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 Trade Calvin Johnson? 
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Post Re: Trade Calvin Johnson?
kdsberman wrote:
Growler wrote:
I didn't realize that trading Calvin would create such a huge salary cap penalty. I guess he's ours.

Gee, sucks for us :roll:

He's an elite wide receiver--for now. But what about two or three years from now? He's getting older and older and he's already showing significant wear and tear. If it were financially practicable, might it not make some sense to try to trade him near the height of his value in exchange for cap space and draft picks that could be spent on younger, healthier players? However, as others have explained in answer to my first post, it's just not financially practicable.

December 23rd, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Post Re: Trade Calvin Johnson?
As others have said trading Calvin now would be ridiculous but the fans and management should be looking to move on from the Calvin era in a couple more years. If they do hold on longer than that they better hope Calvin reworks his contract and takes a paycut. He will likely have peaked in a couple of years and if they hope to get anything of quality in return they will have to make a move then. The 49ers moved on from the great Jerry Rice and the Lions will have to do the same in acouple of seasons barring Calvin giving them a discount or they will take a long term step back. The real question is when Suh voids his last year of his contract, do they re-sign him?

I say no except in a tag and trade scenario with the Cowboys or a similar team in dire need of a DT. As great as Suh is the Lions can't afford to pay a DT Haynesworth type money and it just isn't a position that justifies that much money. As a fan of the team would you rather see them pay Suh or get a WR like Nicks, retain Mosley and sign a guy at DT like a Linval Joseph? In that scenario they get a solid WR to play next Calvin and would also lessen the blow to move him in a couple seasons as well as a solid if not spectacular replacement for Suh. I just see the re-signing of Suh as a move that will hinder the team from making any significant growth in the immediate future.

December 23rd, 2013, 8:23 pm
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Post Re: Trade Calvin Johnson?
If the Lions were going to trade Calvin, it would have had to be done before the extension. Now, EVERY team knows about his knee issue, and his other lingering issues. They also know that his speed is not what it used to be, and his contract is extremely inhibiting. The Lions would take a bath in a trade, and would not begin to get in return what some of you are thinking. A few seasons ago I had suggested the Lions trade Calvin to get numerous picks and players. I was basically laughed at. But back then, we could have gotten great return from moving him. The Lions won't get near that now. Not even close.

I will not put on blinders when it comes to our QBs performances.

December 23rd, 2013, 10:23 pm
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Post Re: Trade Calvin Johnson?
A huge problem with most fans is they can't see past the now. The teams that consistently succeed aren't the ones that let the fear of fan backlash keep them from moving on from players even if they are elite. The Lions should have traded Barry, the Bills should have traded Thurman, the Chargers should have moved LT, and the Cardinals should have moved Fitzgerald. It's looked at as blasphemy but outside of the QB position and elite LTs the stock price hits it's high point a lot sooner for other positions as does the time to sell at stock. In this salary cap era teams just can't stockpile elite talent like Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers, and Bills did when they dominated the league. To look at it like college, teams in the NFL can't pool five star talent like the elite college programs but instead have to stockpile three star players and sprinkle in a few four stars and if they are lucky two five star guys.

December 23rd, 2013, 10:47 pm
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Post Re: Trade Calvin Johnson?
I don't think we should trade him because he could be worth every penny if we get a coaching staff who isn't hell bent on getting him killed. Despite more contributions from the other WRs, we still have no other option in the WR to truly take some heat off of him. I know you are banking on someone younger coming in and perhaps making it a more well rounded WR group but as it stands right now, Johnson is probably the only one on the team who can successfully complete a slant pattern. The reason Julio Jones, Larry Fitz, Marshall, Jordy Nelson, Boldin, etc... are so successful is because they all have teammates who can also beat their coverage and make the right decisions vs the zone(not clowns who run into one another and guys who don't know they are the hot read). CJ is slowing down so teams are becoming more content to just knock the s*** out of him when he gets it rather than overly concern themselves with him beating them deep. You shouldn't really have to trade players before their prime if you can draft a team that can compensate for that player if need be.

Schwartz and Co. seem to genuinely think that it doesn't matter who we surround Calvin with because if none of the other scrubs are open, we can can just lob it to Calvin. You all saw what happened in Lambeau without him, we couldn't even get past midfield. This strategy has beaten him up but I think he can be rejuvenated by an overhaul in the WR room and some guys who can actually be considered in our long term plans he can mentor. There is still plenty value we can get out of him as a Lion.

Just one Super Bowl win before I go!

December 24th, 2013, 12:01 am
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