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 2010 QB Draft Class 

Which 2010 QB should the Lions draft?
Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) 36%  36%  [ 10 ]
Colt McCoy (Texas) 21%  21%  [ 6 ]
Mark Sanchez (USC) 4%  4%  [ 1 ]
Matt Stafford (Georgia) 36%  36%  [ 10 ]
Tim Tebow (Florida) 4%  4%  [ 1 ]
Total votes : 28

 2010 QB Draft Class 
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Have you really sat down and watched Stafford and Georgia play or are you strictly going off of stats? First off except for Moreno and their freshman WR Green there really isn't a whole lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball for Georgia. Their O-line is the college equivalent of the Lions O-line. The big knock against Stafford right now is he is the name being thrown around as the #1 QB and people love to bash that guy no matter what kind of potential he may or may not have. It doesn't matter if his name is Manning, Leaf, Aikman, Elway, or Shuler there will always be people that absolutely hate them and those that think they are already inducted into the HOF.

Personally I like to give every player the benefit of the doubt and don't instantly write them off as busts like others. I do have strong feelings about not wanting certain players but every player deserves at least a couple years in the league to at least show improvement before they are labeled as never were guys. It's funny that Stafford can't be the guy in the but reading your break down of him it sounds a lot like Stanton when he was in college. Yet you have Stanton pegged as the savior of the Lions. Maybe Stafford is the next big name and maybe he is the next Heath Shuler. Nobody can say definately at this point how his or any player's career is going to turn out.

I will say I'm last person to want to draft a QB early especially without a good LT in place but at this point I wouldn't be upset with Stafford. Would I take him #1 overall in 2010 if he stayed? Maybe but I'd like to see him play in at least one of the postseason games if he did return for his senior year.

November 4th, 2008, 9:29 pm
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QB size/speed numbers from

Don't use Walter football for anything. According to him I would liekly run a 4.4 40 yard dash...
2008 Season Stats from numbers through 9 games except for Tebow, Sanchez, and Cantwell 8 games each

Stats really mean nothing exspecially for QB's. Arm, Accuracy, Leardership, smarts, toughness, form, those are what matter

Sam Bradford OU 6-4 214 4.70 speed
8-1 record, 202-297 (68.0%) 3086 yds, 34-6 TD-INT, 189.0 QB Rating
This was my pick. He's got size, a good arm, good speed, production, and efficiency. He picked up the system quickly and was productive from Day 1. He plays smart and seems like a leader. Sure, he's surrounded by good players, but so is Matt Stafford.

Bradford is another system QB. His physical ability isn't on par with what people think due to his system. He has to look to the sideline to get his presnap reads from a coach and has a crazy good supporting cast. Jason White anyone?

Matt Stafford UGA 6-3 237 4.74 speed
7-2 record, 159-262 (60.7%) 2211 yds, 12-8 TD-INT, 140.6 QB Rating
That's it??? Overrated. On paper, he looks fast enough, but he's a pocket QB. He's surrounded by great talent, but isn't productive. He disappears in big games. His leadership and physical talent doesn't translate into results.

Georgia is not a very talented team. They have almost nothing past Stafford and Moreno. Against Florida the run game was non existent and with no OL and no RB no QB will look good. Also Stafford has above average mobility.

Tim Tebow UF 6-3 235 4.52 speed
7-1 record, 114-177 (64.4%), 1569 yds, 14-2 TD-INT, 162.7 QB Rating
The current fad in college football is the Spread Offense. There are lots of different types of Spread Offenses and Spread Option Offenses out there today. Some emphasize the pass more, some the run. With Tebow, Florida uses his run skills a lot. Accordingly, Tebow's pass numbers are not prolific, but his completion ratio is good and his TD-INT Ratio is fantastic. He has a very good QB Rating. He makes good decisions with the football. Tebow has the size, speed, and arm of an NFL starter.

As for speed, we don't need somebody with the speed of Michael Vick......those types usually neglect developing their passing skills. But we also don't want a pocket QB until we can at least get some chunks of an offensive line in place......and we're fresh out of chunks. A QB with good mobility (like Drew Stanton) who can also throw well would help us now and in the future. See, here's the thing......with more and more of all Division 1 schools going to a type of Spread Offense (including a lot of the elite programs with the best QB talent), are you going to say you're not even going to consider most of the top QB prospects because they happened to play in a Spread Offense??? Tebow has the skills. He has solid efficiency numbers. He strikes me as less of a "system QB" than most. My hunch is Tebow could play well in most any system. I like him.

The spread Tebow plays in has a habit of creating busts becuase they are a one read offense. The majority of the time is Tebows first guy isnt there then he has to run. HE has horrible mechanics and I wouldn't touch him till the 5th.

Josh Freeman KSU 6-6 249 4.83 speed
4-5 record, 182-298 (61.1%), 2431 yds, 15-8 TD-INT 140.8 QB Rating

unimpressive speed, production and efficiency......but he's big and tall. Yeah, so was Scott Mitchell. :roll:

Carries his team
Is very mobile (has like 12 rushing TD's this year...I would be surprised if he really runs that slow but it doesn't matter for QB;s anyway)
He has sound mechanics
He has a cannon with lightning quick release
He is Big
He call his own audible and makes his own reads

Hunter Cantwell UL 6-5 230 4.79 speed
5-3 record, 136-233 (58.4%), 1579 yds, 12-10 TD-INT, 123.7 QB Rating
Barf. He's got a big arm, but plays like crap......but he's got a big arm. A poor man's Matt Stafford. Did I mention he's got a big arm?

Cantwell is a good prospect. He has a huge arm. The main concern is he seems to have a hitch in his throwing motion ala Leftwhich. However he is a good prospect

Qb's generally take a year to develop so why set the franchis back atleast a year. Rookie LT's start earlier almost every year. D'Brick, McCneil, Thomas, Ugoh, Long, Clady, Albert, Brown to name a few. I doubt Ciron Black comes out this year and he will be a top prospect this and next year. We could draft a QB and a LT this year but waiting on a QB i snot the best way to go.

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November 5th, 2008, 1:07 am
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Post Re: 2010 QB Draft Class
Pablo wrote:
Assuming they all stay in school (and the Lions don't take a QB this year), which of these QBs would you like to see the Lions draft in 2010 which is shaping up to be a banner year for NFL prospect QBs potentially.

Odds are the ones that will be projected to be 1st rounders will come out this year, with a rookie salary cap on the way for 2010. Which is actually good news for the Lions. Personally I like Stafford, has the arm, mobility and appears to have the intelligence.

December 8th, 2008, 11:37 am
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Stafford is bad under pressure, NFL teams will just blitz him everytime and he'll throw INT every pass.

I hate Oklahoma (Ok St fan) and I think Bradford is probably the best bet. He is insanely accurate, no matter if he's a system QB you aren't going to lose your accuracy and arm power. He puts the ball in spots that very few(if any) college quarterbacks can.

December 8th, 2008, 3:19 pm
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McCoy announced he is staying, so 2009 wont be "our last chance to get a franchise QB"

December 8th, 2008, 6:58 pm
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Saw last night during the game Todd McShay of ESPN's mock draft based on current standings and he has the Lions picking Matt Stafford.

Just thought I'd share that.



December 9th, 2008, 8:25 am
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hamma77 wrote:
Stafford is bad under pressure, NFL teams will just blitz him everytime and he'll throw INT every pass.

I hate Oklahoma (Ok St fan) and I think Bradford is probably the best bet. He is insanely accurate, no matter if he's a system QB you aren't going to lose your accuracy and arm power. He puts the ball in spots that very few(if any) college quarterbacks can.

You are right about Bradford, I made a mistake when I said Stafford. Got my ford's mixed up. I watched Bradford play against Missouri and was impressed.

December 9th, 2008, 1:40 pm
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