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Author:  jomo269 [ March 25th, 2010, 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  South Carolina

AfricanAmerican high school football players that have verbally commited to SC are being asked to renig(sp?) on their verbal commitments to the university.

The reason is that the only AfricanAmerican member of the board of trustees is getting the boot.

I don't know what group is behind this movement, but I think it is absolute BS.

I admit that I don't know all the facts, but when you start messing with kids and their futures.

Obviously these kids have been offered a full ride to a top college. A free bachelors degree just for being on the team.

Yet we have adults(so called) bringing these kids into a cause that basically has nothing to do with them directly.

Has this group found an alternate way of paying for these kids education?

Let's face it, 95% if not more will never play a down of pro ball.

But yet these so called leaders of whatever this group is are asking the kids to possibaly give up a free college education to help them complain about the last AM being from the board of trustees.

Granted it's not me in this position,but I think these so called leaders are in this for themselves.

I don't care what race or religion it is.

Leave the kids out of it unless you can prove they are being harmed.

Author:  steensn [ March 28th, 2010, 6:17 pm ]
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If I were an african american kid with a scholie there I would say screw you to those asking me to drop my schollie. Let them actually give up something in this fight... let the Jessie Jackson's with loads of cash give up something for once, not the kids who can't afford college getting a shot to change their lives. Screw them...

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