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detroit lions draft selections:

round #1 = mike williams wr u.s.c.
round #2 = shaun cody dt/de u.s.c.
round #3 = stanley wilson cb stanford

i might be in the minority here but i like the mike williams selection.
one of the few drafts where the lions didn't have a glaring omission/need.
the essential needs had been filled in free agency.


back-up qb - jeff garcia (an actual qb that would push harrington for the starting job not like mcmahon who never posed at threat to joey at all).

ss - kenoy kennedy(a player that actually posed a fear to opposing widereceivers/ offensive players).

t.e. - marcus pollard a definite upgrade from alexander.
great hands and the ability to catch the ball when the lions need it most (red zone). he converted 17 of his catches for a first downs.

wr - kevin johnson - definite need at the time but the signing of williams makes the move moot.

guard - rick demulling a must need on the suspect o'line.
a great pulling guard.

tackle / guard - kyle kosier a very versatile lineman who will platoon with butler at the right tackle position.

positions of need after free agency:

free safety (terrence holt will vie for the starting job).
d.e. (edge rusher to compliment hall).
defensive tackle (wilkinson's not getting any younger and redding/bell are average fillin's).
young prospect qb for the future (lefors / mcpherson)
t.e. - pollard age will soon be a concern.
o'line tackle - another quality tackle would be assuring.

when the lions were on the clock i had 3 players to select from if they stayed at #10:

#1 shawne merriman d.e./olb maryland
#2 derrick johnson olb texas
#3 mike williams

after the shock of the pick i was pleased because the lions actually selected the best player on the board not the best player in relation to needs.

the uncertainty of charles rogers health could be a determining factor no matter what millen has publicly stated to the contrary.
the pick does make the kevin johnson pick-up now questionable.
wonder where az hakim will be playing next year (can you say june 1st cut!!!!!).

when the lions were selecting in the second i was hoping that shaun cody would be the pick but when they traded a 4th for the right to move up 4 spots to select him, the pick was soured.
tennessee would of selected cody according to john clayton. i think i would of taken the chance for the loss of the 4th rounder is too much considering that we were already short a 5th (kevin jones) and a 7th
(kyle kosier).

the middle is a concern for holmes isn't getting any younger.
i would of waited and selected odell thurman (ilb georgia) or matt roth (d.e.) at #41. by keeping the 4th rounder i would select mcpherson or traded the 4th and 6th to move in the late 3rd to acquire lefors.

stanley wilson is also a suspect pick. very fast 4.4 40 yd dash. we have corners we need free safety's or lefors/mcpherson more.

now we wait for the final pick (the 6th rounder) the only remaining pick left for the lions. most analyst's agree that teams are made up of 4th/5th and even 6th rounders in the draft. we fell short of this in this draft.

although the clock is set on the lions draft, the clock is now running for joey - no more excuses.
he has more weapons then any qb could possibly ask for.

look for june 1st cuts to fill any addition need.

regardless of how we feel about the draft, it's all a moot point.
the lions are set on the offense and the defense will be the telling story.
with the additions to the detroit lions football team i believe the lions are posed to at least become competative and fight for a playoff spot and even a division championship.

joey's leash will be short. he must take the lions to the next level.
ted tollners offensive schemes must stretch the defenses's and the field.
no conservative game plan any more. the offense assembled should score 2-3 td's a game w/o crackin a sweat.

no more hopeful enthusiasm the time to win is now!!!!!

go lions !!!!!!!!!!!!

April 24th, 2005, 10:09 am
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The only problem I have with the draft picks, is what they gave up to move up in the second round. We've had problems with guards staying healthy in the past, and I think we should have taken the chance that either Shaun Cody, or Matt Roth would be there at 41. With our fourth round pick, we could have taken Elton Brown, out of Virginia. Jamal Brimmer, (strong safety) is also still there. Kenoy Kennedy can play free safety if needed, and that would have opened a spot for Brimmer. Adrian McPherson is also a need for the Lions. I wish we wouldn't have given up our fourth for that gamble. Other than that I do like the pick.

April 24th, 2005, 11:30 am
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2005 Lion said
i might be in the minority here but i like the mike williams selection.
one of the few drafts where the lions didn't have a glaring omission/need.
the essential needs had been filled in free agency.

I agree with you, I like the Mike Williams pick as well. Considering the players already picked and the fact that no other team was willing to trade up with the Lions, Mike Williams was the only option. Plus Charlie Rogers is an unknown factor, can he stay healthy? I like the Williams pick. =D> I also like the Shaun Cody pick, =D> however I wasn't too happy that the Lions gave up a 4th round pick to move up for him however. But that may have been their only option. I would have rather seen them pick Blackstock in the 3rd than Stanley Wilson. I don't care too much for the Wilson pick. :angry:

April 24th, 2005, 2:18 pm
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Is it just me, or has there been a TON of OL taken in this draft compared to others? (especially centers)

April 24th, 2005, 2:41 pm
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