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 Various Mock Draft Thread 
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This one certainly is different, especially with McCoy going before Suh:
Pro Football Weekly wrote:
Mock draft: Defensive tackles dominate.
Posted Jan. 30, 2010 @ 4:47 p.m.
By Nolan Nawrocki

The strength at the top of this year's draft is very clearly at defensive tackle in a draft that is expected to mark the first time that two defensive tackles are selected first and second overall. The $64 million question is: Who will be the first defender drafted?

Underclassmen are expected to dominate the first round as usual, with PFW projecting 18 underclassmen to be drafted in the first round in all, including 10 of the top 15.

With needs not clearly defined prior to free agency, PFW placed a higher premium on matching the value of talent to the approximate range. As new information is gleaned from the college all-star season to the NFL Scouting Combine to pro-day workouts and extensive team interviews, player grades inevitably will change and could have a significant effect on where players eventually are drafted in April.

Editor's note: Underclassmen are denoted by the pound sign (#).


1. St. Louis Rams
DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma#

Despite Ndamukong Suh's sensational late momentum surge when he finished fourth in Heisman Trophy voting, McCoy is the safest pick in the draft. He fits Steve ­Spagnuolo's defense better than Suh, is a better pass rusher and will make the more immediate impact.

2. Detroit Lions
DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

Having worked with Albert Haynesworth in Tennessee, Jim Schwartz knows what a dominating defensive tackle can do for a defense. Suh can become a force inside.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
DE Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida#

After trading away the late Gaines Adams during the season, GM Mark Dominik needs to upgrade a pass rush that ranked near the bottom of the league, and Pierre-Paul has unique rush ability.

4. Washington Redskins
QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma#

Mike Shanahan loves quarterbacks, but he could choose to upgrade the offensive line and give Jason Campbell a chance to learn his offense. However, if he wants to build a new foundation, a more quick-rhythm passer is needed.

5. Kansas City Chiefs
OLT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa#

GM Scott Pioli needs to protect the investment he made in Matt Cassel and provide more time in the pocket for him to deliver. Pioli will have greater respect for a lineman well schooled by Kirk Ferentz, whom Pioli worked with in Cleveland.

6. Seattle Seahawks
OLT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State

The first order of business for new GM John Schneider will be finding replacements for Walter Jones and Matt Hasselbeck, and Okung could be tabbed earlier than his ­talent warrants to replace Jones.

7. Cleveland Browns
WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State#

Eric Mangini strongly considered selecting Michael Crabtree, and the Browns are now even more devoid of playmakers after shipping Braylon Edwards to the Jets. Bryant is in a class of his own as a playmaker, and new football czar Mike Holmgren has shown he will roll the dice on immense talent, as he did with Koren Robinson in Seattle.

8. Oakland Raiders
OLT Trent Williams, Oklahoma

Al Davis gave JaMarcus Russell a runner and receiver after mistakenly selecting the lazy quarterback with the first overall pick in 2007. The last effort to resurrect a sagging investment is a franchise left tackle who can give Russell more clearly needed time in the pocket to make reads.

9. Buffalo Bills
OLT Anthony Davis, Rutgers#

More important than a quarterback is a blind-side protector who can keep the Bills' quarterbacks healthy. Trading Jason Peters last offseason proved to be costly.

10. Denver Broncos* (from Chicago)
FS Eric Berry, Tennessee#

Tough, instinctive and hard-hitting, Berry brings emotion to the field and is the type of competitor Josh McDaniels sought in his first year on the job. Berry can pair with Brian Dawkins to give the Broncos two ­hammers in the middle.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars*
OLB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri

In the same magical draft slot that produced Patrick Willis and DeMarcus Ware could come another potential great pro for GM Gene Smith.

12. Miami Dolphins
OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas

Kindle may not be quite as big as Bill Parcells desires his linebackers to be, but he is explosive and can make plays with his hand on the ground the same way a younger Joey Porter used to be able to do.

13. San Francisco 49ers
QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame#

Alex Smith made strides with a better supporting cast, but if the offense is to take ­another step, Jimmy Raye will need more efficiency at the QB position. The Irish brought the Niners good luck in 1979.

14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)
DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech#

Patrick Kerney is on his last legs, and Lawrence Jackson and Darryl Tapp have struggled to get the job done. Morgan's energy could attract Pete Carroll's interest.

15. New York Giants
MLB Rolando McClain, Alabama#

Aging Antonio Pierce is coming off a career-threatening type of injury, and the defense slumped in his absence. McClain brings the commanding presence to step in early.

16. San Francisco 49ers* (from Carolina)
OL Mike Iupati, Idaho

Iupati has the physical ability to play guard or either tackle position, but regardless of where he lines up, he can help establish the smashmouth identity Mike Singletary seeks.

17. Tennessee Titans*
DT Jared Odrick, Penn State

The lack of inside pressure following Albert Haynesworth's departure crippled the ­Titans' defense, and Odrick has the quickness to be disruptive.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers
C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida#

The Steelers' offensive line has slowly deteriorated since Russ Grimm departed, and the need for a new anchor and the lack of quality at the center position could bring Pouncey off the board sooner than expected.

19. Atlanta Falcons*
CB Joe Haden, Florida#

The Falcons gave up too many yards against the pass, and Mike Smith could sorely use more help in the secondary.

20. Houston Texans*
RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson

Passing on Reggie Bush could turn out to bring the Texans even more blessings if they could land a player with more talent at the 20th slot.

21. Cincinnati Bengals
TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma

The Bengals' passing game was shut down by the Jets in the playoffs, and the addition of a playmaking pass catcher such as ­Gresham would force defenses to play more honestly and not be able to stack the box as much.

22. New England Patriots
WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame#

Losing No. 3 WR Jabar Gaffney affected the Patriots' offense more than expected, and Tate would have an accelerated learning curve, coming from Charlie Weis' offense.

23. Green Bay Packers
OLT Bruce Campbell, Maryland#

GM Ted Thompson has a penchant for physical marvels and a history of overlooking some durability concerns, as he did with Justin Harrell. Campbell fills a prime position of need and well suits the Packers' zone-blocking scheme.

24. Philadelphia Eagles
DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida#

A strong-willed coaching staff has proven it can maximize the talent of an exceptional player with some character flaws.

25. Baltimore Ravens
WR Arrelious Benn, Illinois#

The Ravens sorely need some offensive playmakers around Joe Flacco, and GM Ozzie Newsome will not be deterred by the declining production of an injured Benn in what was a struggling, stale ­Illinois offense.

26. Arizona Cardinals
FS Taylor Mays, USC

On paper, Mays looks like a top-five pick. On the field, he played like a third-rounder this past season. The Cardinals often open the net for falling big-name talent and could be in the market for a safety with Adrian Wilson getting older and Antrel Rolle's contract needing to be addressed.

27. Dallas Cowboys
FS Earl Thomas, Texas#

The inability to cover the deep middle exposed the Cowboys' defense against the Vikings in the playoffs, and Thomas' range and playmaking ability on the back half could complete the defense.

28. San Diego Chargers
OT Vladimir Ducasse, Massachusetts

The Chargers' struggles running the ball can be tied in part to an injury-prone offensive line, and Ducasse could help open more holes from the right tackle position.

29. New York Jets
WR Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech#

Even after acquiring Braylon Edwards, the Jets still need to give Mark Sanchez more weapons, and Thomas would provide another big target.

30. Minnesota Vikings
CB Patrick Robinson, Florida State

Robinson does not have the physicality of an aging Antoine Winfield or Cedric Griffin, but he could upgrade the Vikings' nickel package with his cover skills.

31. New Orleans Saints**
LB Sean Lee, Penn State

The Saints have been exploring upgrades at the linebacker position for years, and Lee has the intelligence defensive coordinator Gregg Williams desires and fits the tough-minded mold of LB coach Joe Vitt.

32. Indianapolis Colts**
DT Dan Williams, Tennessee

The Colts sought to go bigger inside after defensive coordinator Larry Coyer joined the staff, and Williams would give them a strong, active inside presence suitable for their new scheme.


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Boy, this one really has me scratching my head. Weatherspoon at 11? Pouncey at 18? Ducasse in the first round? Sean Lee in the first round?
I buy this guys draft book every year, and I often get the feeling that sometimes he isn't very objective.

February 1st, 2010, 3:10 pm
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Yea, Pro Football Weekly's draft coverage hasn't been the same since Joel Buchsbaum died. He used to be one of the best.


February 1st, 2010, 5:27 pm
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If you didn't tell me who did that mock, I would have sworn it was done by "The Strategy Expert".....Hmmmmmm, maybe it was afterall? What's even more puzzling is that he says the strength of the top of the draft is at DT, but he has four LTs going in the top 10, but only two DTs.

This guy is off his rocker.

February 1st, 2010, 8:44 pm
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This one is my favorite so far, although I'm starting to have doubts about McCluster. - Detailed NFL Mock Drafts, Player Prospect Rankings, and One of the Largest Mock Draft Databases on the Web

Recent NFL Draft Links:
2010 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 2/2): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3/Round 4

2010 NFL Mock Draft
Last update: Tuesday, Feb.2

This order is based on the official 7-Round 2010 NFL Draft Order and the NFL Strength of Schedule.

1. St. Louis Rams: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
FEB. 2 UPDATE: There have been rumors that the Rams will trade for QB Dog Killer. The bad news: My USA Today article (see below) will probably be scrapped because a move like that would mean that St. Louis won't draft Jimmy Clausen. The good news: I'll be able to make fun of the Rams for years.

The last time QB Dog Killer started a game was 2006. That season, he led the Falcons to a 7-9 record with a 52.6 completion percentage. He wasn't even a good quarterback three seasons ago. The Rams would have to be absolutely insane to trade for him. Then again, there's a reason this franchise has lost $250 million and won just six games in the last three years.

Starting with this update, I'll post two alternate picks for teams at the bottom of each write-up. I'll start with the top five in this update, then do the top 10 in my next one, and so on.

JAN. 27 UPDATE: I wrote a 2,000-word article for USA Today explaining why the Rams must draft Jimmy Clausen. USA Today is coming out with an NFL Draft magazine in early March, so look for it in there. I'll also have an expanded version on this site afterward.

There's always a chance St. Louis trades for Jason Campbell and Donovan McNabb, both of whom have experience in the West Coast offense. If they do that, this pick will be Ndamukong Suh. But until the Rams throw away a high draft choice on an unproven guy with a 23-32 career record (Campbell) or a 33-year-old in the final stages of his prime (McNabb), this selection will be Clausen.

JAN. 19 UPDATE: I was pleased to see that Mel Kiper has Jimmy Clausen ranked No. 4 on his 2010 Big Board. It's nice to know someone at ESPN knows what they're talking about.

If Clausen is considered the fourth-best player in this class, he has to be chosen here (just like Matthew Stafford was picked No. 1 despite being third on Kiper's 2009 Big Board). Ndamukong Suh projects as a great player, but you don't pay defensive tackles No. 1 money - especially if you don't have a franchise quarterback. If the Rams do this, they would be committing the same error Daniel Snyder was guilty of a year ago. And you don't want to group yourself with him in a football discussion.

In business terms, drafting Suh over Clausen would be like giving the best IT guy ever a 7-figure salary when you don't even have a CFO. That computer whiz could be the best IT guy in the history of the planet (i.e. Suh being compared to Reggie White), but devoting all of your resources to him would eventually force you to file for Chapter 11. On the bright side, you'd never have a single computer virus!

JAN. 12 UPDATE: Let's erase all speculation that the Rams can just simply wait until Round 2 to grab a quarterback. First of all, that position is way too important for St. Louis to just idly wait around. And second, there are no promising second-round candidates. Colt McCoy is a poor man's version of Kyle Orton; Tony Pike is a system guy with a sub-par arm; and Jevan Snead's passes are just as accurate as Shayne Graham's kicks.

Also, second-round quarterbacks have a 90.9-percent bust rate (I'll be exploring this soon). Excluding Drew Brees and possibly Chad Henne, name one successful Round 2 quarterback in the past decade. Don't try, because there are none. Believe it or not, the next best guy is Tarvaris Jackson (Kevin Kolb and Chad Henne being unknowns right now).

DEC. 31 UPDATE: It's deja vu all over again. Two years ago, people argued Glenn Dorsey over Matt Ryan. Last year, many believed that the Lions would choose Aaron Curry or Jason Smith over Matthew Stafford. Ultimately, the Falcons and Lions made the right decision.

This is pretty much a no-brainer. There's no way the Rams can pass up on a franchise quarterback. New regimes mean new quarterbacks. Last year Steve Spagnuolo and Billy Devaney flirted with the possibility of taking Mark Sanchez, but ultimately couldn't because of Mark Bulger's contract. However, this season they can get rid of Bulger and finally obtain "their guy."

Jimmy Clausen is unquestionably the top quarterback prospect in this draft. He threw for 28 touchdowns and only four picks on an 8.8 YPA and a 68.0 completion percentage this year. He's superior to Sam Bradford because he has a bigger arm and has spent three years in a West Coast offense. Bradford, on the other hand, is coming out of a shotgun spread offense and just had shoulder surgery. His arm strength is also very questionable. Clausen is a much better fit for St. Louis' offense than Bradford is.

For more, check out why Jimmy Clausen the best NFL-ready junior quarterback in NFL Draft history.

Other 2010 NFL Draft Possibilities:

1. Sam Bradford, QB - If the Rams are convinced that Sam Bradford's shoulder is OK and that he's the better quarterback, they'll take him. I don't see how St. Louis can walk away from the 2010 NFL Draft without a franchise signal-caller. But then again...

2. Ndamukong Suh, DT - The Rams are one of the dumbest organizations in the NFL. Their franchise value has fallen from $950 million in 2007 to $700 million in 2009. They've won six games in that span. I don't have much confidence that they'll do the right thing.

2. Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
If I were calling the shots in Detroit, this pick would be Russell Okung - even over Ndamukong Suh. To win in this league, you need to (in order): have a quarterback, protect your quarterback and get to the other quarterback. Detroit cannot do the second thing on that list. Last year, I berated the Lions for not drafting Michael Oher or William Beatty, so I can't say I'm surprised that Matthew Stafford suffered an injury. Beatty has shown some promise with the Giants, while Oher has been prolific at both left and right tackle this year.

Unfortunately for Detroit fans, the team still likes Jeff Backus, even though he allowed eight sacks this year. Hey, if the Lions want Matthew Stafford to bust because he takes too many sacks and develops the Marc Bulger "I've been sacked so many times that I'm just going to heave the ball into triple coverage to avoid getting hit again" syndrome, that's their problem. Good luck, Detroit. I just hope enough Lions fans can see past all of the lies that the coaching staff is feeding them.

Other 2010 NFL Possibilities:

1. Gerald McCoy, DT - If the Rams keep their ineptness streak alive and take Ndamukong Suh, the Lions will draft Gerald McCoy.

I found it interesting that Mike Mayock ranked Suh behind McCoy. So much for all the Reggie White comparisons. Let's remember that White was an athletic freak at 300 pounds who ran a 4.6 40. Suh may not crack 5.0. I know 40 times don't mean much - yes, Al Davis, it's true - but it just goes to show how athletically gifted White was. I see Suh as more of a Cortez Kennedy (this comparison is important for the aforementioned USA Today article).

2. Russell Okung, OT - Hey, maybe all of this Jim Schwartz "Jeff Backus is the best OT evarrrr" nonsense is all a smokescreen. Maybe the Lions won't screw up this year! Yeah, probably not.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
The Buccaneers had Ndamukong Suh locked up, but for some reason felt like they had to beat Seattle and New Orleans. If Suh goes on to have a Hall of Fame career, Tampa Bay fans will only be able to look back on those two meaningless victories at the end of the 2009 season and wonder what would have happened if things played out differently. I know the wins saved Raheem Morris' job, but would you rather have Suh or Morris?

Suh is off the board, but the Buccaneers still go defensive tackle. Gerald McCoy isn't as great of a fit for Tampa Bay's defense as Suh would have been (though he's a better fit for the Cover 2 if the Buccaneers plan on sticking with that), but he would still be an enormous upgrade for their pedestrian defensive line. And Mike Mayock ranked McCoy over Suh, so it's not like Tampa is getting some lame consolation prize.

Other 2010 NFL Draft Possibilities:

1. Eric Berry, S - Berry is a strong possibility here, though defensive backs are never chosen in the top three picks.

2. Derrick Morgan/Jason Pierre Paul, DE - A darkhorse pick. If Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy are off the board, and the Buccaneers fall in love with either defensive end, they'll go that route. Defensive end is a big need for Tampa, and taking one in the top three makes much more sense than selecting a safety.

By the way, if you're a Bucs fan, make sure you check out Pewter It's the ultimate source for inside news on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, including all of the draft prospects they're targeting.

4. Washington Redskins: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
I was thinking about this one for a while, and I have to admit that I'm about 55-45 right now in favor of Sam Bradford.

What this comes down to is Bradford's shoulder. If he's healthy - and the Redskins have Dr. James Andrews working for them, so they'll know better than anyone - Bradford will be the pick. If Andrews is pessimistic, Washington will take Russell Okung (or Jimmy Clausen if he's available).

If the Redskins tender Jason Campbell and keep him for a year, it doesn't mean that they won't take a quarterback with this selection. They may opt to use Campbell as a transitional guy for their quarterback of the future.

New regimes mean new quarterbacks, so unless Shanahan wants to keep Campbell around for a long time, he'll probably choose Sam Bradford. Snyder loves big-name players, so you know he'll definitely sign off on this move.

By the way, if the Redskins don't pick Bradford, he could take a huge fall. If I'm running the Seahawks, Browns or Bills, and I see that the guy who operated on Bradford isn't convinced that he's healthy, I'm not taking Bradford either.

Other 2010 NFL Draft Possibilities:

1. Jimmy Clausen, QB - There's a good chance the Rams will screw up. If so, Jimmy Clausen and Mike Shanahan are going to light up the scoreboard for a decade.

2. Russell Okung, OT - If Clausen is off the board, and Dr. Andrews is pessimistic about Bradford, the Redskins will draft Russell Okung. Their offensive line is an abomination and must be fixed.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State
Branden Albert improved over the season and was pretty flawless in the final month. But I'm not convinced that he's a franchise left tackle. There's a chance that he could be, but I don't think anyone can seriously say that he's a lock to be one.

Scott Pioli invested $63 million into the noodle-armed Matt Cassel. He can't afford to have Cassel sacked 42 times again next year. If Albert's finish was a fluke, he's putting his big investment in jeopardy.

Fortunately, Pioli, who is a big believer in positional value, can take Okung without sacrificing too much of his team's payroll into the left tackle position. Albert makes less than $1 million in each of the next two seasons, and was a guard at Virginia anyway.

Okung is the real deal. He could take the Chiefs' offense to the next level, though the team will ultimately struggle in the playoffs because of Cassel's limitations.

Other 2010 NFL Draft Possibilities:

1. Eric Berry, S - Berry is the other major option here, but it would go against everything Pioli believes in if he were to take a safety without having his offensive and defensive lines finished.

2. Trade Down - If either Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford is available at No. 5, the Browns, Bills or Broncos could be eager enough to leapfrog the Seahawks. All three teams are desperate for a franchise quarterback.

6. Seattle Seahawks: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
In his first NFL Draft with the Seahawks, Pete Carroll will have a ton of options at this juncture, ranging from Eric Berry, to Derrick Morgan, to Joe Haden, to Bruce Campbell.

Carroll will be looking for his own "guy" to play quarterback and a franchise left tackle to protect him. The only non-reach who could satisfy either of those needs here is Bruce Campbell. While Campbell could definitely be the pick, there are two things that are swaying me toward Berry.

First, Berry is the far superior prospect. Campbell's no slouch, but Berry is being hailed as the next Ed Reed. And second, Campbell has an extensive history of minor injuries that may deter some teams from taking him in the top 5-8. Recall what happened to Eugene Monroe last year.

And it's not like Seattle couldn't use Berry; the team was miserable against the pass this year, allowing seven of their final 10 opponents to compile at least 249 passing yards each game, with the three exceptions being two rookies and Vince Young.

If Berry and the top two quarterbacks are off the board, I believe the Seahawks will draft Campbell.

By the way, pretty cool stuff - Okung is currently ranked fourth in the DraftDebacled's Average NFL Draft Position - even higher than Berry. If you click on the names, you can read all of the mock draft analysis for that player and see the percentage of teams targeting each prospect. You can also create your own 2010 NFL Mock Draft to possibly have it listed in the 2010 NFL Mock Draft Database.

7. Cleveland Browns: Joe Haden, CB, Florida
JAN. 27 UPDATE: It must have been really painful for Browns fans to watch the Jets advance to the AFC Championship. Braylon Edwards was their receiver. Mark Sanchez was a guy they should could have picked at No. 5 last year. On the bright side, maybe Mike Holmgren can ship Eric Mangini off somewhere else in a few years and take advantage of the Mangina's ineptness with a few one-sided trades.

JAN. 19 UPDATE: I've received tons of e-mails from Browns fans who have expressed their disdain about their team drafting a quarterback. As several e-mailers have said, "Defense, defense, defense."

Well, good news and bad news... The good news is that with Sam Bradford off the board, most Browns fans will be happy with this selection, assuming they take Eric Berry or Joe Haden. The bad news is that Cleveland is delaying its return to playoff contention for another year. To win in the NFL CONSISTENTLY, you need a franchise quarterback. The Browns are the only team in the AFC North without one, so it's no coincidence that they contend for the postseason only once every five seasons.

Haden projects as a shutdown corner, don't get me wrong - the scouting report compares him to Leon Hall - but cornerbacks don't lead teams to the Super Bowl. Franchise quarterbacks do. Just look at the last six NFL champions if you don't believe me.

Haden will provide a huge boost for Cleveland's defense, but the Browns won't be a consistent winner until they find a franchise signal-caller.

8. Oakland Raiders: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland
There are only four possibilities here: Taylor Mays, Carlos Dunlap, Bruce Campbell and Everson Griffen. That's it. If you think otherwise, you really don't realize how horrible of a drafter Al Davis is.

With Ryan Mallett headed back to Arkansas for another year, I think Al Davis will turn his attention to the offensive line. Despite being 6-7, 310, Campbell has a good shot of running a 4.9. If Al is awake at the Combine and sees this, he may think Campbell is the second coming of Anthony Munoz. Sad, but true.

Despite all of the Al jokes, Campbell would be the right selection here. The Raiders need help at left tackle, and Campbell is certainly worthy of being chosen at No. 8 overall.

9. Buffalo Bills: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers
If Sam Bradford's available here, he'll be the guy. But because there's no quarterback worth drafting at this juncture, Buffalo's options are cut down to Derrick Morgan, Anthony Davis and Rolando McClain.

General manager Buddy Nix recently spoke of his team's quarterbacks: "If they're good enough, they'll have a chance to be here ... It's hard to throw when you're lying on your back."

Perhaps an indication of where the Bills are headed come April? Left tackle is a huge need for the Bills, and they really have to be kicking themselves for passing on Michael Oher last year. They'll need to make amends here.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech
Tim Tebow's Senior Bowl struggles was the best possible thing Wayne Weaver could have seen. It'll allow the Jaguars owner to obtain Tebow a bit later in the draft. More on that below.

Jacksonville's top need is selling tickets and drawing fan interest. The team's No. 2 need is finding someone who can get to the quarterback. The Jaguars tried the 4-3 and the 3-4 in 2009, but nothing worked. Amazingly, the team finished with just 14 sacks, and no one had more than three. Derrick Morgan nearly had as many sacks last season (12.5) as Jacksonville's entire defense!

Other 2010 NFL Draft Possibilities:

1. Jason Pierre-Paul, DE - The Jaguars may prefer Jason Pierre-Paul's upside. I think this would be a mistake (more on this below).

2. Trade Down (Tim Tebow) - The talk at the Senior Bowl was how dire things are in a few NFL cities, particularly Jacksonville. Wayne Weaver lost a lot of money this year. And by a lot of money, I mean A LOT OF MONEY. The situation is code-red for the Jaguars. Not even Jack Bauer, Chuck Norris or Carl Winslow could remedy things.

But Tebow can. Matt called me Thursday from the Senior Bowl and told me that he vastly underestimated how much love Tebow has. Thousands of people showed up just to see him practice. College girls made the trip to support him. The fans during the Senior Bowl continuously chanted, "We Want Te-Bow!"

If you haven't been to Florida recently, you don't know how much of an icon Tebow is down there. People love him and look up to him. He would solve all of Jacksonville's fiscal issues for the next two years. If Tebow struggles, Weaver could still recoup his money and sell the team. And if Tebow actually turns out to be a good quarterback? Weaver would be able to bathe in gold coins as if he were Uncle Scrooge.

I don't think the Jaguars will spend the No. 10 selection on Tebow. They can trade down to the 18-22 range (the Steelers would like Rolando McClain) and get him there. Or, they can trade this year's third-round pick and next year's second-round selection to obtain Tebow in Round 2.

The bottom line is - and I can't stress this enough - the Jaguars NEED to walk away from this draft with Tebow. If they don't, Weaver will continue to lose millions upon millions of dollars. The NFL is a business-first model, and Tebow would be an extremely value commodity for Jacksonville's troubled owner.

Pick change; previously Tim Tebow, QB

11. Denver Broncos: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State
It looks like Brandon Marshall won't be playing in Denver again. There's a good chance he'll be traded this offseason, perhaps to the Ravens or Bengals. If that happens, the Broncos will be targeting Dez Bryant here; with Marshall gone, Eddie Royal will be the team's No. 1 wideout. Royal is talented, but Josh McDaniels hasn't figured out how to use him yet (which honestly boggles my mind).

If Marshall isn't dealt, this pick will be Rolando McClain.

12. Miami Dolphins: Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama
I've seen a receiver mocked to the Dolphins, but I just can't imagine Bill Parcells spending a No. 1 pick on a wideout. It could happen, but except for one occasion (Terry Glenn, 1996), Parcells has always waited on taking receivers.

(Note: If I get one more e-mail saying, "Your stupid, Parcels drafted Keshawn Johnson!" I'm going to debacle myself. Keyshawn was drafted in 1996. Parcells joined the Jets in 1997.)

Conversely, Parcells has spent a whopping six first-round selections on linebackers. And inside linebacker is a huge need for the Dolphins; Channing Crowder is banged up far too often, while Akin Ayodele needs to be upgraded.

It's safe to say that Miami would be thrilled if the Broncos eschew Rolando McClain in favor of Dez Bryant.

13. San Francisco 49ers: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
Running back is obviously not a big need for the 49ers, but they really could benefit from an enormous home-run threat like C.J. Spiller.

Spiller is the most dynamic offensive talent in this class, capable of going the distance at any moment. Having him on the roster could really open things up for San Francisco's offense. As an added bonus, he would also assist a pedestrian return game.

14. Seattle Seahawks: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa
Aside from finding a franchise quarterback - Matt Hasselbeck is done - Seattle's top priority is upgrading the offensive line.

The Seahawks are really hurting for left tackle help. They have nothing at the position, as Sean Lockler is more of a right tackle. And besides, Locklear is really unreliable; he has missed 10 games in the past season and a half, and he's bound to get injured again sooner or later.

Bryan Bulaga is an athletic lineman who fits Seattle's zone-blocking scheme.

Pick change; previously Derrick Morgan, DE

15. New York Giants: Brian Price, DT, UCLA
Brian Price made a great decision by declaring for the 2010 NFL Draft. He just had a monstrous junior campaign with 23.5 TFL and seven sacks. He's currently the third-best defensive tackle available behind Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy (though Dan Williams may have something to say about that). It'll be a big upset if he slips out of the first round.

Giants GM Jerry Reese loves bolstering the trenches, and defensive tackle just happens to be a big need.

16. Tennessee Titans: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida
Defensive end is Tennessee's No. 1 need. The Titans weren't able to get any sort of pressure on Philip Rivers without blitzing in a must-win game on Christmas Eve.

With a number of expiring contracts at defensive end this offseason - go here for the 2010 NFL Free Agent Rankings - this selection will be spent on a pass-rusher unless the Titans acquire a high-priced player at the position via free agency.

Jason Pierre-Paul's stock is soaring right now, and there's a good chance he'll be a top-16 pick. I personally think he's going to bust; there have been questions about his effort and he's a one-year wonder. Pierre-Paul has tremendous upside and athleticism, but spending a top-25 selection on him is a huge risk I wouldn't want to take.

17. San Francisco 49ers: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
The 49ers have a huge hole at right tackle. Tony Pashos is out for the year, while Adam Snyder allowed 9.5 sacks. Finding an upgrade here is San Francisco's greatest priority.

Pick change; previously Bryan Bulaga, OT

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee
Casey Hampton will be 33 in September. He's still an effective player, but he's not the dynamic force he once was. Hampton is also a free agent, and while he could be franchised, Pittsburgh will be looking for a long-term replacement.

Dan Williams had an incredible Senior Bowl week. He looked great in practice and commanded double teams during the game. He would be a great nose tackle of the future for the Steelers.

Pick change; previously Earl Thomas, FS

19. Atlanta Falcons: Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri
Mike Peterson, 34 in June, started off the season pretty well at weakside linebacker, but predictably wore down the stretch.

The Falcons need help in their linebacking corps. Not only was Sean Weatherspoon the vocal leader of the North team in the Senior Bowl, he also made several outstanding plays during the game, pretty much cementing his first-round status. Weatherspoon is the type of leader Atlanta's defense needs.

Pick change; previously Donovan Warren, CB

20. Houston Texans: Earl Thomas, FS, Texas
Houston's primary goal is to beat the Colts. They came close twice this year, but ultimately failed because of missed field goals and sloppy turnovers. However, their inability to stop Peyton Manning didn't help matters. In those two contests, Manning was a combined 61-of-85, 562 yards, four touchdowns and three interceptions.

Free safety isn't Houston's biggest need, but the position can be upgraded. And besides, Earl Thomas is the type of ballhawking free safety that could get the Texans one step closer to finally defeating Manning.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
Aside from a fluky blowout over the Bears, the Bengals failed to score more than 24 points in a single game since Oct. 4. Part of the problem is the lack of a competent No. 2 receiver across from Chad Ochocinco, and this issue was clearly evident in the team's inexplicable loss to the Jets.

Arrelious Benn is a very talented receiver, but has lapses with effort and tends to drop a lot of passes. The Bengals would still consider him in the first round because they don't put much stock into character.

22. New England Patriots: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma
Ben Watson probably won't be back. If that's the case, and the Patriots have the opportunity to draft Jermaine Gresham, I have to believe that they'll take it. Gresham, a first-round talent who could fall because of his knee injury, would be yet another dynamic weapon for Tom Brady to have at his disposal. If Wes Welker isn't ready by the start of the 2010 season, Brady will need someone talented to work with besides Randy Moss.

Jerry Hughes would appear to be an option, but it's worth noting that Bill Belichick has never spent a first-round pick on a rush linebacker. Belichick is smart, and knows that rush linebackers have extremely high bust rates because they didn't play the position in college, making the transition to the pros a very taxing one. And by the way, Belichick spent two first-round selections on tight ends in the last decade (Daniel Graham, Ben Watson).

23. Green Bay Packers: Charles Brown, OT, USC
Aaron Rodgers received much better pass protection since losing to the Buccaneers, but things ultimately fell apart in Arizona. Relying on Chad Clifton to protect Rodgers' blind side for another year is not a good idea. Green Bay's No. 1 priority this offseason is finding a top-notch left tackle for Rodgers.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida
Andy Reid loves drafting linemen on both sides of the ball, and the Eagles will be looking for an upgrade over mediocre left end Victor Abiamiri this offseason.

Carlos Dunlap lacks consistent effort and was charged with DUI recently, so there's a chance he could fall out of the first round. However, Andy Reid seems to be on a mission to redeem every single football player in America, and given his new (unwarranted) contract extension, Big Red can afford to take a chance on a high-upside, low-effort guy like Dunlap.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Damian Williams, WR, USC
If available, Jermaine Gresham is an option because Todd Heap is unreliable. However, Mark Clayton has been so inconsistent that he would force my hand anyway. If Derrick Mason retires, Joe Flacco will have absolutely no one to work with. Cornerback is also an option.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan
Arizona compiled 43 sacks on the year, but only a few came from the rush linebackers. The leader in that department was Bert Berry, a 35-year-old free agent who had six sacks. After that, 33-year-old Clark Haggans notched five sacks, followed by Chike Okeafor's 4.5. Okeafor, 34, is also a free agent.

The Cardinals spent a second-round pick on Cody Brown last year, but he hasn't played a single down in the NFL because of a wrist injury.

Clearly, rush linebacker is a dire need for Arizona this offseason - and this was evident before the Cardinals couldn't put any pressure on Drew Brees in their playoff loss.

This may seem a bit low for Brandon Graham, who had an incredible Senior Bowl. Two things to consider here: First, at 6-1, Graham could struggle as a 4-3 end in the NFL, so he's a much better fit in the 3-4. And second, teams are much more hesitant to take rush linebackers now because the conversion is so unpredictable. Just look at last year's results - no one in the top 15 selections took a rush linebacker. The Chargers (No. 16), Broncos (18) and Packers (26) went with one, but only Green Bay's selection (Clay Matthews) has panned out thus far.

It wasn't just last year; in 2008, the Jets were burnt by Gholston. They were the only team to gamble on a rush linebacker in the first round. I think some of these 3-4 guys will take a tumble come April.

Pick change; previously Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB

27. Dallas Cowboys: Mike Iupati, G, Idaho
Mike Iupati makes too much sense here. He's the type of mauling offensive lineman Dallas loves to have up front. The Cowboys need help at the position. It's a perfect match, and I found it highly amusing that the Dallas Morning News reported that the entire Cowboys coaching staff "perked up" when Iupati's name was announced for the Senior Bowl Weigh-Ins.

Iupati had a great week of Senior Bowl practices, but he really struggled in pass protection during the game. He has a ton of upside, but he's still raw. I'd be surprised to see him go much higher than this (i.e. No. 17 to the 49ers).

Pick change; previously Terrence Cody, NT

28. San Diego Chargers: Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama
Jamal Williams turns 34 in April. He's due $5 million in 2010 and is coming off a season-ending injury. A.J. Smith is generally unpredictable and certainly has tons of options at this juncture, but if either Terrence Cody or Dan Williams is available to him, he'll probably pull the trigger.

Click here to find out more!

29. New York Jets: Jared Odrick, DE/DT, Penn State
The Jets' top priority this offseason will be finding upgrades at the defensive end and rush linebacker positions. To get past the Colts, they'll need to get to Peyton Manning without exposing their secondary.

When New York was projected to draft in the early 20s, I thought it was a bit too early for someone like Jared Odrick. Now that the Jets are slated at No. 29, Odrick becomes a strong possibility.

Odrick is a first-round talent, but he has some off-the-field incidents in his past (nothing too major) that might drag him into Round 2.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan
As if literally fumbling away the NFC Championship wasn't enough, the Vikings lost Cedric Griffin to a torn ACL. Griffin probably won't be ready for the season opener, which means that the cornerback position becomes one of Minnesota's biggest priorities this offseason.

Pick change; previously Brandon Ghee, CB

31. New Orleans Saints: Everson Griffen, DE, USC
Charles Grant is not expected back with the Saints next year. Grant, 31, had just 5.5 sacks this season and is set to make $4 million in 2010.

Having a potent pass-rusher across from Will Smith and next to Sedrick Ellis would take New Orleans' defense to another level.

32. Indianapolis Colts: Lamarr Houston, DT, Texas
The Colts are a team without any major needs, but two areas they could stand to upgrade are at left tackle and defensive tackle.

Lamarr Houston's stock has been rising over the past month. I currently list him as a Round 2 prospect in my 2010 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings, but he certainly makes sense here at No. 32, especially with Charles Brown and Everson Griffen off the board.

33. St. Louis Rams: Navorro Bowman, OLB, Penn State
The Rams traded Will Witherspoon to the Eagles, so their current starting weakside linebacker is Paris Lenon. It doesn't get much worse than that. Like Jared Odrick, Bowman is a first-round talent who might fall because of some off-the-field stuff (two probations).

And by the way, this is exactly why the Rams need to draft Jimmy Clausen. If they wait on a quarterback, their options here will be Tony Pike (spread shotgun system guy with no arm), Jevan Snead (the next Kyle Boller) and Colt McCoy (a poor man's Kyle Orton).

There's a reason that excluding Kevin Kolb and Chad Henne (who haven't played enough to make a determination), only two Round 2 quarterbacks panned out this past decade - the quarterback position is so important, that if a guy isn't a first-round prospect, he either has at least one very glaring flaw, or numerous things wrongs with him.

Pick change; previously Sean Weatherspoon, OLB

34. Detroit Lions: Kyle Wilson, CB/PR, Boise State
The Lions really need to find help for a secondary that couldn't contain Brady Quinn. Even if Detroit drafts Eric Berry, a cornerback will have to be targeted.

Detroit's coaching staff had a good look at Kyle Wilson when coaching him at the Senior Bowl, and they came away impressed with his leadership. He would be a great fit for the Lions.

Pick change; previously Jahvid Best, RB

35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU
Antonio Bryant will be a free agent this March. Even if the Buccaneers re-sign him, which I say has a less than 50-50 chance of happening, they'll be looking for a second receiver for Josh Freeman.

36. Kansas City Chiefs: Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, Florida
Even when Kansas City's offensive line improved toward the end of the 2009 season, the center position was still a glaring weakness. Scott Pioli will continue to upgrade the trenches.

37. Washington Redskins: Jahvid Best, RB, California
I'd love to give the Redskins an offensive tackle here, but doing so would cause them to reach.

While fixing the offensive line is Washington's greatest priority, finding a talented running back is something they must do as well. Jahvid Best is a first-round talent and would fit into Mike Shanahan's zone-blocking philosophy.

Pick change; previously Trent Williams, OT

38. Cleveland Browns: Corey Wootton, DE/DT, Northwestern
Cleveland's starting defensive ends Kenyon Coleman and Robaire Smith are 30 and 32, respectively. An injection of talent and youth is needed at this position.

Pick change; previously Taylor Mays, SS

39. Oakland Raiders: Taylor Mays, SS/OLB, USC
Safety is not a need for the Raiders. And I'm not high on Taylor Mays in terms of a draft prospect. But this selection makes too much sense for it not to come to fruition.

Al Davis loves athleticism and 40 times. Once Al sees Mays at the Combine, he'll say to himself, "What a... great player... too bad... I don't... need... a safety."

But then, Al will discover that some NFL Draft analysts believe that Mays can play linebacker too. His thoughts: "What a... great player... he can play... safety and linebackah... he'll be... the great player... Darnell Bing... was supposed... to be..."

Ladies and gentlemen, the Oakland Raiders!

Pick change; previously Marshall Newhouse, G

40. Seattle Seahawks: Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech
The Seahawks have nothing at running back. They absolutely can't go back to Julius Jones for another full season.

Pick change; previously Selvish Capers, G

41. Buffalo Bills: Cam Thomas, NT, North Carolina
It looks like the Bills will be transitioning to the 3-4. They'll need a few things for that scheme, including a dominant nose tackle to help stop the run. Cam Thomas had a great Senior Bowl and has propelled himself up to Round 2 consideration.

Pick change; previously Golden Tate, WR

42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
The Buccaneers are really hurting for corner help across from Aqib Talib. Devin McCourty's stock is soaring because of a great Senior Bowl (get extensive 2010 Senior Bowl coverage here.)

43. Miami Dolphins: Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame
Ted Ginn Jr. screwed me out of $1,100 in a span of two weeks, but it was good to see that the Dolphins gave up on him as a receiver every other week. Miami needs a true No. 1 wideout.

Pick change; previously Jeremy Williams, WR

44. New England Patriots: Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU
Chad Henne effortlessly torched New England's secondary in early December. Henne, like Drew Brees the week before, had no pressure in his face. The Patriots had absolutely no pass rush in 2009.

Pick change; previously Brandon Graham, DE/OLB

45. Denver Broncos: Alex Carrington, DE/DT, Arkansas State
The Broncos allowed 241 rushing yards... to the Raiders! And we all just saw what Jamaal Charles did. Denver is having trouble against the run for a number of reasons, including a hole at defensive end.

Pick change; previously Corey Wootton, DE/DT

46. New York Giants: Chad Jones, FS, LSU
The safety position is an enormous need for the Giants. Their problems at there are well-documented, and even if Kenny Phillips plays again, he might not be ready by 2011.

The Giants need to protect themselves at safety. Anyone would be an upgrade over Can't Cover Brown and Aaron Rouse right now.

47. New England Patriots: Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest
Remember when Troy Brown was New England's nickel corner? Even he would be a better option than what the Patriots have now.

Pick change; previously Perrish Cox, CB/KR

48. Carolina Panthers: Jeremy Williams, WR, Tulane
One of Jake Delhomme's problems was his habit of forcing the ball into Steve Smith because he didn't have a legitimate No. 2 option. The Panthers need to make sure Matt Moore doesn't fall into the same trap.

Pick change; previously Eric Decker, WR

49. San Francisco 49ers: Vladimir Ducasse, G, UMass
Another offensive line upgrade for the 49ers. Vladimir Ducasse is the type of mauler Mike Singletary would love to have up front.

50. Kansas City Chiefs: Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida
Inside linebackers like Rey Maualuga and James Laurinaitis have fallen into the second round before, so don't be surprised if Brandon Spikes takes a tumble as well.

For some reason, Todd Haley had a major problem with Derrick Johnson the entire year and started him for just three games. Even if Johnson is in the lineup next year (and who knows with Haley), the Chiefs will need an upgrade at inside linebacker.

51. Houston Texans: Perrish Cox, CB/KR, Oklahoma State
If the Texans finally want to beat Peyton Manning, they'll need to continue to improve their secondary. Perrish Cox, who can help in the return game, is a solid bargain down here after a solid Senior Bowl week.

Pick change; previously Kyle Wilson, CB/KR

52. Pittsburgh Steelers: Dominique Franks, CB, Oklahoma
The Steelers have to upgrade a secondary that couldn't stop Bruce Gradkowski in a must-win December game. Even if they take Earl Thomas in the first round, cornerback is definitely an option here.

Pick change; previously Trevard Lindley, CB

53. New England Patriots: Andre Roberts, WR, The Citadel
Sam Aiken is not someone you want to have in your starting lineup. The Patriots will be looking for an upgrade opposite Randy Moss.

Andre Roberts was one of the top players at the Senior Bowl and has moved into late Round 2 consideration. Click the link for details.

Pick change; previously Jonathan Dwyer, RB

54. Cincinnati Bengals: Mardy Gilyard, WR/KR, Cincinnati
Taking receivers back to back is a very realistic scenario. Outside of Chad Ochocinco, Cincinnati has nothing at the position. The Bengals are reportedly very high on local product Mardy Gilyard, who had a solid Senior Bowl game.

Pick change; previously Aaron Hernandez, TE

55. Philadelphia Eagles: Nate Allen, FS, South Florida
Sean Jones will not be back in Philly next year. He had major issues with tackling and coverage, and was a huge liability for the Eagles against the Giants.

56. Green Bay Packers: Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama
Al Harris, who just turned 35, is coming off ACL surgery. Tramon Williams played well as a substitute, but with Harris and Charles Woodson getting, as Emmitt would say, "long in the mouth," the Packers need to look into obtaining a young corner.

Pick change; previously Dominique Franks, CB

57. Baltimore Ravens: Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida
Joe Flacco needs more than just one weapon upgrade. Todd Heap has four touchdowns in a two-game span toward the end of the season, but I wouldn't rely on him going forward. Who knows when he'll break down again?

Pick change; previously Kareem Jackson, CB

58. Arizona Cardinals: Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa
If you weren't convinced that the Cardinals needed tackle help, you have to be now after watching the Saints put tons of pressure on Kurt Warner in the second round of the playoffs.

Mike Gandy, who just entered his 30s, surrendered 6.5 sacks in 2008, and gave up eight sacks and eight penalties this year before landing on IR. He'll be a free agent after the 2009 NFL season. Backup Jeremy Bridges played relatively well in relief of Gandy at first, but was exposed as the season progressed.

59. Dallas Cowboys: Jordan Shipley, WR/KR, Texas
This is a slight reach, but it also seems like a classic Jerry Jones pick. Jordan Shipley is a big name and a flashy player. Jones may see Shipley as an upgrade over Patrick Crayton in the slot and as a return specialist.

60. San Diego Chargers: Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State
LaDainian Tomlinson is King of the 1-Yard Touchdown, but he has lost a lot of his explosiveness and just appears worn down. There's a good chance the Chargers will be targeting a running back early in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Anthony Dixon impressively measured in at 245 pounds at the Senior Bowl. He can catch the ball out of the backfield (18 receptions in 2009), which is something A.J. Smith looks for in a running back.

61. New York Jets: Ricky Sapp, DE/OLB, Clemson
As mentioned in the first round, the Jets need to generate more pressure on the quarterback without exposing their secondary.

It's really amazing that Vernon Gholston has yet to register a single sack in his NFL career. You'd think he'd get one by accident or something. If no CBA is reached and 2010 is an uncapped year, Gholston will be cut without any sort of cap penalty.

62. Minnesota Vikings: Joe McKnight, RB, USC
The running back position will be a big need this offseason for the Vikings. Chester Taylor is a free agent, so if he's not re-signed, Minnesota will need someone to spell Adrian Peterson so he can keep his legs fresh for another deep playoff run. Joe McKnight is a talented runner and a very capable pass-catcher, so he should be able to fill Taylor's role sufficiently.

63. New Orleans Saints: Torell Troup, NT, Central Florida
Sedrick Ellis seems completely healthy again, but the Saints still need help at defensive tackle to stop the run.

Pick change; previously D'Anthony Smith, DT

64. Indianapolis Colts: Daryl Washington, ILB, TCU
The Colts have improved against the run over the course of the season, but they're still shaky against it and need to continue to bolster the middle of their defense. If Gary Brackett signs elsewhere this offseason, Daryl Washington will be able to take over in the middle of their defense.

65. St. Louis Rams: Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona
Young quarterbacks love using their tight end as a safety valve. If the Rams draft Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford, they should invest in a talented tight end like Rob Gronkowski, who's a major value pick here in the third round.

Pick change; previously Tyson Alualu, DT

66. Detroit Lions: Dexter McCluster, WR/RB, Ole Miss
Outside of Calvin Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew, Matthew Stafford doesn't have much to work with on offense. That would change with Dexter McCluster, who would provide Detroit with a home-run threat at multiple positions. McCluster would also be able to take some of the carries at running back until Kevin Smith is completely healthy again.

Pick change; previously Jerome Murphy, CB

67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Greg Hardy, DE, Ole Miss
The Buccaneers acquired this pick by trading the late Gaines Adams to the Bears. They'll have to find another defensive end; the Bucs had just 28 sacks on the year, led by Stylez G. White's 6.5.

A big drop for Greg Hardy - he weighed in at 279 pounds at the East-West Shrine game. He looked like he was overweight all year. If he can't keep the weight off in college, how will he do so once he's getting paid?

68. Kansas City Chiefs: Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas
The Chiefs' pass rush has gotten a lot better, but that's not saying much because they finished with 10 sacks last year. They concluded the year with 22, but only 13.5 if you take away Tamba Hali's total.

Pick change; previously Mardy Gilyard, WR/KR

69. Oakland Raiders: Marshall Newhouse, G, TCU
Last year, Al Davis gave us Michael Mitchell. This year, Marshall Newhouse! Newhouse is a monstrous guard (6-3, 326), but he's projected to run a fast 40. If he does so at the Combine, Al will be infatuated with this great player.

70. Philadelphia Eagles: A.J. Edds, OLB, Iowa
With Will Witherspoon on the roster and Stewart Bradley coming back next year, the Eagles are set at two of the linebacker positions. They need a third g

71. Cleveland Browns: Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati
As I wrote earlier, the only way the Browns are going to win on a consistent basis is if they find a franchise quarterback. Also, new regimes mean new quarterbacks, so Mike Holmgren will be looking for a guy he likes in this class.

Tony Pike is a smart and accurate quarterback who should be a good fit in Holmgren's West Coast offense.

72. Buffalo Bills: Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss
Jevan Snead is coming off a horrific junior season mired by terrible accuracy and decision-making, but to be fair, he lost his left tackle (Michael Oher) and top receiver (Mike Wallace) to the pros. Snead has some glaring flaws, but he has too much upside for the Bills to pass on here in the third round. Buffalo's new regime will be looking to draft its own guy.

73. Miami Dolphins: Koa Misi, DE/OLB, Utah
There's a chance both Joey Porter and Jason Taylor won't be back next year. Finding a young rush linebacker will be one of the few things the Dolphins must do this offseason.

Pick change; previously Torell Troup, NT

74. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
I don't think Tim Tebow will fall this far. And the Jaguars can't risk it anyway. However, there's a good chance Jacksonville will use this pick to trade up for Tebow in the second round, which is why I'm putting him here. The Jaguars CANNOT walk away from the 2010 NFL Draft without Tebow. Check out my Round 1 analysis for more.

Pick change; previously Brandon Graham, DE

75. Chicago Bears: Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois
Matt Forte fantasy owners, direct your hate mail toward left guard Frank Omiyale, who couldn't open up any running lanes for his star back when he was in the lineup. A major overhaul is needed for Chicago's offensive line.

Pick change; previously Mike Johnson, G

76. New York Giants: Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale
The right tackle position could be addressed here; Kareem McKenzie, 31 in May, appears to be wearing down. The Giants have William Beatty, but he's not a physical run-blocker, and will eventually be moved to left tackle permanently, with David Diehl perhaps kicking inside again.

77. Tennessee Titans: Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State
Watching Tennessee's Christmas night loss to the Chargers, each time I saw a missed tackle for the Titans, I wondered who it was and tried to spot the number. It was Nick Harper every single instance. This team desperately needs an upgrade across from Cortland Finnegan.

78. Carolina Panthers: Tyson Alualu, DT, California
The Panthers really need help on the interior of their defensive line. Though they just shut down Adrian Peterson, their run defense was awful this year.

79. San Francisco 49ers: Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida
Even though I have the 49ers going C.J. Spiller-Trent Williams in the first round, there's a chance they could pick two defensive backs. If not, they'll look for some secondary upgrades later on.

Pick change; previously Danario Alexander, WR

80. Denver Broncos: Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
Josh McDaniels isn't the most cunning drafter and talent evaluator in the world, so he might be fooled by Colt McCoy. McCoy possesses almost everything McDaniels looks for in a quarterback.

Pick change; previously Sean Canfield, QB

81. Houston Texans: Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford
The Texans could have finished 13-3 if they had a clutch kicker and a running back who could plunge into the end zone from the 1-yard line. Steve Slaton was placed on IR, so the running back situation in Houston is murkier than ever. Arian Foster's fumbling problems only reinforces the Texans' need at this position.

82. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jamar Chaney, ILB, Mississippi State
James Farrior has been a very good player for a number of years, but he just turned 35. The Steelers will have to find a successor soon.

Pick change; previous Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB

83. Atlanta Falcons: Willie Young, DE, N.C. State
Atlanta's secondary was a major issue this year, but part of the problem was the lack of a pass rush. The Falcons compiled just 28 sacks in 2009.

Pick change; previously Roddrick Muckelroy, OLB

84. Cincinnati Bengals: Javier Arenas, CB/KR, Alabama
This cures two needs for the Bengals. They must find a nickel corner to upgrade Morgan Trent, and they also have to get a major boost in the return game.

85. Oakland Raiders: Taylor Price, WR, Ohio
Taylor Price is a great wide receiver. In fact, Al Davis will be wondering why he wasn't drafted in the first round. Price is 6-0, 198, and runs a mid 4.3. Great players like this don't come around too often!

Pick change; previously Jeff Owens, DT

86. Green Bay Packers: Mike Johnson, G, Alabama
Jason Spitz is expected to take over the left guard position next year, but there's no telling how effective he'll be coming off a back injury.

Pick change; previously Jon Asamoah, G

87. Philadelphia Eagles: Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB/KR, IUP
More help in the seconary - Ellis Hobbs will be a free agent this offseason, while Sheldon Brown turns 31 in March.

88. Baltimore Ravens: Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa
Baltimore's habit of committing pass interference penalties reared its ugly head once again in a playoff loss to the Colts. Cornerback must be upgraded.

Pick change; previously Rob Gronkowski, TE

89. Arizona Cardinals: Jarrett Brown, QB, West Virginia
I'll be mildly surprised if the Cardinals don't trade for Donovan McNabb before May. If they do, it means they have no faith in Matt Leinart and will be looking for a young quarterback to groom. If they don't, they need an alternative in case Leinart stinks up the joint.

Jarrett Brown has the tools to fit Arizona's vertical offense, but he's raw and needs some time to develop.

Pick change; previously J.D. Walton, C

90. Dallas Cowboys: Morgan Burnett, FS, Georgia Tech
Despite getting burnt for a long touchdown against the Vikings, Gerald Sensabaugh played well this year. The Cowboys will now have to focus on finding an upgrade at free safety.

91. San Diego Chargers: Jason Fox, OT, Miami
I've had Jason Fox in Round 2 of most of my 2010 NFL Mock Draft updates, but he just had knee surgery and also missed a game this year because of an irregular heartbeat. Those are two serious red flags.

Having said that, Fox is talented, and someone will take a shot with him in Rounds 2-4. A.J. Smith has taken a few risks before.

92. Cleveland Browns: Reshad Jones, S, Georgia
If the Browns can't get Eric Berry in the first round, they may target someone like Reshad Jones in this spot as an upgrade over Abram Elam.

Pick change; previously Eric Norwood, DE/OLB

93. Minnesota Vikings: J.D. Walton, C, Baylor
Replacing Matt Birk was no easy feat for John Sullivan. Sullivan had a poor season, particularly in the run-blocking department. The Vikings will likely look for an upgrade at center this offseason.

Pick change; previously Navorro Bowman, OLB

94. New Orleans Saints: Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State
Scott Shanle started the year well, but really struggled down the stretch. Dekoda Watson, who had a solid Senior Bowl, would be a nice replacement.

Pick change; previously Dexter McCluster, WR/RB

95. Indianapolis Colts: Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia
I have to believe the Colts will be searching for a left tackle in the early stages of the 2010 NFL Draft. Charlie Johnson has done a solid job this year, but he's not a franchise left tackle.

Selvish Capers is a long-term project, but he's athletic and has a lot of upside. He's worth the risk at the bottom of Round 3.

96. St. Louis Rams: Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia
The Rams had 25 sacks on the year, and no one had more than 6.5. Aside from drafting Jimmy Clausen first overall, St. Louis' greatest priority is upgrading the defensive line.

Geno Atkins had a great Senior Bowl. He completely embarrassed Mike Iupati, which makes me wonder why Atkins didn't play like this at Georgia as a senior.

Pick change; previously Brandon Lang, DE

97. Detroit Lions: John Jerry, G, Ole Miss
The Lions had major problems at left guard this season. If they get a capable player into that position, perhaps Jeff Backus will actually be mediocre.

# Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Darrell Stuckey, SS, Kansas
Sabby Piscitelli was constantly abused by opposing quarterbacks this past season. If the Buccaneers don't draft Eric Berry, they'll find an upgrade for this position in Rounds 2-4.

Pick change; previously Reshad Jones, S

# Kansas City Chiefs: Larry Asante, SS, Nebraska
Remember when the Chiefs had a solid strong safety in Bernard Pollard? Hmm... I wonder what happened to him...

Pick change; previously Darrell Stuckey, SS

# Washington Redskins: Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame
If the Redskins can't get an offensive tackle in the first two rounds, they'll absolutely have to draft one here. Jason Campbell had defenders in his face before he could complete a three-step drop.

Pick change; previously Ryan Mathews, RB

# Seattle Seahawks: Mike Neal, DT, Purdue
The Seahawks need to get more pressure on the quarterback, so they'll be looking for upgrades at defensive end and defensive tackle this offseason.

Pick change; previously Bill Stull, QB

# Cleveland Browns: Ciron Black, OT, LSU
Aside from finding a franchise quarterback and building his defense, a priority of Mike Holmgren's will be to upgrade the right side of his offensive front.

Pick change; previously Mike Neal, DE/DT

# Oakland Raiders: Jeff Owens, DT, Georgia
Raiders fans will hate this draft, and Al Davis won't understand why. Jeff Owens is a 304-pound defensive tackle who might run a mid 4.9. This would make Owens a great player and an Oakland Raider.

# Buffalo Bills: Eric Norwood, DE/OLB, South Carolina
If the Bills move to a 3-4, they'll need a long-term pass-rusher across from Aaron Maybin.

Pick change; previously Pat Angerer, ILB

# Jacksonville Jaguars: Rafael Priest, CB, TCU
The Jaguars have one of the worst secondaries in the league. Major upgrades are needed here.

Pick change; previously Amari Spievey, CB

# Chicago Bears: Brandon Lang, DE, Troy
Gaines Adams' unfortunate passing means that the Bears will be searching for a defensive end this offseason. Hopefully the Bears and Bengals receive the top third-round compensatory picks (though I doubt the cold-hearted Roger Goodell will consider this).

Pick change; previously Lindsey Witten, DE

# Miami Dolphins: Linval Joseph, NT, East Carolina
Jason Ferguson is a 34-year-old player with an expiring contract in March who just went on IR. Paul Soliai is a serviceable backup, but he's not a legitimate starter in this league. Help is needed at nose tackle.

Pick change; previously Jason Worilds, DE/OLB

# Tennessee Titans: Roddrick Muckelroy, OLB, Texas
A third upgrade to Tennessee's defense that perhaps will help it force dynamic offenses like the Chargers into punting once in a while.

Pick change; previously Dekoda Watson, OLB

# Carolina Panthers: Zane Beadles, OT, Utah
Offensive line depth was a huge issue for the Panthers this past season. If they have another injury, they need to make sure they have someone to keep Travelle Wharton from moving over to left tackle.

# San Francisco 49ers: Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri
The 49ers need some help at receiver, and if they stick with this spread offense, Danario Alexander would be a good fit.

Pick change; previously Rafael Priest, CB

# Denver Broncos: Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State
No surprise that Correll Buckhalter missed some time last year. Throughout his career, Buckhalter has never been able to stay healthy. The Broncos need a reliable backup behind Knowshon Moreno, and Ryan Mathews is a steal here in Round 4.

Pick change; previously Jamar Chaney, ILB

# New York Giants: Sean Lee, ILB, Penn State
The Giants will be looking for someone to compete with Jonathan Goff for the starting middle linebacker position. Sean Lee is a fringe first-round talent, but teams could be scared off by his previous knee injury.

# Pittsburgh Steelers: Jason Worilds, DE/OLB, Virginia Tech
The Steelers have two great pass-rushing linebackers, but they don't exactly have the best depth at the position. Also, don't forget that James Harrison turns 32 in May.

Pick change; previously Linval Joseph, NT

# Atlanta Falcons: Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota
Wide receiver is not as big of a need as corner, but there's no denying the value that Eric Decker presents here. He could be a solid No. 2 wideout for the Falcons.

Pick change; previously Jermaine Cunningham, DE

# Houston Texans: Arthur Jones, DT, Syracuse
The Texans are really hurting in the interior of their defensive line. Arthur Jones could fall because of his injury and mediocre senior campaign, but he's a bargain in the middle of Round 4.

Pick change; previously Mitch Petrus, G

# New England Patriots: Montario Hardesty, RB, Tennessee
Laurence Maroney was benched and never heard from again after a fumble at the 1-yard line against the Jaguars. It looks like New England will be searching for a new running back this offseason.

Pick change; previously Blair White, WR

# Cincinnati Bengals: Brandon Carter, G, Texas Tech
When you get past receiver and tight end, one of the Bengals' glaring weaknesses is in the interior of the offensive line.

# Philadelphia Eagles: Eric Olsen, C, Notre Dame
There's a chance Jamaal Jackson might not be ready for the 2010 season opener. If the Eagles are pessimistic about his chances, they may look for a center in the middle rounds. I doubt they'd want Nick Cole to play the position again.

# Green Bay Packers: Myron Rolle, SS, Florida State
Another upgrade for a secondary that was torched by Kurt Warner. Atari Bigby always seems to be hurt.

Myrone Rolle had a good Senior Bowl, but question remain about his dedication to football.

Pick change; previously Larry Asante, SS

# Baltimore Ravens: Jacoby Ford, WR/KR, Clemson
One receiver upgrade is not enough. The Ravens need to give Joe Flacco as many weapons as possible.

Pick change; previously Shay Hodge, WR

# Arizona Cardinals: Matt Tennant, C, Boston College
Lyle Sendlein has played better this season, but you saw it in that Monday night game - the 49ers just had a beat on Sendlein, which is how they were able to get to Kurt Warner so easily. The Cardinals, who don't have very many needs, could use an upgrade at the center position.

Pick change; previously Colt McCoy, QB

# Dallas Cowboys: Pat Angerer, ILB, Iowa
Keith Brooking was amazing for the Cowboys this year, and in my opinion, he's the reason they got over their annual December swoon. He's the leader they've needed in that locker room for years.

Unfortunately, Brooking will be 35 in the middle of the 2010 season. Dallas will need a successor in the middle of its defense.

Pick change; previously Jay Ross, ILB

# San Diego Chargers: Major Wright, FS, Florida
General manager A.J. Smith made a huge mistake by extending Clinton Hart with a 6-year, $18 million deal in 2008. Hart was cut in October. Safety is a need.

# Philadelphia Eagles: Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State
If Donovan McNabb and QB Dog Killer leave - as many are projecting - Andy Reid will be looking for a mid-round developmental quarterback to have behind Kevin Kolb.

# Minnesota Vikings: D'Anthony Smith, DT, Louisiana Tech
This is a great value pick. Both Jimmy Kennedy and Fred Evans are free agents this offseason. Plus, you can never have too much depth up front - especially when one of the starters is 37.

Pick change; previously Vince Oghobaase, DT

# New Orleans Saints: Perry Riley, OLB, LSU
Another linebacker? An upgrade for Scott Shanle is needed, while Scott Fujita is a mediocre 31-year-old free agent.

# Indianapolis Colts: Austen Lane, DE, Murray State
Defensive end is not a big need for the Colts right now, but it will be a year from now when Raheem Brock and Robert Mathis are both free agents. Besides, you can never have too many pass-rushers.

February 3rd, 2010, 1:39 am
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That multi-round mock is really a lot to chew on. I would love to score Suh and Wilson!! That would make an enormous difference on D and special teams. I would be 99/100 as happy with McCoy and Wilson in the first two rounds. I don't know about McCluster, but RB and slot WR is definitely a need. In the last round here, they have us taking the Ole Miss OG, which certainly also addresses a huge need, but I'd really rather take Eric Norwood or Myron Rolle to continue adding to the defense because IMHO if you're not going to draft an OL early, you might just as well draft one late and bring in a FA.

Hold on to Foote, Petersen, and Hunter. Flip Ernie Sims to the NYJ for either Kerry Rhodes or V. Gholston, whoever they'll give for no more than Sims and maybe a mid-rounder in 2011.

Just think of this newly-improved defense:

Avril, Suh/McCoy, Hill, Hunter/DeVries/Gholston
Levy, Foote, Petersen
Buchanon Delmas, Rhodes/Rolle, K. Wilson

I also hope that Meyhew is doing his due diligence with Scot Pioli about what it would take to land Glen Dorsey. I'd really rather have Sammie Hill be a rotation/depth guy at DT.

"With the second pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select Calvin Johnson, WR from Georgia Tech."

My favorite day ever as a Lions fan.

Somehow landing the Ndamo-nator would be the second best day ever.

February 3rd, 2010, 9:39 am
Commissioner of the NFL – Roger Goodell
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I'd be very happy with the Walter's mock, even though I do have reservations about McCluster. Just getting possible starters at DT, CB, and OG would make the draft for me though. Add in a DE somewhere, and I'd be ecstatic.


February 3rd, 2010, 12:49 pm
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That draft wouldn't be too shabby. I think I'll just be giddy with Donky Kong.

Ndamuong Suh
Kyle Wilson
Dexter McCluster
John Jerry

McCluster might be too small to take that early. But would be a poor man's Percy Harvin/Reggie Bush. Ryan Matthews might be a better feature type back. He could be had in th 4th. Possibly switch the positions... take Mike Johnson or Asamoah in the third.

My favorite thing about bb's mock - the secondary. I'm high on Rolle too. Especially if he can be had in the 4th. But the thought that our secondary is revamped would make me feel better.

Re: Dorsey. If we landed Suh or McCoy, Dorsey would be the depth guy. Hill is our space eater, and unless we draft a better one, or resign Jackson, he's the man. We won't be starting two 300 lb guys and go undersized up front. Maybe on third down or obvious passing downs. My question is, what do we have to give for Dorsey?


February 3rd, 2010, 1:00 pm
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Not sure on this one... I know we need CB BAD .... like really bad... but I say Mays and Spikes available who I think are top notch talent for the top of the second. I don't think they will fall this far, but neither one should be passed up on. I know Wilson had a great Senior bowl and all... but he was looking late 2nd at best before that.

I'm torn, because we really need a CB... but can anyone say for sure they'd take Wilson over Mays or Spikes?

regularjoe12 - "You are crackin me up! really! HILARIOUS um let me quote some intellgent people in this coneversation: Steensn:"

February 3rd, 2010, 2:03 pm
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I'm not sure you ever really know what goes on the Lions warroom--especially not during the you-know-who era--but they BETTER take Wilson over Mays if both are available at the second (or any later) pick.

"With the second pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select Calvin Johnson, WR from Georgia Tech."

My favorite day ever as a Lions fan.

Somehow landing the Ndamo-nator would be the second best day ever.

February 3rd, 2010, 8:39 pm
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If by the miracle of miracles, Mays is still on the board at #36 they had better pick the lad lord knows we could use him now.

February 4th, 2010, 12:06 am
jomo269 wrote:
If by the miracle of miracles, Mays is still on the board at #36 they had better pick the lad lord knows we could use him now.

I agree 100%... I'd love a big safety to pair up with Delmas' speed...

February 4th, 2010, 12:22 am
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slybri19 wrote:
I'd be very happy with the Walter's mock, even though I do have reservations about McCluster. Just getting possible starters at DT, CB, and OG would make the draft for me though. Add in a DE somewhere, and I'd be ecstatic.

Agree with you on the DE. Greg Hardy, Austen Lane and Alex Carrington should or could be there in the 3rd. What worries me about McCluster is the amount of hits I've seen him take. He's a tough kid, does not shy from contact, and although admirable, when pro's start laying the lumber, inevitably he ends up on IR.

February 4th, 2010, 1:02 am
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wjb21ndtown wrote:
jomo269 wrote:
If by the miracle of miracles, Mays is still on the board at #36 they had better pick the lad lord knows we could use him now.

I agree 100%... I'd love a big safety to pair up with Delmas' speed...

Im confused by this. i thought everyone agreed that Delmas is a big hitter but doesnt cover as well as 1 would hope, so we needed a ball hawk to pair with him.

Mays is Roy Williams 2.0 and anything but a ball hawk. Seems like the opposite of what we need.

February 4th, 2010, 2:25 am
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DJ-B wrote:
wjb21ndtown wrote:
jomo269 wrote:
If by the miracle of miracles, Mays is still on the board at #36 they had better pick the lad lord knows we could use him now.

I agree 100%... I'd love a big safety to pair up with Delmas' speed...

Im confused by this. i thought everyone agreed that Delmas is a big hitter but doesnt cover as well as 1 would hope, so we needed a ball hawk to pair with him.

Mays is Roy Williams 2.0 and anything but a ball hawk. Seems like the opposite of what we need.

Yeah, even in the senior bowl, one thing stood out to me about Taylor Mays: the dude is S-L-O-W!!! I am not drafting ANY slow player (who is not an OG) in the first 3 rounds. If you want a slow, cerebral S to pair with Delmas, then Myron "Rhodes Scholar" Rolle is the pick at the top of the 4th round.

"With the second pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select Calvin Johnson, WR from Georgia Tech."

My favorite day ever as a Lions fan.

Somehow landing the Ndamo-nator would be the second best day ever.

February 4th, 2010, 8:59 am
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