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Author:  theAlphaMale [ March 29th, 2005, 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Draft Madness

I spoke with thePablo last night and the subject of the draft naturally came up. As soon as my wife heard the conversation topic she rolled her eyes and left the room cause she new it would be long winded and pretty much pointless. He asked me who I see the Lions taking or who I would want and I have to say that this year more than most is really very difficult. I am not sure if it is because of our spot at 10 but I have to lean more towards the draft crop and our teams roster. This is the first year I can really recall us not having super gapping wholes at any given position. I can look up and down the roster and say we have a respectable vet or at least a promising young player. So it is a question of need for depth or best player available. But again, I am literally changing my mind on a daily basis of whom I would select.
As thePablo had written recently about the logical choice in Baron/[Insert your favorite OLmen in draft] it makes a lot of sense. But again as I told Pablo I feel really gun-shy about OL in the 1st given our recent experiences and the fact that none of the guys available have been deemed ?can?t miss?. That label seems to plague almost everyone available to us from what I have read and heard. And any of the apparent talent out there we have already greatly invested in during recent FA or draft. We have been stock piling later round CBs, have almost too many Des, spent extremely high picks on WRs, been burned at OL, and have what seems like a really fast solid core of LBs with not just Baileys return, potential in Lehman, and the emergence of solid play by guys like Alex Lewis. Anyways, to think about it gives me headaches but it is also very exciting. To me this could be a huge draft for us that sets us up to go from the bottom dwelling we have become accustomed too (longing for our 8-8 days) to a extremely deep team that can contend for the years to come. I will be watching the draft and hoping that Millen can top last years draft day magic. If he can?damn we are going to be a good team.
The point of this post is simply that on any given year most can predict with general accuracy what the Lions will do but this year seems very different and the mystery will lend to greater anticipation for myself.

Hi my name is Alpha?and I?m a draft day aholic.

btw...I really like DJ...but feel that if some zaniness happens and we have a chance at Mike Williams or B.Edwards falls they would make us a better team...at least for the moment I feel that way tongue1.gif

Author:  conversion02 [ March 29th, 2005, 10:53 am ]
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I would have to say DJ because he's a playmaker, despite some of knocks I have against his tackling technique.

I would next say Mike Williams. Man, if we could use him as a mid-field force...he could dominate on OLBs and SSs (make him hit the weight room and Big Boy so we can use him as a TE).

Who's behind all the horribly drafted OL-men? Scouts, GM, coaches, who??? We need solid guys, not 3 to 4 year busts who play like 2nd day picks but that's a given.

I actually think that CB would be a good pick. We've got decent guys at backups, but adding a playmaker like Rolle, who has the versatility to play FS, would be awesome. Especially considering Bly and Bryant aren't spring chickens anymore.

I would like to see Odell Thurmann taken in Rd 2 to split time with Holmes at MLB. Holmes won't be here much longer and grooming a solid playmaker to take his spot is almost a need in my book. Crowder and Ruud are likely to be gone by then. Ruud might slide, if so, he's the man.

Meh, who knows. I won't really be pissed with whatever happens on draft day, unless we do something extremely stupid or get screwed like the Giants/Browns last year.

Author:  Yorick [ March 29th, 2005, 12:21 pm ]
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There are several factors making prognostications for the Lions so difficult.

1. They are picking later than usual.
2. They have a less obvious need to fill than typical.
3. There are few blue chip prospects which makes the top of the draft very unsettled and unpredictable.

In the final analysis Millen will probably stay true to form and do just what he has promised.

1. He will try to fleece somebody for an incredible deal by trading down.
2. He will take the best available athlete except at RB, with speed being a particularly coveted commodity.
3. He wants a playmaker, preferable a defensive one.

Staying at #10 it will be one of thsese five guys: DJ, Merriman, James, Pac-Man, Pollack. I do not think they have set up their final draft board yet and that will determine how the DEs rate and how they are weighted against the other playmakers.

Author:  theAlphaMale [ March 29th, 2005, 12:36 pm ]
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Yorick wrote:
There are several factors making prognostications for the Lions so difficult.

1. They are picking later than usual.
2. They have a less obvious need to fill than typical.
3. There are few blue chip prospects which makes the top of the draft very unsettled and unpredictable.

WOW...you're ability to break down what I was attempting to say is pretty incredible. I a am rambler...and I ramble. But you cut the crap and clarified the point I was trying to make. GJ on that :D

Author:  DeadHeadLion [ March 30th, 2005, 3:11 pm ]
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Hi Alpha, after alot of deliberation and soul searching I have come to the conclusion, that I to am a draft day aholic.
You are right though, this year seems to be a little more exciting than the past couple of years and the reason for that is just as you stated. For the first time in a long time we dont have a glaring weakness we need to fix and because of this we can finally draft for depth( the entire concept seems alien to me). There are so many possibilities that it almost makes it pointless trying to speculate on who we pick(but its fun and we do it anyways) this year. All I know is that Millen has impressed me in the past with his draft day moves and I trust that he will reward us fans again with a solid core of young players to help out our team whatever their positions are.

Its goin to be Madness.

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