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 Mock Drafts 
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jomo269 wrote:
Mike, I ove the parts of your draft that are your picks. What do you think the chances are we can get those folks?

Thanks jomo....

Pettigrew-if Buffalo passes on him, I think he drops because the teams between the Bills and our #20 pick have other, more pressing needs that they can fill with a player of quality. Pettigrew would be an outstanding addition to this team, IMHO, and could help both portions of our offense.

Butler-I think the likelihood of him being at #33 is very remote, as my understanding is that some teams consider him to be the most well-rounded corner available this year. If he's there, the Lions NEED to get him. Buchanon is a #2 corner and Henry is just about done as a CB. We need another starter who can take on top receivers. Butler can be that guy.

Sidbury-Tough call on whether he's available at the top of the third round. Small school prospect, so teams may have reservations. But the athleticism is there, and teams may take him in round two because this years crop of DEs leaves something to be desired.

Robinson-I think he's long gone by this time (#82). However, if he is available here the Lions should definitely snap him up. I realize other folks may want to continue with defense, but by now we've already gotten our MLB, a starting CB and a DE for the mix. It would be nice to get a DT here, but I think Robinson holds the best value and fills a huge need.

April 12th, 2009, 8:38 am
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MLive wrote:
Draft analyst Mike Mayock: I'd take Eugene Monroe over Matthew Stafford
by Tom Kowalski
Wednesday April 15, 2009, 1:47 PM

If the Detroit Lions' first overall draft pick was in the hands of Mike Mayock, the draft analyst for the NFL Network, the Lions would select Virginia left tackle Eugene Monroe over Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford. According to his most recent rankings, Mayock has Stafford as the second-best quarterback available -- behind USC's Mark Sanchez.

"Quarterback is the most important position in the NFL, but you'd better make sure you're going to bang the table for that guy -- like I did with Matt Ryan (last year). I don't feel the same way about Stafford,'' Mayock said in a conference call with reporters today. "If I'm the Lions, I'd take Monroe and worry about quarterback later. I couldn't afford to take a shot at No. 1 and, if I'm wrong, set the franchise back five years.''

Mayock said he favors Monroe over Baylor tackle Jason Smith because Monroe has the "best feet of any tackle in the draft. His feet remind me of Joe Thomas. At left tackle, run blocking is not as big of a deal.''

Mayock said he believes Sanchez is the most accurate quarterback of the top three prospects, which include Stafford and Kansas State's Josh Freeman. Still, Mayock said he "wouldn't bang the table for any of them.''

While the Lions are saying they have yet to make a final decision about the top overall pick, Mayock agrees: "I'm not convinced Detroit even made up their mind yet.'' ... _id_t.html

April 15th, 2009, 2:52 pm
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M2K's Mock Draft (First Round Only, with projected trades)


1. Detroit - LB AARON CURRY
After the most recent reports, it seems like the Lions have a deal in place with Curry, but the demands by Tom Condon for Stafford are unyielding. Good, I didn't want Stafford anyways, and neither did the majority of Lions fans. It the end, this team has to put butts in seats this year. And Lewand/Mayhew can always say "you got what you wanted" if Curry doesn't work out (but he will).

2. St. Louis - OT Jason Smith
Perhaps the biggest debate outside of who the Lions will take, is who the best OT is in this draft. Smith is widely recognized as having the most "upside", and could eventually become a perennial All Pro in the mold of Orlando Pace. But he has question marks. Many think Monroe is the safer bet, and is the most pro ready tackle to come along in a couple years. Either way, a tackle leaves the board with this pick.

3. Kansas City - DT B.J. Raji
A surprise pick, particularly based on their last seasons selection of Glenn Dorsey. But Raji is NT material, Dorsey is not. And if the Chiefs are serious about running a 3-4, then they have to get their big body to anchor it.

4. Seattle - QB Mark Sanchez
If Stafford falls, I don't think it will be far. But I've heard reports that Seattle feels more love for Sanchez than Stafford. Sanchez would actually the time he needs to learn here, and he fits the ball control style the Seahawks have in place today.

5. Cleveland - OLB Brian Orakpo
The Browns may trade away Braylon Edwards, but they won't take Crabtree because he acted like an idiot while he visited them. Instead of reaching for Maclin, the Browns get their outside pass rusher in Orakpo

6. Cincinnati - OT Eugene Monroe
The Bengals benefit from a domino effect, and get a better OT than they hoped for. Monroe will take Levi Jones' place and allow them to possibly trade him later in the draft, or just cut him outright.

7. Oakland - WR Michael Crabtree
With the top three offensive tackles off the board, it is unlikely the Raiders use their pick and reach for Michael Oher. What is left is the BPA, and that is Crabtree, who just happens to fill a huge need for Oakland and fits Al Davis' draft style well. Crabtree may have gone earlier, but reports are that in his visit to Cleveland that Michael was "acting like a Diva", so they dropped him from consideration. He should get along with Al Davis quite nicely.

****TRADE: Denver gives #12, #79 to Jacksonville for #8
8. Denver (f/JAX) - QB Matt Stafford
I don't know if Denver would have traded up to get Sanchez, as I originally thought. But they probably would to get Stafford. His strong arm would remind them of Cutler, and it is a good fit for a windy Denver Mile High Stadium.

9. Green Bay - DE Tyson Jackson
With their transition to the 34 defense, Green Bay must use their picks to get the right talent to fit that scheme. Jackson may not be the second coming of Mario Williams, but in a 34 defense he could be the second coming of Richard Seymour. And that isn't too shabby. Green Bay could go OT here, and Smith is enticing. But if they are to make the switch on defense, they must utilize their picks in that fashion.

10. San Francisco - OT Andre Smith
The 'niners get their prayers answered and one of the top three tackles falls to them. Smith would be a fine fit on the right side for this team, and allow them to keep Joe Staley on the left side. " Frank Gore, running off tackle, right side..." will be heard often.

****TRADE: NY Jets give #17, #76 to Buffalo for #11
11. NY Jets (f/BUF) - QB Josh Freeman
The Jets could use a top wide receiver, and with Maclin on the board that would be a possibility. But the Jets need to get a QB for this team, because deep down they know that Kellen Clemens is not the answer in the long term. Rather than risk the Jags nabbing him one pick later, or Tampa trading up, they strike a deal with Buffalo to get their guy.

12. Jacksonville (f/DEN) - WR Jeremy Maclin
Jacksonville has critical needs at receiver and Maclin slipping down to them is a God send. Garrard isn't an elite QB, but he has rededicated himself this off-season and he definitely wasn't the only reason for this teams offensive struggles last season. Maclin will make this offense instantly better.

13. Washington - OT Michael Oher
This is a tough call, but I think the fact that Jim Zorn is an offense guy wins out and the Redskins need to work on replacing both tackle spots. Oher will be allowed to start on the right side, but will eventually end up replacing Chris Samuels.

****TRADE: New England gives #23, #58 to New Orleans for #14
14. New England (f/NO) - LB Rey Maualuga
The Pats have extra second round picks to spare, and have expressed an interest in getting yet another ILB to line up next to last years top pick Jerod Mayo. Maualuga had a good pro day, and many feel he is an upgraded version of Lofa Tatupu. Paired with Mayo, New England would now have a devastating defense against the run.

15. Houston - CB Malcolm Jenkins
Jenkins' stock just rises and falls, rises and falls. But it seems now that the hub-bub about his 'slow' 40 times have died, teams are going back to four years of game tape and seeing just how good this kid really is. Jenkins could solve some problems for the Texans porous secondary, and allow Super Mario more time to get to the QB.

16. San Diego - LB Brian Cushing
The Chargers would love a chance at Maualuga, but miss out due to the trade up by the Pats. Despite signing Burnett, they could still use an inside backer. Brian Cushing could actually be used either inside or outside in this defense, and I'm sure that kind of versatility is worth this pick.

17. Buffalo (f/NYJ) - TE Brandon Pettigrew
Now that Buffalo has traded Jason Peters, they need to find his replacement. But remember that Jason Peters was an undrafted free agent. I'm sure Buffalo feels they can find a worthy replacement with the plethora of picks they now have. But Pettigrew is who they've coveted since day one, and moving down they get better value for him.

18. Denver (f/CHI) - OLB Aaron Maybin
[size=9]With Denver getting their QB earlier, they need to address their defensive scheme change with this pick. Maybin has gained weight, but showed in his workouts that he hasn't lost that speedy first step. Denver would love this scenario.

19. Tampa Bay - DE Everette Brown
Tampa Bay signed a stop gap QB in Leftwich, but may want a developmental QB later in the draft. In the meantime they would 'settle' for getting Brown, who would fit in nicely opposite Gaines Adams.

20. Detroit (f/DAL) - DT PERIA JERRY
If we are going to go defense, then let's do it right. Peria Jerry would be a very good replacement for the traded Cory Redding. He is a good three technique Under Tackle, and would face single blocking because of Grady Jackson. Life is good.

21. Philadelphia - RB Knowshon Moreno
Philly's Brian Westbrook may be the best all around back in the NFL, LT included. However, he has been wore down over the past couple seasons and the Eagles have little acceptable depth behind him. Moreno is a dynamic runner who can play immediately and help Westbrook extend his career another year or two through platooning.

22. Minnesota - OT Eben Britton
The Vikings tried to get a right tackle in the off-season something fierce, but just couldn't get them in the fold. I would imagine that the Vikes would try to move down to get better value, but if no takers appear, they'll land Britton.

23. New Orleans (f/NE) - RB Chris Wells
The Saints can't rely on Reggie Bush to carry the load, and need a big back to wear down defenses. Wells may have some injury concerns, but he won't be expected to play full time like he did in college.

24. Atlanta - OLB Clay Matthews
After losing Michael Boley and Keith Brookings in free agency, the Falcons are thin at OLB. Matthews may have been the least heralded of the USC linebackers, but he may turn out to be the best pro. He certainly showed he's the most athletic of the three.

25. Miami - CB Darius Butler
It could be Vontae Davis, but Darius Butler is a less risky prospect. Of course, with Miami putting Ronnie Brown on the trade block, they might look at someone like Donald Brown here. But Butler is a better value and fills an immediate known need.

26. Baltimore - WR Darrius Heyward-Bey
Baltimore could go with a CB like Vontae Davis. But with Flacco entering his sophomore campaign, they need to get him some weapons not lined up in the backfield. DHB is a speed demon who can help stretch the field on the outside and let Heap and L.J. Smith work the short and mid range zones.

27. Indianapolis - DT Evander Hood
This pick is an easy call. Hood has the right size/speed combo that the Colts need to solidify their defensive interior. Darrell Reid left in free agency, and the Colts have to get another starter on this d-line.

28. Buffalo (f/CAR thru PHI) - DE Robert Ayers
With their pickup of Oher, the Bills solve the offensive line issue. They'd like a tight end as well, but can get one in later rounds. However, they still have age and lack of talent issues when it comes to pass rushers. Ayers had spectacular showings at the Senior Bowl and Combines, and it pushes him into being a first round selection here.

29. NY Giants - WR Hakeem Nicks
The Giants have had a pretty good free agency period in addressing some defensive holes. Unfortunately they have created some holes on offense, but necessarily so. Unless they strike a deal for the Browns' Braylon Edwards or the Cards Anquan Boldin, they absolutely need to address what has become a very thin and talent depleted receiver corps. Nicks has a good size/speed combination to make Burress a memory.

30. Tennessee - DE Robert Ayers
The Titans lost Eric King and Chris Carr in free agency, so they have depth issues in the secondary. But they also need to address their aging defensive ends. Vontae Davis has an attitude and may bring back nightmares of Pac Man. Alphonso Smith is an option, but Ayers is too good to pass on here.

31. Arizona - RB Donald Brown
The Cardinals have Hightower, who showed he was the real deal, but Brown represents a good compliment to him. Brown is a do-it-all style weapon that the Cardinals need to have to make their offense work.

32. Pittsburgh - CB Vontae Davis
The Steelers lost Bryant McFadden, and need to find a replacement. Davis has the size and speed Mike Tomlin likes, but his attitude may put him in the doghouse quickly. Tomlin's strong leadership and personality will show Davis who is in charge, and Polamalu will help lend a hand in case the rookie oversteps his bounds.

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Scout's Inc McShay 7 Round Mock

Lions picks
1. Stafford
20. Peria Jerry
33. Larry English
65. Shawn Nelson TE Southern Miss
82. Kevin Barnes CB Maryland
174. Andrew Gardner OT Georgia Tech
192. Gerald McRath MLB Southern Miss
255. Marko Mitchell WR Nevada

First off I'd like to say that the needs are way off. I don't know how you could have a top 3 of needs without mentioning MLB and DT. Then there's so many more positions in dire need of an upgrade over what they have listed. Is McShay trying to be as big a d-bag as Kiper?

The picks though aren't entirely bad. Obviously the Stafford pick is cowardly status quo. Larry English is probably not the BPA. And Marko Mitchell is another tall receiver to our stable of tall receivers. How bout a slot/returner type? Seems like everyone and their 2nd cousins are engraving in Jerry as our 20th pick. The picks in between are quite good. Nelson is the 2nd best 'balanced' TE behind Pettigrew IMO. I have Barnes pegged for value right where he's picked. And Gerald McRath at 192 would be the steal of the draft. Gardner is a dependable Tackle who has excellent tools but doesn't play up to them.

1. Detroit Lions (Record: 0-16): Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia
Top three needs: QB, LOT, DE
Stafford is the very clear choice for Detroit. Among the three players the Lions have said they are negotiating with Stafford is at the top, Jason Smith would be the next choice if negotiations with Stafford broke down, and Curry is a long shot. The Lions definitely want a deal in place with the top pick before the draft, and they definitely hope it's with Stafford.

2. St. Louis Rams (2-14): Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
Top three needs: OT, WR, MLB
Smith has the athleticism and tenacity of a premier starting left tackle, which is priority No. 1 for St. Louis after it parted ways with Orlando Pace during the offseason. If Smith is on the board, it's hard to imagine the Rams going in any other direction.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (2-14): Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest
Top three needs: Rush LB, DT, 3-4 DL
Here's where it starts to get interesting. This pick is suddenly much more valuable given the fact that Sanchez is projected to come off the board at No. 4, but it remains to be seen whether any team will pay the huge price it would take to get ahead of Seattle. Curry is without question the best available player, but does he fit what the Chiefs are looking to do defensively as they move to a 3-4 look? I think Curry is just as valuable inside in a 3-4 as he is outside in a 4-3, but the one thing they don't get for certain is an impact pass-rusher off the edge. I think Kansas City goes with Curry, but if the Chiefs go in a different direction it will likely be OT Eugene Monroe.

4. Seattle Seahawks (4-12): Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
Top three needs: OLB, OT, S
The Seahawks are clearly looking for the heir apparent to current starter Matt Hasselbeck, who has dealt with nagging injuries recently but likely has two or three more years in him. There are also questions about stud LT Walter Jones, who is coming off a serious knee injury, but selecting Sanchez will allow Seattle to eventually hand the reins from one franchise quarterback to another.

5. Cleveland Browns (4-12): B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College
Top three needs: OLB, WR, CB
Raji is the best player on the board at this point and would provide the Browns with a stout nose tackle in their 4-4 defense. He has the size and strength to anchor against double-teams in the running game and the burst and quickness to collapse the pocket and get to the quarterback as a pass-rusher.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (4-11-1): Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
Top three needs: OT, C, RB
Monroe is the best pure pass-blocker in the draft, and he makes sense for a team that has had trouble staying healthy up front and has invested significant money in QB Carson Palmer.

7. Oakland Raiders (5-11): Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
Top three needs: OT, WR, DT
We rate Crabtree as the top receiver in the 2009 draft, but Raiders owner Al Davis is in love with speed and gives Maclin the edge here. Maclin is one of the most explosive players in the draft and fills one of Oakland's biggest needs, and while he is a bit raw as a receiver and route-runner, his speed is impressive and he can also contribute in the return game.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11): Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
Top three needs: WR, CB, DT
There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the Jaguars trading out of this spot and giving another team a shot at Sanchez, but with Sanchez slotted fourth in this projection, that scenario is out. Crabtree offers great value and a good fit here with his blend of size, hands and body control, and he would give QB David Garrard a legitimate weapon on the outside.

9. Green Bay Packers (6-10): Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
Top three needs: 3-4 OLB, 3-4 DL, OT
We've had DE/OLB hybrids Aaron Maybin and Brian Orakpo in this spot recently, but they are sliding a bit. Smith makes sense here because Packers OTs Mark Tauscher and Chad Clifton are aging and have dealt with injury, and Smith has bounced back from the disastrous start to his pre-draft preparation and now offers good value here.

10. San Francisco 49ers (7-9): Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi
Top three needs: ROT, QB, S
The 49ers want a right tackle who can step in and contribute right away, and Oher is a mauler as a run blocker who could do just that. The team would like to move current LT Joe Staley back to the right side, and this scenario will allow Oher to get used to blitz pickups and the speed of the NFL game before moving to the left side.

11. Buffalo Bills (7-9): Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas
Top three needs: Rush DE, C/G, TE
Orakpo is the top-rated DE/OLB hybrid in this draft and we think he is a better fit at end in a 4-3 alignment, which makes him a great fit for the Bills. His strength and burst off the edge will be a welcome addition for a defense that got only three combined sacks from Chris Kelsay and Aaron Schobel last season.

12. Denver Broncos (8-8): Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
Top three needs: QB, NT, 3-4 DE
The interesting thing with Denver is that on paper, the Broncos need a quarterback. But even if Sanchez were to fall to the Broncos here, I don't expect them to pull the trigger. This pick is all about the D-line for the Broncos. If Raji somehow slips, they'll cash in and grab him. If not, Denver will take the best five-technique DE (interior DE in a 3-4) in this year's class.

13. Washington Redskins (8-8): Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State
Top three needs: DE, ROT, strongside LB
There are three angles with the Redskins and this pick. One: If Sanchez falls, they take him. Two: They could mortgage their future and send draft picks to move up to take Sanchez. I'm not convinced they'll do it, but it certainly wouldn't be against owner Dan Snyder's style. Three: Assuming Sanchez is gone, they go either with an offensive tackle or a defensive end. In this case, Maybin is the best value on the board between those two positions, and his quickness and agility off the edge would give the Redskins versatility at the position opposite Andre Carter.

14. New Orleans Saints (8-8): Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
Top three needs: OLB, FS, RB
The Saints have been rumored to have their eye on Jenkins' former teammate Beanie Wells, but Jenkins is the safer pick here. He has the versatility to play both corner and safety but would fit best at free safety on a New Orleans defense that is in desperate need of playmakers on the back end.

15. Houston Texans (8-8): Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee
Top three needs: SS, NT, rush DE
Ayers is a one-year wonder, but he has good size and can get up the field after the quarterback. Adding him to the mix with DE Mario Williams and DT Amobi Okoye would present big problems for opposing protection schemes.

16. San Diego Chargers (8-8): Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB, Ohio State
Top three needs: ROT, RG, SS
The running back situation in San Diego is not as good as you might think. LaDainian Tomlinson has dealt with nagging injuries recently, Darren Sproles was given the franchise tag during the offseason and Michael Bennett is an aging backup who won't carry much of the load, so this is a good luxury pick for the Chargers. Wells would provide them with a big back who can keep Tomlinson fresh and allow Sproles to remain in a complementary role, and he would also provide some certainty for the future.

For the complete seven-round projection all the way to the 256th pick, including the drama surrounding the Jets at No. 17 and whether more than two running backs will come off the board in the first round, become an ESPN Insider today.

17. New York Jets (9-7): Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State
Top three needs: QB, WR, TE
The price to move up and get Sanchez is likely too steep for the Jets now that he's projected to go No. 4 overall, and there are enough questions about speedy wideouts Darrius Heyward-Bey and Percy Harvin to take them here. Freeman would definitely be a reach at this point given questions about his instincts and consistency, but his size and rifle arm could be enough to overshadow any concerns and push the Jets to make a desperation move. Quarterback talent drops off significantly after Freeman, and at this point he is New York's best chance to fill that need.

18. Denver Broncos (from 9-7 CHI) (8-8): Everette Brown, DE, Florida State
Top three needs: QB, NT, 3-4 DE
The Broncos will look to continue to upgrade their defensive front seven with this pick, and Brown could help fill out the rotation of perimeter pass-rushers. The wild card here could be a running back. If Beanie Wells starts to fall, the Broncos could look to take advantage and snag the Ohio State product because he's a perfect fit for Denver's zone-blocking scheme.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7): Brian Cushing, OLB, USC
Top three needs: QB, DT, OLB
Cushing is not the most fluid outside linebacker, but he is physical in coverage and has the speed and instincts to play in coverage in the Tampa 2 system, playing a role similar to the departed Derrick Brooks.

20. Detroit Lions (from 9-7 DAL) (0-16): Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi
Top three needs: QB, LOT, DE
New coach Jim Schwartz will rotate his defensive linemen throughout a game, and current DTs Grady Jackson and Chuck Darby are on the down side of their careers. Jerry would fit well in that rotation as a one-gap penetrator who can create havoc in the middle.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (9-6-1): Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia
Top three needs: OT, WR, RB
The Eagles can go three directions with these two picks: Offensive tackle seems to be priority No. 1, followed by running back and tight end. Thing is, Moreno is just such a better value that he could make them skip over OT here. Moreno's versatility makes him a good fit in Philly as the short-term complement to Brian Westbrook and long-term replacement for him.

22. Minnesota Vikings (10-6): Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland
Top three needs: QB, ROT, C
There are questions about Heyward-Bey's route-running and hands, but he was the fastest player at the combine and his speed would provide a downfield threat for an offense that needs to prevent defenses from ganging up on RB Adrian Peterson.

23. New England Patriots (11-5): Clay Matthews, OLB, USC
Top three needs: OLB, strongside ILB, CB
If Jenkins falls, don't be surprised to see the Patriots take advantage of that and select him. His versatility fits perfectly in New England. But if he's not there, Matthews has "Patriots" written all over him. Matthews' best football is still ahead of him, he has great NFL bloodlines, he can play multiple roles on defense and he will be a special-teams demon from Day 1.

24. Atlanta Falcons (11-5): Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State
Top three needs: DT/NT, OLB, S
Atlanta really wants to target defense with this draft, but there isn't a player close to Pettigrew's value at this point. Assuming the Falcons don't bring in a veteran between now and the draft, they have to go with the only first-round TE in this year's class if he's available.

25. Miami Dolphins (11-5): Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois
Top three needs: CB, WR, NT
Davis is perhaps the best cover corner in the draft and a top-15 talent, but he has fallen a bit due to concerns about his work ethic and consistency. Still, he makes perfect sense for a team that made the playoffs last year but needs a playmaker in the defensive secondary. Davis is a great value at this point, and on a team with strong leadership in the front office, and the locker-room character concerns are not as significant as they might be for other teams.

26. Baltimore Ravens (11-5): Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers
Top three needs: WR, CB, ILB
Britt is the perfect fit in Baltimore with his combination of size, hands and better-than-expected top-end speed. He would provide another reliable option for QB Joe Flacco and add to a receiving corps that has struggled to stay healthy and counts on big contributions from aging veteran Derrick Mason.

27. Indianapolis Colts (12-4): Percy Harvin, WR, Florida
Top three needs: DT, WR, OLB
The Colts are most likely to use this pick on a defensive tackle or wide receiver, and while WR Hakeem Nicks is worth the pick, he does not have the type of speed Indy looks for in its pass-catchers. That means Harvin is the pick, and questions about his durability and attitude are worth the risk at this point in the first round.

28. Buffalo Bills (from 12-4 CAR through Philadelphia) (7-9): Eben Britton, OT, Arizona
Top three needs: OT, WR, RB
Buffalo traded away Jason Peters to get this pick, and Britton will help fill the void left by Peters' departure. Britton has good size and good feet and will fit in nicely with the Bills' offense.

29. New York Giants (12-4): Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina
Top three needs: WR, strongside LB, OT
There's a lot of speculation about Braylon Edwards being traded to the Giants, which would cost New York this pick. But there hasn't been a deal yet, and if the Giants hold on to this pick and don't bring in a veteran, Nicks is a no-brainer. He's big, has exceptional hand-eye coordination and is ready to contribute for Eli Manning right now.

30. Tennessee Titans (13-3): Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC
Top three needs: WR, DT, MLB
Tennessee's biggest need is at wide receiver, but that has been the Titans' biggest need for the past half-dozen years and they haven't used a first-round pick on a receiver yet, so why start now? The Titans would like to move Stephen Tulloch to the outside where his lack of size is not as much of an issue, and Maualuga would give them a big downhill thumper who can stop the run in the middle and showed underrated pass-rush skills at the Senior Bowl.

31. Arizona Cardinals (9-7): Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut
Top three needs: RB, OLB, LOT
Brown lacks exceptional breakaway speed, but he's instinctive, tough and versatile enough to contribute on all three downs in the NFL right now. Arizona doesn't have to take a running back here, but it would be wise to take advantage of Brown being there, especially with an aging Edgerrin James and a still-unproven Tim Hightower as the only two backs on the roster.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4): Max Unger, C, Oregon
Top three needs: OT, CB, 3-4 DE
Cornerback could be a possibility here, and Alphonso Smith, despite his lack of ideal size and top-end speed, has the playmaking skills and toughness to fit well in Pittsburgh. But this is the time for the Steelers to develop young talent along the offensive line, and Unger's size, strength and versatility are better suited for what Pittsburgh looks for in an offensive lineman, and give him a slight edge over Alex Mack and Eric Wood.

Round 2
Pick Team Player Position School
1. (33) Detroit Lions Larry English DE/OLB Northern Illinois
2. (34) New England (from Kansas City) Darius Butler CB Connecticut
3. (35) St. Louis Rams James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio State
4. (36) Cleveland Browns Paul Kruger* OLB Utah
5. (37) Seattle Seahawks William Beatty OT Connecticut
6. (38) Cincinnati Bengals Eric Wood C Louisville
7. (39) Jacksonville Jaguars Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest
8. (40) Oakland Raiders Evander Hood DT Missouri
9. (41) Green Bay Packers Connor Barwin OLB Cincinnati
10. (42) Buffalo Bills Alex Mack C California
11. (43) San Francisco 49ers Louis Delmas S Western Michigan
12. (44) Miami Dolphins (from Washington) Mohamed Massaquoi WR Georgia
13. (45) New York Giants (from New Orleans) Clint Sintim SLB Texas Tech
14. (46) Houston Texans William Moore S Missouri
15. (47) New England Patriots (from San Diego) Rashad Johnson S Alabama
16. (48) Denver Broncos Ron Brace NT Boston College
17. (49) Chicago Bears Derrick Williams WR Penn State
18. (50) Cleveland Browns (from Tampa Bay) LeSean McCoy* RB Pittsburgh
19. (51) Dallas Cowboys Patrick Chung SS Oregon
20. (52) New York Jets Brandon Tate WR North Carolina
21. (53) Philadelphia Eagles Cornelius Ingram TE Florida
22. (54) Minnesota Vikings Phil Loadholt OT Oklahoma
23. (55) Atlanta Falcons Jarron Gilbert DT San Jose State
24. (56) Miami Dolphins Lawrence Sidbury DE Richmond
25. (57) Baltimore Ravens Sean Smith* CB Utah
26. (58) New England Patriots Cody Brown OLB Connecticut
27. (59) Carolina Panthers Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
28. (60) New York Giants Andre Brown RB NC State
29. (61) Indianapolis Colts Sen'Derrick Marks DT Auburn
30. (62) Tennessee Titans Andy Levitre OG/OT Oregon State
31. (63) Arizona Cardinals David Veikune DE Hawaii
32. (64) Pittsburgh Steelers D.J. Moore* CB Vanderbilt
Round 3
Pick Team Player Position School
1. (65) Detroit Lions Shawn Nelson TE Southern Miss.
2. (66) St. Louis Rams Brian Robiskie WR Ohio State
3. (67) Kansas City Chiefs Fili Moala DL USC
4. (68) Seattle Seahawks Sherrod Martin DB Troy
5. (69) Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland) Asher Allen* CB Georgia
6. (70) Cincinnati Bengals Jared Cook* TE South Carolina
7. (71) Oakland Raiders Jamon Meredith OT South Carolina
8. (72) Jacksonville Jaguars Pat White WR West Virginia
9. (73) Green Bay Packers Jairus Byrd CB Oregon
10. (74) San Francisco 49ers Sebastian Vollmer OT Houston
11. (75) Bufalo Bills Alex Magee DT Purdue
12. (76) New York Jets (from New Orleans) Shonn Greene* RB Iowa
13. (77) Houston Texans Glen Coffee* RB Alabama
14. (78) San Diego Chargers Duke Robinson G Oklahoma
15. (79) Denver Broncos Jasper Brinkley ILB South Carolina
16. (80) Washington Redskins Troy Kropog OT Tulane
17. (81) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Donald Washington* CB Ohio State
18. (82) Detroit Lions (from Dallas) Kevin Barnes CB Maryland
19. (83) Green Bay Packers (from N.Y. Jets) James Casey* TE Rice
20. (84) Denver Broncos (from Chicago) Chip Vaughn SS Wake Forest
21. (85) Philadelphia Eagles Brooks Foster WR North Carolina
22. (86) Minnesota Vikings Coye Francies CB San Jose State
23. (87) Miami Dolphins Tyronne Green G Auburn
24. (88) Baltimore Ravens Jason Phillips ILB TCU
25. (89) New England Patriots Gerald Cadogan OT Penn State
26. (90) Atlanta Falcons Tyrone McKenzie OLB South Florida
27. (91) New York Giants Chase Coffman TE Missouri
28. (92) Indianapolis Colts Marcus Freeman OLB Ohio State
29. (93) Carolina Panthers Ricky Jean-Francois* DT LSU
30. (94) Tennessee Titans Michael Bennett DE Texas A&M
31. (95) Arizona Cardinals Brandon Williams* DE Texas Tech
32. (96) Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Thomas WR Arizona
33. (97) New England Patriots (Compensatory) Cedric Peerman RB Virginia
34. (98) Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory) Jeremiah Johnson RB Oregon
35. (99) Chicago Bears (Compensatory) Corvey Irvin DT Georgia
36. (100) New York Giants (Compensatory) Antoine Caldwell C Alabama
Round 4
Pick Team Player Position School
1. (101) Dallas Cowboys (from Detroit) Louis Murphy WR Florida
2. (102) Kansas City Chiefs Kraig Urbik OG Wisconsin
3. (103) St. Louis Rams Mike Goodson RB Texas A&M
4. (104) Cleveland Browns Chris Clemons FS Clemson
5. (105) Seattle Seahawks Kaluka Maiava OLB USC
6. (106) Cincinnati Bengals Victor Harris CB Virginia Tech
7. (107) Jacksonville Jaguars Terrance Taylor DT Michigan
8. (108) Oakland Raiders Darcel McBath DS Texas Tech
9. (109) Green Bay Packers Kyle Moore DE USC
10. (110) Buffalo Bills Cameron Morrah* TE Cal
11. (111) San Francisco 49ers Kenny McKinley WR South Carolina
12. (112) Houston Texans Cary Harris DC USC
13. (113) San Diego Chargers T.J. Lang OT Eastern Michigan
14. (114) Denver Broncos C.J. Spillman DS Marshall
15. (115) New York Jets (from Washington) Richard Quinn* TE North Carolina
16. (116) New Orleans Saints Dorell Scott DT Clemson
17. (117) Dallas Cowboys Herman Johnson OG LSU
18. (118) New Orleans Saints (from N.Y. Jets) Jonathan Casillas WLB Wisconsin
19. (119) Chicago Bears Captain Munnerlyn* DC South Carolina
20. (120) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Roy Miller DT Texas
21. (121) Philadelphia Eagles Mike Mickens DC Cincinnati
22. (122) Houston Texans (from Minnesota) Augustus Parrish OT Kent State
23. (123) Baltimore Ravens Sammie Lee Hill DT Stillman
24. (124) New England Patriots Darry Beckwith ILB LSU
25. (125) Atlanta Falcons Fenuki Tupou OT Oregon
26. (126) Oakland Raiders (from Miami) Mitch King DE Iowa
27. (127) Indianapolis Colts Travis Beckum TE Wisconsin
28. (128) Carolina Panthers Demetrius Byrd WR LSU
29. (129) New York Giants Emanuel Cook* DS South Carolina
30. (130) Tennessee Titans Keenan Lewis DC Oregon State
31. (131) Arizona Cardinals Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska
32. (132) Pittsburgh Steelers Xavier Fulton OT Illinois
33. (133) San Diego Chargers (Compensatory) Jarett Dillard WR Rice
34. (134) San Diego Chargers (Compensatory) Michael Hamlin SS Clemson
35. (135) Tennessee Titans (Compensatory) Myron Pryor DT Kentucky
36. (136) Indianapolis Colts (Compensatory) Kory Sheets RB Purdue
Round 5
Pick Team Player Position School
1. (137) Seattle Seahawks Javon Ringer RB Michigan State
2. (138) St. Louis Rams Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma
3. (139) Kansas City Chiefs Cornelius Lewis OT Tennessee State
4. (140) Chicago Bears (from Denver through Seattle) Courtney Greene SS Rutgers
5. 141 Philadelphia Eagles (from Cleveland) Nic Harris OLB Oklahoma
6. 142 Cincinnati Bengals Matt Shaughnessy DE Wisconsin
7. (143) Atlanta Falcons (from Oakland) Jerraud Powers* DC Auburn
8. (144) Jacksonville Jaguars Brian Hoyer QB Michigan State
9. (145) Green Bay Packers David Bruton SS Notre Dame
10. (146) San Francisco 49ers James Davis RB Clemson
11. (147) Buffalo Bills Kevin Ellison OLB USC
12. (148) San Diego Chargers Scott McKillop ILB Pittsburgh
13. (149) Denver Broncos Rashad Jennings RB Liberty
14. (150) Washington Redskins Dannell Ellerbe SLB Georgia
15. (151) New York Giants (from New Orleans) Jason Watkins OT Florida
16. (152) Houston Texans DeAndre Levy OLB Wisconsin
17. (153) Philadelphia Eagles (from N.Y. Jets) Curtis Taylor SS LSU
18. (154) Chicago Bears Jonathan Luigs OC Arkansas
19. (155) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sammie Stroughter WR Oregon State
20. (156) Dallas Cowboys Zach Follett OLB Cal
21. (157) Philadelphia Eagles Brandon Gibson WR Washington State
22. (158) Minnesota Vikings Ladarius Webb CB Nichols State
23. (159) New England Patriots Khalif Mitchell DT East Carolina
24. (160) Atlanta Falcons Louis Vasquez OG Texas Tech
25. (161) Miami Dolphins John Phillips TE Virginia
26. (162) Baltimore Ravens Victor Butler OLB Oregon State
27. (163) Carolina Panthers Anthony Hill TE N.C. State
28. (164) New York Giants Ashlee Palmer OLB Ole Miss
29. (165) Indianapolis Colts Brandon Underwood DC Cincinnati
30. (166) Dallas Cowboys (from Tennessee) Pannel Egboh DE Stanford
31. (167) Arizona Cardinals Lee Robinson OLB Alcorn State
32. (168) Pittsburgh Steelers Demonte' Bolden DT Tennessee
33. (169) Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory) Glover Quinn FS New Mexico
34. (170) New England Patriots (Compensatory) Johnnie Knox WR Abilene Christian
35. (171) San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory) Ryan Mouton DC Hawaii
36. (172) Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory) Alex Boone OT Ohio State
37. (173) Tennessee Titans (Compensatory) Vance Walker DT Georgia Tech
Round 6
Pick Team Player Position School
1. (174) Detroit Lions Andrew Gardner OT Georgia Tech
2. (175) Kansas City Chiefs Ramses Barden WR Cal Poly
3. (176) St. Louis Rams Kevin Ogletree WR Virginia
4. (177) Cleveland Browns Tiquan Underwood WR Rutgers
5. (178) Seattle Seahawks Trevor Canfield OG Cincinnati
6. (179) Cincinnati Bengals Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston State
7. (180) Jacksonville Jaguars Greg Isdaner OG West Virginia
8. (181) Oakland Raiders Tony Fiammetta FB Syracuse
9. (182) Green Bay Packers Worrell Williams ILB Cal
10. (183) Buffalo Bills Nate Davis QB Ball State
11. (184) San Francisco 49ers Anthony Parker OG Tennessee
12. (185) Denver Broncos Hunter Cantwell QB Louisville
13. (186) Washington Redskins Matt Slauson OG Nebraska
14. (187) Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans) Ramon Foster OT Tennessee
15. (188) Houston Texans Stephen McGee QB Texas A&M
16. (189) San Diego Chargers Marlon Favorite NT LSU
17. (190) Chicago Bears Joel Bell OT Furman
18. (191) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Davis DE Illinois
19. (192) Detroit Lions (from Dallas) Gerald McRath MLB Southern Miss
20. (193) New York Jets Robert Brewster OT Ball State
21. (194) Philadelphia Eagles Ryan Palmer CB Texas
22. (195) Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota) Seth Olsen OT Iowa
23. (196) Atlanta Falcons Troy Nolan S Arizona State
24. (197) Dallas Cowboys (from Miami) Josh Mauga ILB Nevada
25. (198) Baltimore Ravens Deon Butler WR Penn State
26. (199) New England Patriots Jacob Ingram LS Hawaii
27. (200) New York Giants Don Carey CB Norfolk State
28. (201) Indianapolis Colts Garrett Reynolds OT North Carolina
29. (202) Carolina Panthers Andy Kemp OG Wisconsin
30. (203) Tennessee Titans Arian Foster RB Tennessee
31. (204) Arizona Cardinals Bear Pascoe TE Fresno State
32. (205) Pittsburgh Steelers Ellis Lankster CB West Virginia
33. (206) Tennessee Titans (compensatory) Austin Collie WR BYU
34. (207) New England Patriots (compensatory) Brannan Southerland FB Georgia
35. (208) Dallas Cowboys (compensatory) Mike Wallace WR Mississippi
36. (209) Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory) George Hypolite DT Colorado
Round 7
Pick Team Player Position School
1. (210) Dallas Cowboys Terrance Knighton NT Temple
2. (211) St. Louis Rams Brandon Long DE Michigan State
3. (212) Kansas City Chiefs Chris Owens DB San Jose State
4. (213) Seattle Seahawks Ian Campbell DE Kansas State
5. (214) Miami Dolphins (from Cleveland) Devin Moore RB Wyoming
6. (215) Cincinnati Bengals Quan Cosby WR Texas
7. (216) Oakland Raiders A. Q. Shipley C Penn State
8. (217) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Jacksonville) Jose Valdez OT Arkansas
9. (218) Green Bay Packers Brandon Hughes CB Oregon State
10. (219) San Francisco 49ers Tom Brandstater QB Fresno State
11. (220) Buffalo Bills Andrew Means WR Indiana
12. (221) Minnesota Vikings (from Washington) Dan Gronkowski TE Maryland
13. (222) New Orleans Saints P.J. Hill RB Wisconsin
14. (223) Houston Texans Stephen Hodge OLB TCU
15. (224) San Diego Chargers Deangelo Smith CB Cincinnati
16. (225) Denver Broncos Travis Bright OG BYU
17. (226) Pittsburgh Steelers (from Tampa Bay) John Parker Wilson QB Alabama
18. (227) Dallas Cowboys Roger Allen OG Missouri Western
19. (228) New York Jets Cedric Dockery OG Texas
20. (229) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago) Moise Fokou OLB Maryland
21. (230) Philadelphia Eagles Henry Melton DE Texas
22. (231) Minnesota Vikings Clinton McDonald DT Memphis
23. (232) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Miami) Aaron Brown RB TCU
24. (233) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Baltimore) Morgan Trent CB Michigan
25. (234) New England Patriots Jared Bronson TE Central Washington
26. (235) Denver Broncos (from Atlanta) George Bussey OT Louisville
27. (236) Indianapolis Colts Edwin Williams OG Maryland
28. (237) Miami Dolphins (from Carolina) Domonique Johnson CB Jackson State
29. (238) New York Giants Chris Baker DE Hampton
30. (239) Tennessee Titans William Johnson DE Michigan
31. (240) Arizona Cardinals Darius Passmore WR Marshall
32. (241) Pittsburgh Steelers Javarris Williams RB Tennessee State
33. (242) Tennessee Titans (compensatory) Quinn Johnson FB LSU
34. (243) Washington Redskins (compensatory) Graham Harrell QB Texas Tech
35. (244) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory) Derek Walker DE Illinois
36. (245) Seattle Seahawks (compensatory) Brian Hartline WR Ohio State
37. (246) Chicago Bears (compensatory) Mortty Ivy OLB West Virginia
38. (247) Seattle Seahawks (compensatory) Jamarca Sanford S Mississippi
39. (248) Seattle Seahawks Ra'Shon Harris DT Oregon
40. (249) Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory) Antonio Appleby MLB Virginia
41. (250) Jacksonville Jaguars (compensatory) Robert Francois ILB Boston College
42. (251) Chicago Bears (compensatory) Phillip Hunt DE Houston
43. (252) Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory) Anthony Felder OLB Cal
44. (253) Jacksonville Jaguars (compensatory) Bruce Johnson CB Miami
45. (254) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory) C.J. Davis OG Pittsburgh
46. (255) Detroit Lions (compensatory) Marko Mitchell WR Nevada
47. (256) Kansas City Chiefs (compensatory) Lendy Holmes S Oklahoma


April 21st, 2009, 3:33 pm
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My latest - not including trades although i forsee quite a bit this year.

1. Curry, Aaron - immediate boost to middle of the defense.
2. Smith, Jason - might be tempted to take Stafford, but replacing Pace isn't easy.
3. Monroe, Eugene - With Curry off the board, they could go defense, but I think they'll try to protect their investment in Cassel.
4. Sanchez, Mark - Trade bait pick, but with Hasselback getting older, now's the time to groom the QB of the future.
5. Orakpo, Brian - Could be Crabtree if they trade edwards, but the defense needs serious help and Mangini likes DE/LB busts
6. Raji, B.J. - The Bengals will rush this pick to the podium.
7. Crabtree, M. - Al Davis might love speed, but I think as he slows down due to age, the difference between 4.4 and 4.5 is acceptable and 42 TD's in 2 years is a fast way to win.
8. Maclin, Jeremy - Even after signing Holt, I think Maclin fills a reciever hole and allows Jones-Drew to stop returning kicks and focus on being the main guy at RB.
9. Ayers, Robert - with the switch to the 3-4, GB needs a pass rusher.
10. Stafford, Matthew - Quite a drop huh? SF takes on look at Alex Smith, and pulls the trigger unless someone jumps earlier in a trade.
11. Smith, Andre - Buffalo thinks fat is perfect insulation for the cold and have to replace Peters.
12. Jackson, Tyson - Tempted to trade up to replace Cutler, I think they start fixing that horrendous defense.
13. Jenkins, Malcolm - With all the splash of the Albert Haynesworth signing, they go safe and take Jenkins to play Safety.
14. Wells, Chris - With Deuce gone, a solid big back to compliment Bush.
15. Butler, Darius - The Texans need a push to get into the postseason, and Butler helps them slow down Indy.
16. Maualuga, Rey - I think they could actually go Moreno here as replacement to LT, Rey will solidify the defense and give them a solid MLB for years to come.
17. Freeman, Josh - Clemens, who and who?
18. Jerry, Peria - another fix to the defense.
19. Maybin, Aaron - TB has many needs, and this fills one of em.
20. Davis, Vontae - Could go with a LT as Oher is still on the board, but our secondary needs a #1 corner and Davis is it.
21. Pettigrew, B. - with J.Smith gone and releasing the 2nd TE, He fills a need and is exactly what Mcnabb needs.
22. Moreno, K. - They have AP, but someone with just as much potential would be another offensive weapon. Harvin could go here if they don't drop him with the weed positive piss test.
23. Matthews, Clay - NE loves its linebackers and history with his father, makes this a smart pick.
24. Cushing, Brian - Need at LB and probably BPA.
25. Heyward-Bey, D. - Overrated I believe, but if anyone can keep him in line its Parcells. Can quickly stretch out the field for this offense.
26. Nicks, Hakeem - A big Possession reciever while facing Pitt is just what the doctor ordered.
27. Harvin, Percy - Like Peyton needs another weapon... but he'll get one that can be explosive. Marvin who?
28. Oher, Michael - More OL help for a team that needs a few.
29. Britt, Kenny - Hometown choice. They might trade for Edwards, but developing a solid one is a good choice for the future.
30. Brown, Everette - I could see them taking Brace to replace Haynesworth, but I think more pressure on the outside is their choice.
31. Brown, Donald - Arizona needs a running back, and unless a trade includes a back for Boldin, the best back available and might be the best of the bunch.
32. Laurinaitis, James - Pitt loves their backers. They might go Unger or Mack, but with their inside backers nearing end of contracts, its time to get fresh blood. Fits better in the 3-4 then in a 4-3 as sole MLB. Good speed, but not ideal build for shedding blockers.

April 22nd, 2009, 10:40 pm
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M2Karateman’s 2009 FINAL Mock Draft

1. Detroit
In the end, despite all the clamoring for Aaron Curry, Tom Condon will come to terms and get his client inked to the deal on the table. I would prefer they take a more proven commodity in Curry, but leave it to the Lions to gamble. Stafford has all the physical gifts, but does he have the right stuff to become a franchise QB in the NFL? Call me in three years…..

2. St. Louis
While Eugene Monroe may be the more pro ready player, Smith is the one more likely to become a dominant force in the NFL. Jason Smith is an incredible athlete and loves to punish people. Monroe is athletic and not as raw, but he lacks the killer instinct Smith seems to possess and his knee injury history is of concern. Nobody believes that the Rams are serious about Alex Barron taking over at LT, so I have no confidence that Crabtree may be the pick.

3. Kansas City
The Chiefs know they need offensive line help, but they got their LT last year. Taking Monroe here to move Brandon Albert back inside is a ridiculous notion. They can get interior lineman for their offense in the following rounds. However, getting an impact player like Curry that can play any linebacker spot is a rarity that doesn’t come along very often. Curry would instantly make this defense better, despite the numerous free agent signings Scott Pioli has already scored.

4. Seattle
There are many who feel Mark Sanchez will be the better professional quarterback than Stafford. I could actually see that happening, despite Sanchez having limited college starts. Seattle may not have immediate needs at the position, but Hassleback is not getting younger and the Seahawks don’t have a legitimate replacement for the future. Walter Jones is looking like he can still play a year or two, so they can wait on a left tackle of the future.

5. Cleveland
With the deal for Braylon Edwards falling through, this pick could change. But it is apparent that the Browns are not happy with Edwards and want him replaced. Even if they keep Edwards, they’ll still need a second receiver with Stallworth facing serious legal problems. Despite conflicting reports as to how well his visit in Cleveland went, Crabtree is a solid receiver and Cleveland coaches and management will realize he’s the best player available at this point.

6. Cincinnati
The Bengals would be beside themselves if Monroe falls this far. They are in desperate need of finding the replacement for Levi Jones, and Monroe could be their man. Monroe is the most complete tackle available, and if it weren’t for his knee injury concerns, would probably be the consensus top player. However, getting him here is a good value and good fortune.

7. Oakland
Everyone knows, and it’s been said numerous times, Al Davis loves speed on his team. Maclin is definitely fast, but there are questions about his route running and his catch consistency. Despite all that, and foregoing the obvious needs along their offensive and defensive fronts, Maclin is likely to be the pick for the Raiders here.

8. Jacksonville
Jacksonville should not have gotten rid of Marcus Stroud, and they can find a very suitable replacement right here. After addressing their needs off the edge in the last draft, the Jags shore up the interior with this pick.

9. Green Bay
Green Bay has a pass rusher already in Aaron Kampman to play the ‘elephant’ spot in their new 34 defense, so I don’t think they go with Brian Orakpo. However, they have issues along their offensive line that will need addressing, and Andre Smith has been rising draft boards since the debacle at the Combines. Despite his ‘soft’ body and immaturity, this kid is the best run blocker among the tackle prospects, and can start his career on the right side before eventually moving left to take over for Chad Clifton.

10. San Francisco
The ‘niners keep looking for the pass rusher of their dreams, and may have finally found him. Orakpo falls due to some questions about his ability to drop into coverage. But if you have a good pass rush, that doesn’t become as much of a concern. Orakpo showed plenty of athleticism during his workouts, and convinced many scouts he can do everything asked of him as a standup LB in a 34 scheme in the NFL.

11. Buffalo
The Bills need to get a left tackle to replace the traded Jason Peters, but I truly don’t think they’ll reach for Michael Oher. Afterall, the guy they just traded for three picks, including the number 28 in this draft, came to them as an undrafted free agent tight end. Why shouldn’t they wait? It has been said that the Bills really covet TE Brandon Pettigrew, but this may be too early for him. Given that, they need a legitimate pass rusher and Maybin could be the best on the board.

12. Denver
With their impending switch to a 3-4 defense, the Broncos are in dire need of the correct fitting pieces of that puzzle. Jackson is the perfect fit at defensive end for this team. He has the size to fend off tackles, but enough quickness to generate an inside pass rush and will become an instant starter along a rebuilt defensive front seven.

13. Washington
The Redskins need to address their tackle spots in this draft, and Daniel Snyder has never been afraid of reaching in the past. Oher has great skills, but there are questions about his work ethic and consistency. If he responds to Jim Zorn and his staff, this would become the steal of this lottery.

14. New Orleans
I fully expect that the Saints will trade down to get additional picks, with New England being a very likely trade partner. If that doesn’t happen, then I would expect New Orleans to get their running compliment to Reggie Bush. Moreno may not be the quintessential between the tackles runner, but he has the power to do it as well as a full compliment of blocking and receiving skills. He is the most complete back available.

15. Houston
The signing of Antonio Smith could mean the Texans look to shore up their secondary here. Everette Brown could be taken to give them a player to develop as a pure pass rusher, but Houston still needs to get better coverage to allow a rush to occur. Jenkins could be placed at safety or at corner, depending on what the Texans want from him. Personally, I think he’s a corner in the NFL, regardless of his 40 times. Four years of tape don’t lie.

16. San Diego
Maualuga, I believe, is the player that the Chargers really want in their defense. Despite their signing of Kevin Burnett, the Chargers would be more than happy to add Maualuga to their linebacking corps. Chris Wells is a possibility, but in the end they won’t pass on Rey.

17. NY Jets
The Jets may try to move up to ensure that they get their QB of the future, but I don’t see Denver making Freeman their guy. Word out of Jets camp is that Rex Ryan likes Freeman, and he will likely make him the pick. The Jets could use a receiver in the worst way, but any on the board would be a huge reach here. Freeman has prototype size and arm strength. The starting job will be Kellen Clemens for this seaon, but in 2010 it belongs to Freeman.

18. Denver (from Chicago)
There are so many ways the Broncos could elect to go with this pick. They could continue to go with a running back, even with their signing three free agents at that position (none are very good). However, a back can be had later and the Broncos need to continue to revamp their defensive personnel. If they don’t take Maualuga at number 12, then Denver will still be searching for an inside backer and Cushing is a good one. His injury history is a concern, but when healthy this guy can play just about anywhere on the field.

19. Tampa Bay
The Buccaneers want another pass rusher to go opposite Gaines Adams, and would be most fortunate if Brown falls this far to them. Despite other needs, getting a pass rusher of Brown’s caliber will trump everything else that Tampa is looking at doing. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a team like Tennessee or Arizona attempts to trade up to get Brown at this point, but I believe the Bucs would stay put and pick him for themselves.

20. Detroit (from Dallas)
The Lions need defensive help in the worst way, but don’t expect them to get it here. After taking their signal caller of the future, they will immediately seek to help him out here. Pettigrew is likely the top player on many teams boards at this point, including Philly picking one spot below. Pettigrew will give the Lions something they haven’t had in quite some time; a tight end of a respectable nature who can do it all. Last one they had was David Hill. That’s a long time ago.

21. Philadelphia
I personally think the Eagles have Knowshon Moreno targeted for this pick, but if the Saints snap him up they will settle for Wells. Chris is a bigger back, but timed out faster than Moreno at the Combines. Wells doesn’t have the pass catching hands that Moreno does, but is far more capable of breaking tackles to get the extra yards. That could come in handy. The Eagles could elect to pass on Wells in favor of Donald Brown, but I find that unlikely.

22. Minnesota
Minnesota could go with a receiver here, like Darrius Heyard-Bey, but they have an issue at the right tackle spot, and Britton could settle that immediately. Britton has long arms that make him a good pass protector, but he also has the urge to punish people in run blocking. Though not a road grader type, Britton has the skill to open the hole to allow AP to gobble up yards.

23. New England
New England is likely to find a trade partner and move up. However, if by some miracle nobody in the 12-15 range wants to move back, then New England will wait it out and take a player of need. Clay Matthews has his shortcomings, but his motor and versatility is something the Patriots will love. He will be a solid compliment to Jerod Mayo, and could even be used off the edge at times.

24. Atlanta
The Falcons would have loved to land Pettigrew, but they also need inside help along their defensive front. Though not a space eating replacement for the departed Grady Jackson, Jerry will be a solid three technique tackle capable of shooting gaps and disrupting both run and pass plays.

25. Miami
The Dolphins are actively shopping Ronnie Brown, so that must mean they intend to replace him even if they don’t find a taker. Donald Brown is actually similar to his current ‘phins namesake, in that he can run and catch equally well. Miami could choose a receiver here as well, but they can be had in the next round for better value. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see Miami trade down out of this pick to get better value either.

26. Baltimore
Tough choice here for Baltimore. Many may expect that the Ravens may want to get a cornerback, like Darius Butler. But they’ve re-signed Samari Rolle, and they can get depth at CB in the later rounds. With Joe Flacco entering his sophomore campaign at QB, they need to get him deep weapons, and DHB ran a blistering 4.3 forty. Though there are some questions regarding his hands and route running, you can’t teach speed.

27. Indianapolis
The Colts need to shore up the inside of their defensive line, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they get two DTs out of this draft. Hood is an ideal fit for the Colts defensive scheme, and even if Peria Jerry were still available, I think the Colts go with Hood.

28. Buffalo (from Carolina via Philadelphia)
Buffalo may still wait to get their offensive tackle, but the drop off of talent after Beatty is substantial. Beatty is a pure left tackle and is a likely day one starter for this team. You gave up your Pro Bowler for this pick, might as well replace him with it.

29. NY Giants
The Giants were said to be interested in acquiring either Braylon Edwards or Anquan Boldin. The Browns and Cards were demanding first round picks, and the Giants were having none of it. Should they still be looking for a receiver, Kenny Britt is a likely pick here to replace Plaxico Burress. The G-men might elect a trade down here to get better value, but may have to bite the bullet and reach somewhat.

30. Tennessee
Tennessee doesn’t have a problem taking short corners as long as they can cover well. Smith is among the best pure cover guys in this draft, and were he just two or three inches taller would likely be a top 10 pick in this draft. After some concerns about his speed, teams have gone back to tape a revisited why Smith was originally considered a first round pick. He has great instincts, is a natural playmaker, and breaks to the ball better than any other CB in this draft.

31. Arizona
The Cardinals have a need to get more pass rushers, and Ayers falling into their lap is perfect timing for them. Ayers may not have had a stellar college career, but last season he showed up in a big way, particularly against top competition. His showing at the Senior Bowl solidified his season, and the idea that he could slide up into the first round of this draft.

32. Pittsburgh
The Steelers may want to start thinking about rebuilding their offensive line, and maybe their linebacking corps. It has been said that James Laurinaitis was told by Steelers officials that he will be their pick if he’s on the board here. With a glaring hole at corner, and Butler available, I think they may not follow through on that “promise”. Butler is a solid corner and the pickings get much slimmer once he’s gone.

33. Detroit

34. New England (from Kansas City)

35. St. Louis

36. Cleveland

37. Seattle

38. Cincinnati

39. Jacksonville

40. Oakland

41. Green Bay

42. Buffalo

43. San Francisco

44. Miami (from Washington)

45. NY Giants (from New Orleans)

46. Houston

47. New England (from San Diego)

48. Denver

49. Chicago

50. Cleveland (from Tampa Bay)

51. Dallas

52. Philadelphia

53. NY Jets

54. Minnesota

55. Atlanta

56. Miami

57. Baltimore

58. New England

59. Carolina

60. NY Giants

61. Indianapolis

62. Tennessee

63. Arizona

64. Pittsburgh

65. Detroit

82. Detroit

174. Detroit

192. Detroit

255. Detroit

April 23rd, 2009, 11:44 am
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192. Detroit

Roy was on Moving the chains today. Tim Ryan called him a Fire Hydrant with motion. LOL. Meaning, he won't get knocked backwards is the way I interpreted it.

April 23rd, 2009, 11:40 pm
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Analyst Mock Draft
Rich Eisen Picks for us at 1
than Mooch picks for us at 20


April 24th, 2009, 1:31 pm
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I actually saw that mock, and I gotta say that some of those picks were ridiculous. Gruden had some great one-liners. I never thought he could be that funny.

April 24th, 2009, 1:39 pm
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yvesill wrote:
Analyst Mock Draft
Rich Eisen Picks for us at 1
than Mooch picks for us at 20


Good grief, would our defense improve if the draft followed that crazy path. I'd be on cloud nine.

"With the second pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select Calvin Johnson, WR from Georgia Tech."

My favorite day ever as a Lions fan.

Somehow landing the Ndamo-nator would be the second best day ever.

April 24th, 2009, 2:02 pm
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I'm telling you though, that drop to 10 has to be in Stafford and Condon's mind. I wonder what the pay drop would be for that fall? Especially if the rest of the picks money is set on Curry's contract.

April 24th, 2009, 2:11 pm
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faulkn22 wrote:
I'm telling you though, that drop to 10 has to be in Stafford and Condon's mind. I wonder what the pay drop would be for that fall? Especially if the rest of the picks money is set on Curry's contract.

His contract would be about a third of the size, I'd bet.

That's why, ultimately, I think Condon agrees to the deal. All reports are that the Rams have Jason Smith targeted regardless of what we do, and that both Seattle and Cleveland are interested in Sanchez, not Stafford.

The fact that those teams are interested in Sanchez over Stafford should be an indicator to our front office that perhaps Stafford should not be the pick.

However, I think if Stafford falls to eight, Jacksonville either takes him and trades Garrard, or they trade down with Denver. I think Denver trades up to eight in a heartbeat if Staff is there. It would help Josh McDaniels sooth the pain from the fans for the Cutler debacle.

April 24th, 2009, 2:19 pm
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