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Author:  The Legend [ December 9th, 2013, 9:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Next up: Philadelphia Eagles

BillySims wrote:
The Legend wrote:
the bad calls werent worth the difference (though they did shift momentum) in the score plus if you cant stop simple handoffs you are going to lose. if your center and QB cant communicate and fumble 6 snaps, you re going to lose. if the QB is not even willing to jump on a loose ball you re going to lose. if your LBs have no clue whats happening or choose not to tackle and take on blocks you re going to lose. if your $5mill/yr DB thinks he s a ref and gives up on a play bc he anticipates a flag you re going to lose. if you are up 14 early and either your head coach or coordinator decide to stop trying to go to wide open WRs down the field until the entire team catches up you re going to lose. Kudos to Jeremy Ross but why cant they instruct the upbacks to pitch him the ball or get it to him on offense to take advantage of his hot hand

lions looked they were going to cruise to an easy win, somebody forgot to tell philly the game wasnt over - this team is pathetic. they are in first place by default not bc of anything good the coaching staff has done w the talent on the team.

So, the facemask penalty that wasn't called and would have nullified Bell's 2nd fumble wouldn't have made a difference? It stole 6 or 8 points from us. And that would have made a difference.

sure that would have helped but how do we know bell doesnt fumble again on the next play? he obviously had issues with the ball handling as did stafford and the receivers. the visibility was extremely poor at that point in the game so im happy the refs were holding there flags at that point - if not a flag happy crew surely wouldnt have favored the Lions as was seen in the 2nd half.

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