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 Boxing rant 
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Post Boxing rant
Being from just north of Grand Rapids, I was pumped for the De la Hoya-Mayweather fight, and really wanted to watch. I wasn't able to watch because you have to have premium cable and then buy the fight for $55 on pay-per-view, and everywhere that was showing it publically had to charge at least $40. This was supposed to be the fight that saved boxing? I'm sorry, but this fight shows why boxing is in trouble, why no one cares about boxing, why there wasn't a thread on this large forum of sports fans about the biggest fight in the last twenty years. If you have to shell out over fifty dollars on top of digital cable charges, many people are going to be left out. My dad used to be able to watch Ali and Fraizer and Foreman on free tv, and I have never been able to watch a good boxing match because the promoters and fighters and trainers want millions upon millions of dollars to fight.

Sorry for ranting, but I had to get it out.

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May 6th, 2007, 9:22 pm
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I totally agree. If this had been the best fight in the world, I wouldn't even know. I would have liked to see it, but no way for $40. I will just watch the Mayweather interviews for free to get my boxing fill.

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May 6th, 2007, 9:43 pm
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I agree, in no way was I going to spend addtl money on top of my cable bill to watch the fight. I just hope that HBO shows it this coming weekend so I can at least watch it even though I already know the outcome.



May 7th, 2007, 8:04 am
We'll, you're right and wrong, IMO... You're right to say that this is what's wrong with boxing, and you're right to say that people don't care... But you're wrong to blame the sport for charging 40-55 to see the fight... It is because the sport isn't popular that "free" networks won't pay more to broadcast the fight publicly than what they can make privately on ppv.

Also, the MAIN problem in boxing is corruption... Way too many recent fights have been fixed... The "re-match" always generates a bigger purse and more attention... And, even fights that aren't fixed seem to have screwy outcomes... The Tarver fight... He admitted that he just didn't show up.. He didn't have any energy or enthusiasim and he got rocked...

So... 1) no one cares... 2) because no one cares the networks won't pick up the fights, and 3) IMO corruption has destroyed the sport to the point where backyard brawling shows get higher ratings than a sanctioned fight...

May 7th, 2007, 12:07 pm
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As a younger lad I enjoyed boxing, we had a meanicing Tyson ruling the heavyweights and a lot of great matchups in the lower weight classes with guys like Hearns, Hagler, Sugar Ray, Duran, etc...

There are multiple problems today including:

1) way too many boxing sanctions, I don't care who the junior welterweight champion of the INFLMLBNHLWNBA is...

2) no king of the heavy's. Who is the heavyweight champion nowdays? Some fat white dude from Europe?

3) inconsistent judging. The last few major bouts I have watched I have totally disagreed with the outcomes when it has gone to the cards.

4) PPV. I'm not paying $50 bucks for a fight that begins at midnight that has little entertainment value anyway.

5) Motivation. Seems to me fighters are playing it safe today hoping to have a fairly close fight so they can have a rematch (and then a third fight to settle it all).

6) The production. Quite frankly I think the boxing announcers are terrible. They need some new angles or multiple angles. I think the minute between rounds should be used much better than it is now by showing the cornermen.

7) The proliferation of similar but more violent sports. I don't watch things like the Ultimate Fighting stuff (sorry if I don't have the name right), but these sports have cult like followings of fans that would otherwise be drawn to boxing.

Other things I would change:

1) put a scoreboard up like other sports with the judges scores after each round, punch stats, etc. Let the fighters/fans know exactly where the fight stands after each round.

2) Consolodate all the sanctioning bodies and go back to just one or two. I'd also come up with consistent glove sizes, ring sizes, and rules, instead of letting each state/country have their own. Imagine other sports having different rules depending on where the game was being played - that is stupid.

3) have more tournaments. Big time fighters only fight once a year or so, put together tournaments where the fighters earn their belts and the money. Put together themes, like USA vs Russia (or Europe) with fights in every weight class. Mexico vs Latin America. North vs South. Detroit vs. Philly.... Whatever...

4) Pimp stars like the NBA. David Stern does a great job of promoting individual players, boxing needs to do the same. Personalities are needed to promote the sport.

I'm afraid without some huge Ali-like personality the sport is going to continue to die. Even if their was an Ali, there likely wouldn't be the much needed Frazier. Let's face it, the top athletes now are being drawn to the other sports like football.

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May 7th, 2007, 4:16 pm
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