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regularjoe12 wrote:
wjb21ndtown wrote:
regularjoe12 wrote:
wjb21ndtown wrote:
More of the same. Mayhew is a moron.

because he's pointing put that he HAS drafted linemen???

I don't get it.....

He lumps offensive and defensive "lineman" to make his point, which is a defensive, ridiculous, and insecure point. He's addressing an issue that would be best cleared up with a "I draft the best player for the team," and he's making himself look like a baffoon. Would he call DBs WRs if someone said he's in love with lineman? That's what he's doing here...

Further, his statements contradict his alleged draft strategy (which I have said all along is a BS draft strategy and a complete lie... he uses "BPA" as a marketing ploy to cover his backward approach at team building). Does he draft the BPA, or does he have a strategy (a flawed strategy) to intentionally draft CBs in later rounds? Why bring up the number of draft picks spent on each position if he's really just drafting the BPA?

Further, why bring up that we over-paid DLman to make the point? Does that make you a good GM that Suh is the highest paid DT, and that we over-paid a washed up KBV and over-paid Cliff Avril? The guy is an idiot, flat out. He doesn't have a clear strategy, or philosophy, period, and it shows in his communication to the public.

Um I think you are reading WAY too deep into this. the article is in response to critism that he favoirs WR's. all he did was point out that the evidence is to the contrary.

If he had used the word "trenches" instead of "Linemen" would that change anythign for you? Most quality GM's will say that you build a team from teh trenches out....thats all he is saying. he just used the word Linemen instead...

I understand you really want to hate all over mayhew...but yer stretching here :wink:

No, I'm pointing out that Mayhew has "professed" to have this "BPA draft strategy," and seems to leave BETTER players on the table all of the time. He professes to do one thing, but it doesn't pan out in the end. People on here claim it's because "the team values players differently," but the fact remains, there are much more talented players left on the board time and time again, and even Mayhew admits here that he drafts X# of DEs, X# of WRs, and X# of OL man. So, is it the BPA, or is it a concerted approach at team building? It sure seems to be the latter...

There's no stretching. If he wanted to PROPERLY respond to the criticism he could have correctly pointed out FA acquisitions and explained his BPA approach. This is no different than an atty putting someone on the stands and cross examining someone... You can't "break through" the truth. If there is a true, complete story, questions are easy to answer and answers are complete. If there is a lie or coverup, things don't add up, and when someone starts explaining their position, it all unravels. That's what happened here.

There is no "stretch," that is what Mayhew said.

And... AGAIN

I've said it time and time again... When Mayhew got here I liked the hire and stood behind him 100%. I DON'T HATE THE GUY, I HATE THE FACT THAT HE CAN'T MANAGE THIS TEAM.

Now... you tell me... You tell me why he makes statements contrary to his alleged "team building approach" "defending himself." He shouldn't ever make statements contrary to that approach if he was really taking it. His responses and his actions should show that philosophy, but they don't. His actions and words SHOULD paint a complete, coherent picture, but they don't. They paint an incomplete, cluster phuck of a philosophy, and it shows up on the field. If he can't convey a simple point to a reporter, how can he convey an approach to management to his team? I contend he can do neither properly, and one is evidence of the other.

March 29th, 2013, 6:08 pm
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