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Author:  Pablo [ October 24th, 2004, 1:29 am ]
Post subject:  GAME DAY THREAD: Giants

Post any thoughts about the game here. Great play, bad play - post your thoughts during and after the Lions game against the Pack here.


Here's a few quotes from Mooch on the game:

"I love going back to New York and playing, especially against a good team. You've got to be able to be good on the road and even better at home. So as we go through this we're learning how to do this. This is going to be a very physical game."

"You watch that team play and they're very strong and physical and veteran-like. Kind of like the Giants' playoff team from recent years. They kind of went into a tailspin last year, but prior to that they were a playoff team."

"We're trying to do things with long-term in mind and to build a solid foundation of youngsters that can be with us for a long time and that's our plan and we're sticking to it right now. We do have a long ways to go, but I like the direction that we're heading and I like the energy that this team has."

Author:  theAlphaMale [ October 24th, 2004, 10:53 am ]
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GREAT PLAY!!!!....

well at least thats what I am hoping for after last weeks debacle :lol:

Author:  rabbi [ October 24th, 2004, 11:13 am ]
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As usual (getting too much work), I will be making another Sunday sojourn to Chicago. This week there will be no impassioned pleas to make my week easier, or to appease my clients. Instead I will simply suggest that the Lions abandon the "Joey Harrington/leading rusher" experiment and allow him to throw down field. It is time for Joey to step up and become the on-field leader of this team; or we are in for another dismal Sunday.

Perhaps throwing more will help establish the run, since it certainly is not working the other way.

Author:  Brian [ October 24th, 2004, 12:53 pm ]
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Should be a lot like the Atlanta game IMO, defense plays strong, turnovers need to be achieved, etc.

I'm predicting a Giants victory, they are favored by 6.5, but rooting for the Lions as always!

Will be here to talk about the game...as I am watching.

Roy and KJ should be good to go :) . Joyce is starting :o and we are going to try and run the ball :D

Just waiting for the start! 8 minutes! Hopefully we can stay above .500

Author:  Brian [ October 24th, 2004, 1:12 pm ]
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What a drive! TD ROY!!! Still, no running game :?

Author:  Pablo [ October 24th, 2004, 6:09 pm ]
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What a great second half on the road once again for the 3-0 ROAD WARRIORS!

The Lions opened the game with the pass - guess Mooch was listening.

The running game look better and scored TWICE.

Harrington hit 18-22 (very effiecient), 2 TDs and ZERO picks. Well done, his QB rating keeps going up - especially in the 4th quarter.

Game recap is up on the front page, check out the pic of Swinton in the article...


Author:  Brian [ October 24th, 2004, 9:22 pm ]
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Why did I start Hasselbeck ahead of Harrington in fantasy? WHY! Priest could have had 8 TDs if he didn't get hurt. I can live with 4. But MATT!

Author:  lionsfanva [ October 25th, 2004, 8:31 am ]
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The running game looked better in the second half and the O line did awesome job protecting Joey IMO Shawn Bryson looked good especialy picking up blitz on pass pro.

Chris Cash should get the game ball for int at the end of the first half.

The poor Giants live and die by the screen pass.

Great win :D :D :D

Author:  spiderman [ October 25th, 2004, 10:21 am ]
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that was another great road win for the lions. i am very encouraged by the season so far and you have to be excited about the future for the lions. they have won every road games, two of which came against potentially playoff calibur teams. if the lions can continue to win road games into the future they will be a force to be dealt with in the nfl.

now, assuming they stay a good road team continue that with the fact that the lions are historically a very good home team. they should become, at some point, a great home team. the lions are being built around speed, the critical element in winning indoors. put 2 and 2 together and this club will eventually be a consistent double digit win team. and if they could ever stay healthy look out...

great win lions :) :D :P

Author:  lionsfanva [ October 27th, 2004, 10:23 am ]
Post subject: 

Washington Post after the Lions Victory!!! Great Read.


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