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Author:  WarEr4Christ [ July 28th, 2010, 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

Barrack Obama is the best thing that has happened to America in the last 100 years. Truly, he is the savior of America 's future. He is the best thing ever.

Despite the fact that he has some of the lowest approval ratings among recent presidents, history will see Barrack Obama as the source of America 's resurrection. Barrack Obama has plunged the country into levels of debt that we could not have previously imagined; his efforts to nationalize health care have been met with fierce resistance nationwide; TARP bailouts and stimulus spending have shown little positive effect on the national economy; unemployment is unacceptably high and looks to remain that way for most of a decade; legacy entitlement programs have ballooned to unsustainable levels, and there is a seething anger in the populace.

That's why Barrack Obama is such a good thing for America .

Obama is the symbol of a creeping liberalism that has infected our society like a cancer for the last 100 years. Just as Hitler is the face of fascism, Obama will go down in history as the face of unchecked liberalism. The cancer metastasized to the point where it could no longer be ignored.

Average Americans who have quietly gone about their lives, earning a paycheck, contributing to their favorite charities, going to high school football games on Friday night, spending their weekends at the beach or on hunting trips - they've gotten off the fence. They've woken up. There is a level of political activism in this country that we haven't seen since the American Revolution, and Barrack Obama has been the catalyst that has sparked a restructuring of the American political and social consciousness.

Think of the crap we've slowly learned to tolerate over the past 50 years as liberalism sought to re-structure the America that was the symbol of freedom and liberty to all the people of the world. Immigration laws were ignored on the basis of compassion. Welfare policies encouraged irresponsibility, the fracturing of families, and a cycle of generations of dependency. Debt was regarded as a tonic to lubricate the economy. Our children left school having been taught that they are exceptional and special, while great numbers of them cannot perform basic functions of mathematics and literacy. Legislators decided that people could not be trusted to defend their own homes, and stripped citizens of their rights to own firearms. Productive members of society have been penalized with a heavy burden of taxes in order to support legions of do-nothings who loll around, reveling in their addictions, obesity, indolence, ignorance and "disabilities." Criminals have been arrested and re-arrested, coddled and set free to pillage the citizenry yet again. Lawyers routinely extort fortunes from doctors, contractors and business people with dubious torts.

We slowly learned to tolerate these outrages, shaking our heads in disbelief, and we went on with our lives.

But Barrack Obama has ripped the lid off a seething cauldron of dissatisfaction and unrest.

A former Communist is given a paid government position in the White House as an advisor to the president. Auto companies are taken over by the government, and the auto workers' union - whose contracts are completely insupportable in any economic sense - is rewarded with a stake in the company. Government bails out Wall Street investment bankers and insurance companies, who pay their executives outrageous bonuses as thanks for the public support. Terrorists are read their Miranda rights and given free lawyers. And, despite overwhelming public disapproval, Barrack Obama has pushed forward with a health care plan that would re-structure one-sixth of the American economy.

Literally millions of Americans have had enough. They're organizing, they're studying the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, they're reading history and case law, they're showing up at rallies and meetings, and a slew of conservative candidates are throwing their hats into the ring. Is there a revolution brewing? Yes, in the sense that there is a keen awareness that our priorities and sensibilities must be radically re-structured. Will it be a violent revolution? No. It will be done through the interpretation of the original document that has guided us for 220 years - the Constitution. Just as the pendulum swung to embrace political correctness and liberalism, there will be a backlash, a complete repudiation of a hundred years of nonsense. A hundred years from now, history will perceive the year 2010 as the time when America got back on the right track. And for that, we can thank Barrack Hussein Obama.

Author:  Blueskies [ July 29th, 2010, 6:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

I'll predict in this topic right now that Obama gets re-elected (though he probably gets to deal with a majority Republican house and senate). Assuming of course, that the inflation does not hit prior to the next presidential election. If it does, then all bets are off.

My reasoning: the election of Obama has awakened many on the right, as DD talked about in the last post. However, it has more or less simply energized the far-right base, more than bring some sweeping re-alignment of the general voting populace.

So, what will happen is that some far-right, tea party connected candidate will get the Republican nomination due to the energizment of the Republican base. That person will then get slaughtered in the general election ala Goldwater 1964.

If Romney, or some other RINO gets the nomination, then they could beat Obama. But that won't happen, and even if it did, a RINO in the white house isn't going to change anything.

We're fudge.

Author:  WarEr4Christ [ July 29th, 2010, 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

Blueskies: actually I can't take credit for that, I received it in an email, and did the cut and paste, but forgot to warn everyone that I wasn't the author.

Here is my prediction, and for the first time I heard a prominent news caster, state it out loud. Hillary runs against Obama in an unprecidented Dem on Dem via for President. Hillary ignites the independents who are fleeing the Obamarade Peoples Republic of Amerika, and wins the election hands down. In turn, Hillary has to deal with a Republican Congress.

THIS IS WHAT SCARES ME MOST OF ALL! Hillary is WORSE than OBAMA ever thought about, she has been more than willing to sell American sovereignty to Europe, via the U.N.

To your point on the right, there is still not a viable candidate that really appears to be strong enough to go against the machine. I personally would like to see Huckabee throw his name in the ring again, because even though he's been a Pastor, and has Christian values, he has not proven to be as polarizing as Palin.

But in either case, we will get the President we DESERVE, as we did with this group of cellular tissue that his mom should have made a choice about. My disdain for this evil man is pretty clear eh?

My heart literally hurts for this country that I am seeing come apart at the seams, and it reminds me of some things I've said before:

1. A country/kingdom divided against itself shall not stand
2. This world is not my home.

I know where my true citizenship lies, but it still pains me to see the death of something that remains the last bastion of conservative, family, and Christian values.

Author:  slybri19 [ July 29th, 2010, 12:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

I wasn't going to post in this thread anymore, but I wanted to address DevilDoc's earlier post. It was written by a guy named Gary Hubbell and was originally published over four months ago. Just recently though, someone found it and it has been appearing all over the internet for the past week.

Blueskies, I have to disagree with you about Obama getting re-elected. If you watch the polls, he has lost the majority of Independents and I doubt he will get tham back. Of course, things could change between now and November 2012, but I don't see it happening.

Author:  slybri19 [ July 29th, 2010, 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

To further illustrate was I said above:
NY Daily News wrote:
Bam's coalition is imploding: Women, white men, Jews, even Hispanics are abandoning President Obama
Andrea Tantaros

Thursday, July 29th 2010, 4:00 AM

President Obama was swept into office by a tidal wave of support from a diverse coalition comprised of white Democrats, women, independents, Hispanics, Jews and African-Americans. Amid the din of "Yes, we can!" chants, it seemed that nothing could bring the history-making President down. But now, with his policies largely unpopular and his inability to goose economic growth increasingly apparent, Obama's once powerful political coalition is imploding.

On Election Day 2008, Obama won the largest share of white support of any Democrat in a two-man race since 1976, according to Politico. Today, however, that group is abandoning him in droves. A Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted this month reveals that only 40% of whites approve of the job the President is doing. Worse yet, these cracks have penetrated his own base: Among white Democrats, approval on the economy is down since April from 80% to 60%.

Dig deeper and the polling points to another ominous sign: Obama's approval with white college-educated females has dipped below 50% for the first time in his presidency. Tasked with making household budget decisions, women are skeptical of the President's health care plan and disappointed in our economic outlook. This explains Obama's effort to woo the women of "The View." It also explains his administration's backing of an equal-pay bill in Congress - the rallying cry of bra-burning feminists. But don't expect them to buy it. Talk is cheap.

Jewish voters have grown more skeptical as well. Obama's newfound warmth toward Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel after a very public scolding is being taken with a triple helping of kosher salt in the American Jewish community. This presents fund-raising difficulties with a demographic that contributed heavily to his 2008 campaign.

Women and Jews aren't the only reasons to worry. Hispanics also show signs of mutiny. Although a judge has ruled against aspects of Arizona's immigration law, the whole fiasco only highlights his failure to push for comprehensive immigration reform. Obama won 67% of the Hispanic vote in 2008, but today only 43% of Hispanics surveyed through an AP-Univision poll say that Obama is adequately addressing their needs.

But the largest and perhaps most telling dip in support is among independents - a key factor in his 2008 win. His approval with them is a mere 38%, with spending and deficits cited as the primary issue of concern. It's because of them that campaigns fight so hard for the middle, and without the backing of this bloc it's unlikely Obama will be awarded a second term.

So with the Obama coalition deeply fractured, is anyone still in his corner?

While liberals are still sticking with their guy, they remain unhappy about the war in Afghanistan, Obama's failure to close Guantanamo, a public option for health care and other progressive priorities. In fact, Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania even suggested on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that Obama's current standing might trigger a primary challenge in 2012. That statement would have seemed like lunacy a year ago.

And despite the unemployment rate for African-Americans being almost double the national average, Obama maintains solid approval ratings with black constituents. But if the exit polls of recent midterm elections are any indication, they're unlikely to vote this fall without Obama on the ticket.

Unless Obama demonstrates he can lead on the economy and change course on his agenda, the President who quickly rose to fame for his powerful campaign coalition is poised to remain famous for losing it even quicker.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/201 ... z0v5tNW6hl

As I said before, he isn't going to win crap with a 38% approval rating amongst Independents.

Author:  WarEr4Christ [ July 29th, 2010, 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

But Hillary is poised to come in as the savior of the party, as everyone realizes their mistake in signing on to the great community organ grinder. She will mop up all of those independents, leftists, and illegals just as quickly as you please, and ride the whirlwind into the presidential office, where she will subsequently drive this country into the loving arms of mother United Nations.

Lord please help us!

Author:  LionsFan4Life [ August 6th, 2010, 8:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

Found out last night that while President Obama is here in Austin this Monday, that I'll get a chance to meet him. Got invited to one of the events he will be doing here on the UT campus.

Just glad that I get this oppurtunity and to be able to tell my kids that I met him and shook his hand when they get older. :)

Author:  WarEr4Christ [ August 6th, 2010, 8:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

Just make sure you wash and sanitize it afterwards. It appears all the crap he's talking is spilling out, and getting everywhere.

By the way, I wonder if he's gonna bow to you too!

Author:  LionsFan4Life [ August 6th, 2010, 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

LOL @ DevilDoc... I just think it's cool that I get to meet the POTUS and to be able to tell my kids about it. Despite how people feel about him, him being elected is historical.

Author:  WarEr4Christ [ August 6th, 2010, 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

Sorry I couldn't resist! Besides, he might make you the Czar of Atheltic Entertainment when he begins to nationalize Football and all the other things they call sports.

Author:  TheRealWags [ September 14th, 2011, 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

I saw a reference to this thread so I thought I would bump it for old times sake...looks like its been a bit lonely lately

Author:  steensn [ September 16th, 2011, 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/20 ... potential/

Obama's new patent law to speed up the process is a good example of smart legislation to get the economy moving. Most US patents are from US companies. Speeding up the ability to give them an intellectual property advantage to us companies. Smart strategic law to give US companies a leg up.

Author:  njroar [ September 16th, 2011, 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

This wouldn't even be an issue unless Clinton didn't sign into law for the patent office to publish the details of each invention online even if the patent had been examined yet. Prior to that, If you had an idea, you'd file the patent, and get your business planned out while waiting for the paperwork. Since 1998, you'd file the patent, and then people around the globe would just watch the patent website and create items that were published in detailed specs and make a fortune, while the inventors were still waiting for their patents to go through. A lot of patents then got rejected because they were already on the market.

There's been plenty of innovations over the past decade and half, but we've given the rest of the world a headstart with our own inventions. If your idea is already on the market from a 3rd world country with cheap labor, how would you be able to get investors and market the item to be built here?

I'm not sure why this has taken so long. Its been bounced back and forth since 2001, with most of the rejections coming from the democrats in 2005-2007 when they held a majority. At least this time both sides got on board. The damage has already been done though. We might get some jobs in the future due to this being fixed, but there won't be anything immediate. Anything in the pipeline now has already been given free of charge to countries around the world. Those jobs aren't coming back.

Author:  steensn [ September 17th, 2011, 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

Huh, I didn't know Clinton did that. Nice little nugget....

Author:  Blueskies [ September 17th, 2011, 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Obama Love Thread

Patent = artificial monopoly

Patents are a hinderance to business, not a benefit. More patents destroy jobs, not create them.

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