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 Sam Gash and Shawn Jefferson Gone. 
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TheRealWags wrote:
wjb21ndtown wrote:
I would say that the biggest indictment on Jefferson is the number of drops that we've had over the years, but IMO that's out of Jefferson's control. It's the coach that MAKES Jefferson play these guys (think back to Jefferson SCREAMING at Linehan telling him "I can't take him anymore" [meaning Titus Young])... Linehan and Schwartz were FORCING Jefferson to play Titus because he's "so talented," despite Jefferson's desire to sit him.

Given that the HC and OC stripped Jefferson of his ability to discipline his squad, I can't fault him for the poor performance of his group.
Granted we have no real way of knowing for certain whether he wanted to do it or not, but wouldn't it be up the the position coach (Jefferson) to have the WRs spend some 'extra' time on the Jugs machine? It's been proved time and again the Jugs machine improves catching ability; shouldn't they be using it?

You can loft them 100 balls with the Jugs machine, hell you could loft them 100 balls a day with the jugs machine, but it won't help them. It's not that our guys have improper catching technique, it's that they lack concentration, period. There's no accountability, no sense of professionalism, and no sense of pride or retribution for their mistakes. All of these things aren't something a position coach can instill in his players without tools, and from all potential accounts, it looks like Jefferson was stripped of those tools.

njroar wrote:
Coaches help players improve year after year. CJ is the only receiver that has continued to improve and I think that has to do with his own work ethic, not Jefferson. He didn't help Titus improve. Furrey only played one season, so no improvement there. Everyone saw his fiery attitude and how CJ spoke highly of him, but we've had the worst set of route running and hands team in the league. Even CJ dropped more passes than usual this season.

Jefferson wasn't let go either. He didn't want to be here. He didn't get along with Schwartz or Linehan, so he wanted to go elsewhere. Let's wait to see how the receivers do next year under the guidance of someone else, as well as see how Jefferson's next gig works out before we start claiming him to be a superstar we let go. Good position coaches get promoted to OC's. He never has. And he didn't "get it" with Titus. If he did, he would have said something prior to the 4th quarter of a game in November. He would have recognized it back in training camp when Titus clocked Delmas.

1) Furrey played two seasons here, 2006 and 2007. He caught almost 100 passes for over 1,000 yards his first year here. We drafted CJ, he was bumped down to the #3 spot, and he caught over 60 catches for over 660 yards in 2007. That said, none of that matters, he wasn't even the WR coach until 2007.

2) What do you want the guy to do? He wanted to bench Titus much, much sooner than what he did, to the point where he got into a screaming match on the sidelines with Linehan, who obviously wanted to keep him in. The guy gets stripped of all of his ability to discipline his group of players, and you want him to be effective? How ridiculous is that?

3) What about him taking Nate, a washed up has been that has no business of playing #2, and getting 600 + yards out of him per season?

4) What about the fact that our guys DO use proper technique in catching the ball? We don't have "body catchers" on this team, we have hands guys. The only issue is they lack concentration and drop the damn ball constantly, and there's no accountability for it.

He's been a position coach for 5 years, and he's only 43 years old. It's not like he's constantly getting "passed over" for a coordinator position, and I wouldn't be surprised if he does get something, even in the college level soon. He worked under Martz, the league is evolving into a pass happy league, and he knows the game and the WR position well.

It's true that Jefferson wasn't fired, but it's sure played out that way. It's been championed as "we're letting someone go," and we are. There's been no talk of "we offered him a contract to stay," because we WANT him to be a scape goat. It provides the story to make it SEEM like we're not incompetent. We can now spin that we "lacked congruity in the coaching staff," and we're "now going to be more cohesive." But that's all bullsh!t, what we did was COVERED UP our incompetence with this "letting go" of a capable coach. It's ridiculous.

January 4th, 2013, 12:58 pm
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