 2005, 10:55 am ]
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mmm I like Houston but I am not "I LOVE" with him. Like I said before...we need a guy that can take it to the hoop hard and neither Finely nor Houston is gonna do that. We essentially have too much outside shooting so much that when our shots aren't falling we hit those dreaded droughts for 10 minutes. I hate watching other teams have Manu, Wayde, Pierce, etc...drive to our basket and either hit a shot, draw a foul, or pitch it out for an open jumper...we don't do that nearly enough. Rose is also a better defender than Finely and Houston. We do not need bad knees and Arnie Cander is good but he is not Dr.Frankenstein...we cannot take Darkos knees out and through em in Antonio.

It's like Millen took a flyer on Big Baby and it paid off and then he started drafted every gimp he could and non of them worked out that well.

In the end Jalen fits the Piston mold to perfection. Guy works hard...has been bounced around the league and discarded from team to team...comes to the Pistons to find a true home.

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