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 GAME DAY THREAD: Lions vs. Texans (Thanksgiving Day) 
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Post Re: GAME DAY THREAD: Lions vs. Texans (Thanksgiving Day)
ZAndrews81 wrote:
Schwartz has made his fair share of mistakes but no coach is perfect. Give him 5-6 years to see how he grows. BB wasn't a coaching genius off the bat with Cleveland. It took years for Cowher to win and the same for Landry. I think part of the lions problem has been stability. I think for the most part their draft picks have been good. They have made some mistakes but who hasn't. Belicheck has made a ton of bad draft choices but he gets passes. The only coaches that may be available that I'd want over Schwartz are Peyton and Cowher. If you can't get them stay the course. @wjb you said that a team may want to hurry on a 2pt conversion. The scoring team has to let the defense get their personnel in. You can't have a surprise 2pt unless its a fake fg.

After a TD you have to allow the D to substitute? I didn't know that, but it does make sense.

Cowher, and Brian Billick, would both be upgrades that could take us to a SB, IMO. I think Gruden and Jim Fossil would both be upgrades, but I don't think they have SB possibilities in them.

Belicheck may have had issues in Cleavland, but they weren't discipline issues. His scheme/approach to coaching/and game management may not have been what they area now, but all coaches can grow. IMO Belicheck always had the personality to coach, Schwartz doesn't. I know that people can change, but IMO Schwartz's personality doesn't have what it takes to be a HC. He comes off as a petty school yard bully chump to me. The fact that he has an ankle tattoo is about all I need to know about the guy...

November 28th, 2012, 5:09 pm
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Post Re: GAME DAY THREAD: Lions vs. Texans (Thanksgiving Day)
Also, after watching the Story about Clevelands Move to Balt, Belicheck didnt even really have issues at Cleveland. He was turning the team around and they would have been successful with another season or 2. The Move happened right in the middle of his tenure, and blew the whole thing up. It was amazing when they listed all the ppl he had on his staff in Cleveland that followed him to NE, or went out on their own right from Clevland or after awhile with him at NE. And they werent just Coaches/Coordinators. Multiple GMs / Directors of Scouting etc held much lower posts than they currently do when they worked for BB.

November 28th, 2012, 6:57 pm
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Post Re: GAME DAY THREAD: Lions vs. Texans (Thanksgiving Day)
I really think this was our chance to win the SB. I know it's hard to say that with how bad we have been but coming off 10 wins and starting this season with basically the same team just a year more experience I had high hopes. Sadly were losing games exactly how we lost them last year and are at probably less than 1% chance of making playoffs. If they go 9-7 there is obviously hope, but can't win 5 without winning 1.

November 28th, 2012, 9:26 pm
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Post Re: GAME DAY THREAD: Lions vs. Texans (Thanksgiving Day)
I originally had predicted us to go 7-9 this year. Then I bought into everyone else's over exuberance and upgraded my predictions. Looks like I should have stuck to my previous predictions that were based on the last 2 games of last year and not seeing any major improvement to our DB's. We will be in this same situation until we get a shut down CB. And I am now in agreement that we also need another Safety. Heck, we might need 2 of each. I think our 1st round pick needs to be a CB and our 2nd rounder needs to be a Safety. Any chance Denard Jackson is still on the board in round 3 to replace Best?

November 28th, 2012, 10:16 pm
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Post Re: GAME DAY THREAD: Lions vs. Texans (Thanksgiving Day)
I know our D is not great by any means but... Our offense is the one that has cost us most of our games this year.

I agree we need to upgrade it, but it's not the roster at this point. It all leads down to execution, discipline, consistency. It's not all coaching, it's the players too but we need to get peoples head on right.

The 5 offside penalties a game gets frustrating, lining up in the neutral zone, stuff like that just shouldn't happen. Always seems to happen on 3rd down and give teams firsts.

November 28th, 2012, 10:37 pm
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