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Author:  conversion02 [ April 13th, 2005, 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Eddie Drummond Chat on ESPN

Here's the log from the chat.


Here's some noticable stuff I pulled out.
Mike (Detroit): Barely being able to see Charles Rodgers play the past two seasons, I gotta know. Who's faster? You or him? What can you tell folks who haven't seen much of Charles? And, will he be ready to show us?

Eddie Drummond: (12:47 PM ET ) Well, Mike I forcefully grabbed Charles up and made him start lifting weights with me. That problem is solved. Everybody say I'm the fastest on the team ... so, I'll have to go along with that.

Jokeray (St. Louis): Have heard rumors of a black Lions jersey for 2 home games this year. True? If so, have you seen them?

Eddie Drummond: (12:37 PM ET ) I don't know, Jokeray. The team keeps the players in the dark about EVERYTHING. Even who they are looking for as far as drating or who they're going to trade or cut. As soon as you guys find out -- tell us!

Derek (Denver, Colorado): I take a lot of heat out here for being a Lions fan. Last year you had an outstanding year and made a huge impact almost single handedly winning games. I will be samrt here and not even ask about the QB situation. Are you feeling better after the injury? Best of luck this year and I hope the Lions win the superbowl so that these clowns I work with will stop bugging me. It looks like the pieces are almost all in place and with Randy Moss gone and Favre getting ancient I think the Lions have a great chance at taking the NFC North.

Eddie Drummond: (12:39 PM ET ) Derek -- let's see, my shoulder is doing great. Actually, right after I chat with you guys I'm getting my last x-ray! I'll be right back at it this year, trying to break the TD record for single season touchdowns!

Ryan (KC, Kansas): Eddie, congradulations on a breakout season! Since the team keeps you in the dark, who would you like to see the Lions take in the first round?

Eddie Drummond: (12:41 PM ET ) Well, I'd say we need a tough tackler in the secondary -- somebody who can just trample somebody ... and, you know you always need O-linemen.

Author:  Brian [ April 13th, 2005, 3:23 pm ]
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