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 Is Smith off our radar? 
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Post Re: Is Smith off our radar?
Insane? Really? Then why hold the Combines at all? Why have private workouts, or pro days? Just for the Hell of it?

Yes Insane. Your assessment was based on one specific drill with shorts on, with no competitot and ignored virtually the entire game of football. You get some information from the combines and workouts but you cant say that a highly rated prospect from a big program all of a sudden is not NFL caliber based on one drill as you posted.

Sorry Legend, but there's a reason why the NFL holds these events. While you may hold stock in what ESPN has to say, I hold stock in what my eyes tell me. These workouts were a chance to see how he does compared to others at his position, one after the other. Putting on pads doesn't make you more fluid, at all. If anything it's quite the opposite. Watching game tape is good as well, but the problem with that is he's playing CB against college WRs and QBs, not NFL guys.

I dont necessarily hold stock in what espn has to say but on game tape they say his hips are fluid. Undoubtedly, he is more fluid with shorts on then pads but maybe his dropoff when he s in pads while covering someone is less so than the next guy. Maybe when you put a receiver out there and the adrenaline is flowing he reacts to what that guy is doing better than when a coach tells him to turn in a sterile environmant at the combine.

And just an FYI, this wasn't just my opinion. The three commentators, including Deion Sanders, were seeing and saying the same things. Just because ESPN has this kid so highly ranked doesn't mean he's going to succeed in the NFL. Williams wasn't particularly explosive out of his backpedal, didn't turn well, and his other tests weren't exactly newsworthy. Is he a good football player? Yes. But my opinion is that it won't be at CB.

I dont care how many people were saying the same thing if its all based on one drill that doesnt involve a receiver, a QB, a snap, pads, etc. Besides scouts are wrong all the time and the draft pundits especially, pick favorites. Its just one piece of info and isnt enough to make blanket statements about a guy who by most criteria has been deemed to be a good football player (by you). Maybe he'll play zone, or be a run stuffer, or be a nickel corner, etc if his one on one skills prove not to be great...

March 23rd, 2011, 10:38 pm
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Post Re: Is Smith off our radar?
We WILL draft Jimmy the second round. :D

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March 24th, 2011, 2:33 pm
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Post Re: Is Smith off our radar?
I agree with the Legend for the most part. I've seen many guys in the past who were workout warriors and turned out to be complete turds. I've also seen guys who were complete beasts during the regular season and tanked in the workouts, but proceeded to do extremely well as pros. The combines are nice, especially for guys who didn't have great regular seasons or even college careers. IMO, the best bang for the buck is the Sr Bowl, but, you don't get to see the small school or lesser known players. The Sr Bowl has much better pads-on practices and drills and is a much better representation of actual football ability, rather than a guy like ManRam putting up 45 reps of 225 lbs (that was totally useful in the handful of games he sucked as a Lion). Stanley Wilson ran like a mofo, but he sucked complete anus on the field.

Another point, how often are guys like Kiper, Schefter and Mayock wrong? Mike Williams the best player in the draft?

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March 24th, 2011, 3:26 pm
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