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 Stafford to wear the glove again this week... 
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Post Re: Stafford to wear the glove again this week...
enough with the personal attacks fellas, let's get back on and stay on topic

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November 22nd, 2011, 9:46 am
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Post Re: Stafford to wear the glove again this week...
Ferris wrote:
LionFan57 wrote:

Ferris, do you believe in Santa Claus & the Tooth Fairy too?! Is your fantasy land drug induced or just the product of a team that's finally starting to look decent after 10 years of being the NFL's laughing stock?.

Re: "Sit behind your monitor and ask me if I'm on drugs ????" No. You need to think more. I gave you a choice! Read the sentence in it's entirety again please! Yet again, you choose to extract what you wanted to from what I posted. And if you can't appreciate sarcasm that's just tough for you isn't it.

You think insulting someone, and then giving them an A and B choice is fair? Either way you claim me to be in Fantasy land. But I do remember a 10 - 6 team in the NY Giants finishing 14-6 and beating the Patriots and ruining their perfect season. Then again with the packer's 10 -6 team last season, winning the super bowl. at 7-3 anything is possible, I chose to see the cup half full, you chose to see the cup empty - and in your drunken rant OR Coked up state don't give this team any chance. See how that works, you HAVE A CHOICE. consider that the way you see the problem, IS the problem.

LionFan57 wrote:
Lighten up!!

I think everyone is happy that we're no longer the nations punch line and I'm confident everyone likes the direction Mayhew & Schwartz are taken the team. But M2K is right, we have a long way to go before we're a legit contender..

That is your opinion. Mine is that we have arrived. See the above

Re: "Carolina almost beat the packers in week 2 and are close to winning just about every game." So what. 'Almost' means squat in the NFL. It may be a fact, but it's meaningless and irrelevant. Carolina is 2-8! Get that straight in your flippin' head!!!

Ok, LF57 here is where you confuse me. You say "Almost" means squat, yet your so damn offended by the fact the Lions didn't win by enough. Does it matter if the score is to 48-3 or 49-35. "W" is "W"..... The way I see the problem, IS the problem?

LionFan57 wrote:
Maybe my expectations are higher than yours but 8-8 just doesn't cut it for me! That's NOT enough of an improvement over last years 6 wins!! It's just NOT! Especially after starting 5-0. Anything less than 9-7 is unacceptable as far as I'm concerned. At this point, I want the Lions to win 10 games and make the play offs. I guarantee you Schwartz is not breaking his arm patting people on the back over this victory! He's already focused on Thursday's game and he wants the team focused on exactly that too..

Last I checked we are 7-3. Your stating a number of wins as if it has already happened. The games have to be played first. You guarantee me that Shwartz is not breaking his arm patting people on the back over this victory???? First, my expectations are 12 - 4 or 11 - 5, so I assume that you assume that my optimism put us at 8-8? drink much?

and when I saw Schwartz after the game he was congratulating everyone - FIRST team in the NFL EVER to come back 3 times from 17 points does deserve some congratulations. I hope he congratulated everyone anyways. I've been wrong before.

2) Re: "You guys think we should of just walked over them..." I never said that! Your words not mine! I do believe the Lions should have won. Like a lot of people, when the schedule came out I looked at that game as a win. Who didn't? Vegas odds makers saw it the same way I did. Yesterdays game was a game we were EXPECTED to win. I fail to see the logic in overly congratulating a team for doing what they're supposed to do. Now, if they beat the Packers Thursday (and I truly hope they do) when most people and odds makers expect the Lions to lose... Then that is an accomplishment to be proud of. That still doesn't mean they've 'arrived' but they will have deserved some considerable applause. Do you understand the difference yet?

Your correct, your actual words were " I am appalled that they allowed a 2-8 team to score 35 points." Like it matters, we scored 49. I am appalled that your appalled that the game was so close, when you already mentioned that "close, doesnt mean squat". But it does if the other team scores 14 points less than you do when you score 49? after giving them 3 turnovers and basically spotting them 17 points. And the way I see the problem, IS the problem.

LionFan57 wrote:
We've had FAR to many years of losing and before that, a lifetime of mediocrity. Do you know how teams get to be mediocre? They START by being satisfied with beating up on a losing team. YOU go be happy and satified they won if you want! I choose to be appalled that they allowed a 2-8 team to score 35 points. The way you see the problem IS the problem!!

I want a Lions team that knows how to step on their opponents throat and choke the life out of them. I want to run up the score, take their home field advantage away and have our starters sitting on the bench in the 4th quarter.

As the saying goes, "Winners go home and F%*K the prom queen". Losers just suck on a$$holes and embarrass themselves in the process.

The first part here you talk about the past. Has no bearing on this team. Being satisfied with beating up on a losing team is perfectly ok. Competing with the good ones is something that tells you this team is "there"

You want a Lion's team that you make in Madden - That's fantasy land.

As for your last statement, I don't quite follow. I've heard the saying "off like a prom dress", but that's the first time I 've heard that saying, and I think I am actually dumber for having heard it.

Re: "Stafford is playing the best QB play we've ever seen in Detroit and you all are ready to bench him for the back up," GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR AZZ!! I never said this either! Show me any thread where I wanted Stafford benched! You say you want a debate... How can & why would anyone debate you when all you do is just make stuff up! It would be so much more convenient if you debated what was written instead of what you thought was written. Either you can't read, or, you have no command over the English language. Regardless, your passionate defense of the Lions is admirable but it manifests itself in a lame, juvenile rant against anyone who voices the least bit of criticism on the team.

This was actually a directed more generally of a few forumers. Believe me when I say this though, If I could put my own head in my azz, I would change my name to LF57. Did I ever say I wanted a debate with you , I actually if you can read, was responding to M2K.
And for the record, it's when someone chooses to be a sarcastic azz that I might go on a juvenile rant.

I am passionate about this team. I am optimistic and maybe your right, maybe they really aren't as good as I want to think they are. But I choose to be excited about all 7 of their wins. They still have 6 games, and It's my only concern to be here to root for them and want them to win.

Funny thing is in your pessimistic state, you continue to push the theory that my problem IS the problem, when I am the optimist. I see all sunshine and roses. I can't find a single flaw with the team. The way I see what problem?

Ferris, Let's just do this;

1) Since I don't feel like explaining to you why it's a bad thing that a team was able to score 35 points on us. AND,

2) Since I don't feel like explaining to you why what the Giants did to the Patriots 2 years ago has nothing to do with the Lions today. AND,

3) Since I refuse to go to and copy & paste the definition of the word 'Arrived' and spend time debating it's meaning with you. AND,

4) Since you "can't find a single flaw with the team", I'm not going to spend my day trying to point out even the obvious to you. AND,

5) Since I'm bored with your juvenile rant and it's distortions of what I actually said and / or meant. AND,

6) Since Wags is going to lock the thread if you keep up the personal attacks.

Let's just agree that:

1) You see yourself as a 'glass half full' person. You're content using data points that I don't feel are relevant to support your position and you're comfortable feeling the Lions have 'arrived' even though I don't see the full evidence of that yet.


2) You see me as a 'glass half empty' person. Even though I have countless posts (including this recent one, viewtopic.php?f=4&t=15251 ) where I'm supportive of a player and many were not. (Even though you didn't storm troop your way into that thread and beat anybody up for ripping on Kevin Smith).

I'm fine with all that.

You see, I'm quite certain that buried in my 7000+ posts there are many that praise players and the team. And I'm equally confident there are many posts where I blast the team & management for various moronic things they've done. I'm fairly convinced I'm 'glass half full' person, yet blessed with the ability to be realistic as well. Even though I love this team; they are far from perfect and IMO have not yet 'arrived'. At least not to where I want them to be. I can say these things because I can count on one hand the number of home games I've missed during the last 26 years of being a season ticket holder. (And traveled to countless games away). So I appreciate that you're passionate about this team; but I have evidence that I am as well. And I wouldn't have gone to all those games and cheered for them if I were a negative 'glass half empty' kind of guy.

So if you want to think of me as a rude, insensitive, argumentative, negative person who kicks puppies and rips on the Detroit Lions for no reason...

Go ahead. I'll still sleep fine tonight.


November 22nd, 2011, 2:11 pm
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Post Re: Stafford to wear the glove again this week...
LionFan57 wrote:

So if you want to think of me as a rude, insensitive, argumentative, negative person who kicks puppies and rips on the Detroit Lions for no reason...

Go ahead. I'll still sleep fine tonight.

:shock: I never insinuated you kick puppies.

Werd though, let's not get the thread locked. I can guess I will admit that the Lions haven't "arrived" yet. Because if we actually did take the time to look at the definition, It would seemingly have something to do with getting to your destination. aka, the superbowl.

Still think they can. If I'm some pedantic pontificating delusional homocidal crazy person living in a fantasy land, so be it.

I'll sleep just fine tonight. Might kick the puppy before I give it to the old lady and make her call me lf57 :cheers:

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November 22nd, 2011, 3:15 pm
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