Cheney V Edwards...rnd 1
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Author:  theAlphaMale [ October 5th, 2004, 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Cheney V Edwards...rnd 1

Debate is on tonight...encourage all those interested to watch and we can discuss here afterwards. I know some ppl hate the politics thing but I feel it's extremely important and more now than ever in recent history. I think they are pretty entertaining at times as well...kinda like the hype prize fights used to get :lol:

Author:  theAlphaMale [ October 6th, 2004, 11:13 am ]
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Bush v Kerry?Kerry pretty much handed Bush his hat. Bush continually wanted to run across the stage and pop Kerry in the jaw. I think that mentality and the visible body language says a lot more about a person than often times their words do?especially politicians. Its that same mentality along with his track record on Iraq that scares me that this is the head of our military. People keep saying that we want a tough guy or an aggressive personality to respond to terrorism and I couldn?t disagree more. This person is also our top diplomat and with the mentality that they have displayed I fear that diplomacy is very weak with the President. And I submit that diplomacy > war ever time.

Cheney v Edwards?I am mixed on this one. I think part of the perception is a result of the utter lopsidedness of the Bush v Kerry debate along with the hyped up talk of Edwards being a trial lawyer. My point is that with such a bad performances by the President last week anything would appear to be better?it was a good performance by Cheney but relative to his boss it was stellar?no studdering, blank stares and long pauses, no huge amounts of slogan sputtering, no hard work, ect. This coupled with the fact that all I have heard about was that Edwards was a trial lawyer?well most politicians come from a law background so whoopdeedoo. I felt for someone with not nearly the amount of Public service experience Edwards held his own vs a grissled veteran. I think both ignored points quite a bit but felt Cheney often times kept answers short just to move on and avoid being stuck on weak points. That was smart?notice how fast he past after Edwards pointed out that Cheney opposed MLK day LMAO?he basically said ?PASS?. Edwards big weakness though was he continual insistence to respond to previous issues on completely unrelated questions. He pushed the healthcare extremely hard into topics totally unsuitable. Similarly Cheney talked about education for an entire 2 minutes when asked about the hot topic of jobs. They both did decent jobs of ripping one-anothers record but it is difficult to know what is and what isn?t bad. I assume congress people do miss a lot of votes because they have business at their home state as well but I do not completely understand all of that. I watch C-span on occasion and well?I couldn?t be there all year either lol?in the end I felt both put forth some good points but Edwards did come across a bit more lose and less on topic. I do not think he was worse than Cheney but I think Cheney hide it a bit better where Edwards continual broadcast that he was going to go off topic.

As far as a debates place in ones decision?I do not think 1 debate is the deciding factor but aside from ads and conventions and stump speeches I think it is one of the best avenues for us to see how they handle tough issues and to see how consistent they can be. Kerry impressed the hell out of me and Bush didn?t look like he wanted to be there. A couple things to consider?this is the person that will be dealing with the movers and shakers of the World. Their ?style? and ?mannerisms? will reflect on the American people and make lasting impressions on those in the World that could be friend or foe. I do not think ?Texas Justice? has a place in diplomacy and World affairs myself. It scares me that if someone cannot debate in a composed manner with a familiar adversary in a debate how would the handle being at the table with a stranger with nuclear aspirations where the stakes are astronomically much higher.

I was somewhat giddy about the debate last night like a good heavy-weight boxing match?I am extremely looking forward to the other debates. It is helping me clarify which way I am swaying as you can read so there is importance to them.

I had a thought really recently that just struck me as crazy?in the last 16 years?we have had 2 republican Presidents and 1 Democratic. 3 wars under the watch of the 2 Presidents coupled with terrible economies. Add in that the two republican Presidents were father and son and you have the makings of an incredible piece of fiction. Trouble is that it is TRUE

Author:  Pablo [ October 6th, 2004, 1:27 pm ]
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I missed Bush/Kerry round one but heard Kerry cleaned up.

I watched the beginning of the VP debate and was surprised that Cheney held his own. I expected a bit more from Edwards than we got.

I'll be watching the next prez debate since I missed the first one. I'll give more impressions after that.

I really want to see the Bush twins debate each other however! :lol:

Author:  theAlphaMale [ October 8th, 2004, 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Cheneys "Support"

In the debate...Cheney mentioned this site (well actually factcheck.com...an anti Bush site LMAO) as an independent site that backed him up on Haliburton...lol...

He meant this one-

I am glad he did because this site is pretty damn cool. They go over bad information...and provide detailed facts!


Author:  Pablo [ October 19th, 2004, 9:24 am ]
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http://slate.msn.com/id/2108216/slidesh ... /speed/100

speaking of Edwards - this could be our new VP? :lol:

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