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 Thinking Outside the Box on Draftday 
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Post Thinking Outside the Box on Draftday
I'm not seeing too many Mock Drafts that are different with regards to the Lions first round pick. Most have them taking H.Miller or a DL (not the way to go in the first round IMO). I've seen one mock that took a different approach to the Lions and addressed an area of need, while still getting value for the 10th pick (trading down for more picks is still the way to go if you ask me).

Why not draft A. Rolle with the pick and make him a Safety? He has the size, he is a good tackler, and he would have excellent speed for a safety. T. Davis is more of a LB/SS hybrid. He has issues in coverage and is a bit of a reach at #10, as is H. Miller. Rolle at FS would give them two playmakers in the back 4, while increasing the team speed.

I realize this may all be a mute point if they end up signing Kennedy, but I think it's worth considering if they don't.

March 5th, 2005, 9:01 pm
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Guess I'm too lazy to say it again. But this is taken from something I posted on the DLMB

If you're too lazy to read it all just read the part about the questions.

"I'll have something to say about converting player positions"

I'll just say right off the bat that I lean a little more heavily to not favoring players changing positions because I've seen such little success percentage-wise when players are tried at different spots.

An obvious analogy is in basketball, when a shooting guard is stuck at the point because of apparent good ball handling skills. I see this mistake way too often in basketball. Why they try I have no idea. Because this is a guy who will try to create his points on his own and quite frequently too. Now this hurts the rest of the team because he isn't doing what a true point is supposed to do which is run the offense.

Anyway, back to football. There have been bone headed moves in my opinion like trying to put a tweening pass rusher at linebacker who has never had the chance to hone his skills at coverage, or attacking from a two point stance. Or another obvious one like Michael Boulware being moved from his LB position where he was although undersized a heII of a playmaker. I thought that he was optimum at LB. He has a chance to prove me wrong, but until then I still think it's all boneheaded. But why change him from where he was successful?

Granted, in Rolle's case, this proves to be the lesser evil... which is changing positions within your "row." DE's playing DT and vice versa. Moving a LInebacker inside or outside. And as what's projected of Rolle... Moving him from corner to safety. I will say I have a lesser aversion of doing this, since the change of rolls is minimal and the success rate is much higher.

My beef with this is that it is nevertheless a gamble. All QB jokes aside, you just don't gamble with a first round pick. I can see more likelihood of trying a player out of position on a later pick, but I'm a little wary of doing so on someone whom you have nothing but 'projections' to go by.

Here's some questions:
-Instead of locking onto a single receiver, how will he adjust to working in space, where it's more of a reading and reacting to the entire offense nature of play versus one where he read and react to a single receiver?
-Will he be able to play run support the way a safety is supposed to? Remember he has had very little experience with this besides covering outside and sweeping running plays. Can he get down and dirty in the trenches?
-How will he respond to being taken away from duties that are his absolute best strength, which is just locking down and shutting out a top receiver?

I have an all too perfect example which everyone on this board is just way too familiar with: Marlin Jackson.

He was an awesome corner... he was quite average as a safety. Before moving to safety, who didn't think it was a good idea? I don't think there were to many doubters then. Of course Rolle may be able to make the transition better, and I truly believe that if anyone will be able to do it, it will be Rolle. But still those questions remain, and you are basically treading in unfamiliar waters if you plan on taking Rolle with the intent of moving him to safety no ifs ands or buts.

But boy is it intriguing to try it out. Of course, like I said, my principle is to avoid gambling in round 1, or rather minimize the question marks if possible. Which is why if I had a choice between Derrick Johnson a player who I believe is the best coverage lionbacker in the history of the college game, plus all his other traits, and Rolle who is just as athletically gifted and top at his position and whom you want to switch his positions, my choice is going to be Derrick, who I know has been an awesome weakside linebacker against premium competition for 4 years straight. I have a pretty good idea of what I'm getting with DJ.

Remeber this isn't that I don't like Rolle, it's just that he is number two on my draft board. If Derrick Johnson is not available and Rolle is there, I'd take him in a heartbeat above everyone else. My blabbering about DJ and AR on this post is just the reason why DJ is first and AR is second.*

*THoughts of HB are subject to change after combines and prodays. hehe


March 5th, 2005, 9:48 pm
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Point well taken. I would be hard pressed not to take Johnson at #10, even though I like our current group of linebackers a lot. I don't think he'll be there at 10 come draft day though. I didn't catch you earlier post, but a lot of good thoughts. I will still take Rolle over Davis, and put him somewhere in the back 4. Holt is the wildcard in the secondary mix.

March 5th, 2005, 10:09 pm
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