Being the optimistic sort
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Author:  lionsfanak [ December 21st, 2004, 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  Being the optimistic sort

Being the optimistic sort that I am (read foolish) I was looking over the losses that the Lions suffered this year. As far as I can see, there were 3 games that they had no business winning, those being:

Sep. 26 against Philly 30-13
Oct. 17 against G.B. 38-10
Nov. 25 against Indy 41-9

I feel that they were clearly out-classed in those games and had no chance of winning.

Now for the optimistic side:

Of the other 6 losses, they lost by an average of 5 points per game:

By 10 to Dallas
By 7 to Wash
By 6 to Jax
By 3 to Min
By 3 to G.B.
By 1 to Min

If this team knew how to win the close games this year, they would be 11-3 running away with the division. Let's just hope that they can figure out how to win the close ones next year.

Author:  Pablo [ December 21st, 2004, 1:53 pm ]
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I appreciate the optimistic approach. Most young teams need to figure out how to win in the NFL. The Lions are no different. We had to expect a number of games like this in 2004. They have added a number of solid building blocks via the draft this year that has me very excited about our future prospects.

I had hoped the wins over the Falcons and Giants were a sign that this young team was learning how to win. That didn't happen. The 2-minute drill against the Vikes was a positive step in the right direction however.

GO LIONS in 2005!

Author:  Brian [ December 21st, 2004, 4:44 pm ]
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I remember Houston losing a lot of close games last season as well. (Not trying to make a point, I just remember they did).

This is a young team, and they are going to mature together quickly. I don't expect us to win all the close games, or even a majority of them, but the future is bright as we are playing young players who are going to develop into one of the leagues better offenses in the future.

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