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 Who will win the SuperBowl?? 

Who will win the Superbowl
Pittsburgh 47%  47%  [ 14 ]
Seattle 43%  43%  [ 13 ]
too close to call 10%  10%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 30

 Who will win the SuperBowl?? 
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Well.. I am all Pittsburgh hyped out.

Put me down for the underdog.

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February 4th, 2006, 3:20 pm
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Steelers will win, they matchup very well against the Seahawks.

#1- The Steelers 3-4 defense and blitz schemes will beat the Seahawks blocking schemes, as shown by the Cowboys game the Seahawks OL scheme can be beaten and the Steelers have better personel and a similar scheme to do it.

#2- The Seahawks will have a difficult time containing the mobility of Roethlisberger, they dont have a very athletic DL and their LBs could get worn down by the power running game, resulting in Big Ben being able to roll out, and Roethlisberger is best when rolling out.

#3- The Steelers OL and power running personel are just too big and strong for the Seahawks LBs to handle.

February 4th, 2006, 5:14 pm
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I take Seattle. Its my opinion that most people are overlooking them because of their location and franchise history, not because of their football team. They are the better team and the better team usually wins. There are a helluva lot more Steelers fans in town and that may give pittsburgh some kind of home field advantage but football wise, they have no advantage besides better LBs and a slight advantage at QB. How I see it.

QB - Both QBs are excellent. Roethlisberger will probably end up with a better overall career then Hasselbeck but now they are very close. Roethlisberger is bigger has better mobility and a stronger arm but Hasselbeck is close with the physical skills and has a better grasp of his teams offense and can do just as much damage to a defense as Roethlisberger. Backups Tommy Maddox and Charlie Batch are much more experienced than SEA Seneca Wallace and David Greene. Adv: Pittsburgh

RB- Shaun Alexander. Nuff said, Willie Parker is Pittsburgh's best back and incredibly quick but they give carries to Bettis inside the 20 and late in the game limiting Parker's effectiveness. I think this hurts them as the BUS is not as good of a runner. Its a bad coaching mistake on Cowhers part that could end up hurting him - he should use the BUS inside the 5 and 3rd and 2 yards or less. Even on 3rd downs it seems Verron Haynes is a better option than Bettis. ADV: Seattle in a big way.

FB: Mack Strong and Dan Krieder are both very good. Krieder has been injured this week and is a notch below Strong bc he is less effective as a ball carrier. ADV: Seattle.

WR: Hines Ward is amazing. Blocks, runs great routes, great hands. He is a big time receiver. Antwan Randle El is a very dynamic player who can hurt you in a lot of ways. Cedric Wilson has shown that he can make some plays. Darrell Jackson has more talent than even Ward but isnt as good of a player as a blocker or as dedicated to the details of the game. Joe Jurevicious can make some clutch plays, Bobby Engram is still serviceable while Peter Warrick is exciting but doesnt get much PT. ADV: Steelers.

TE: Heath Miller vs Jerramy Stevens. Adv: Even.

OL: Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson are better than any lineman the Steelers have. Chris Gray and Robbie Tobeck have both been around a long time and are very steady. Sean Locklear is young but does a nice job at RT. The Steelers line is very good. Marvel SMith is no Walter jOnes but will not embarrass himself. Alan Faneca and Jeff Hartings inside are two of the best and have experience. Kendall Simmons is the weak link but serviceable and Max Starks has a great future but gets confused at times. ADV: Seahawks by a hair.

Offense: The Seahawks outscored the Steelers during the season. The personnel matchups are close but the Seahawks have a more complete offensive repertoire. They can pound it and control tempo with Alexander, Hasselbeck is very accurate in the short and intermediate passing games to help sustain drives, and Jackson and Jurevicius can make big catches anywhere on the field. The Steelers prefer to run with their massive O-line and Parker but teams have made mistakes by overlooking Roethlisberger's ability as a passer. He doesnt make many mistakes and is hard to rattle. SEA will have a hard time getting to him and when they do Ben is evasive and can make big throws when he buys himself more time. ADV: Seahwawks.

DL: Casey Hampton may be the best DL in the SUper Bowl. But Ends Aaron Smith and Kimo Von Oelhuffen arent anything special. SEA offense sometimes asks the fullback to block the ends but in this case its not a good matchup bc these 3-4 ends are too big and are really like DTs. This may be a problem early but SEA will adjust. For SEA Grant Wistrom is a premier 3 down defensive end but hasnt gotten to the passer as much as SEA would like. Bryce Fisher is underrated, he was dominant against the Redskins in the playoffs and can get to the passer. Max Starks may have a hard time with him. Rocky Bernard has been a beast all season and is perhaps the least appreciated football player in the NFL this year. He has had an absolute monster season at DT but gets no press. Marcus Tubbs is big strong and explosive. Injuries have slowed him down some but him and Bernard will give Pittsbughs O-line a tremendous battle. Chartric Darby starts for SEA but isnt the same talent TUbbs is. ADV: Seattle comfortably.

LB: Clark Haggans and Joey Porter are tough both vs the run and the STeelers make them more effective with heavy use of blitz packages. James Farrior and Larry Foote play tough vs the run and like to punish runners without missing many tackles. This is a very good group for PIT. RookieLofa Tatupa for SEA is a team leader and a complete MLB who is good vs the run but excels in coverage and doesnt make mistakes. He is not punishing like Farrior and Foote but is as effective. Rookie LeRoy Hill is another underappreciated Seahawk who is often sent on blitzes, he is great in pursuit and lineman have a tough time getting their bodies on him. He has the speed to not get embarassed by WIllie parker on the edge. D.D. Lewis and Kevin Bentley are strong vs the run. Adv: Steelers easily

Secondary: PIT S Troy Polamalu makes a lot of amazing plays all over the field, how much he is affected by the sprained ankle remains to be seen. Chris Hope is a reliable safety. Ike Taylor is an underrated and physical corner, he breaks up a lot of passes and plays the run well but can be beat in coverage. DeShea Townsend is solid and adequate but receivers can catch balls vs him. Ricardo Colclough and Bryant mcFadden are raw but have a lot of speed. SEA Marcus Trufant is the real deal at CB. Jordan Babineaux has played some CB this year bc of injuries to KElly Herndon and Andre Dyson and may be a weak link but they are solid if Dyson is in. Micheal Boulware may be just as effective as Polamalu but without the highlight reels. Marquand Manuel has grown into to the FS spot after Ken Hamlin was lost for the season and will not make mental mistakes. ADV: Even but the Seahawks depth is being tested, too bad the Steelers let Burress walk.

Coaching: Holmgren and Cowher have both been to Super Bowls and have nearly identical career records. Cowher has shown he will gamble in the big game, kicking surprise onside kicks, running trick plays, aggressive defense, etc. He'll do whatever he has to to stay in the game and his so fiery that his team rallies around and gets pumped when he rolls the dice. Holmgren is in his 3rd super bowl, and has one win already. He hasnt let his team complain about being underdogs despite basically winning 13 games in a row (loss vs GB in week 17 doesnt matter). He has this team set up exactly how he wants it and there is no pressure on them. There is nothing outdated about the WCO. Adv: Even

Overall outlook: PIT has had an amazing run in the playoffs knocking off CIN, IND, and DEN and have a lot of fans in town for the game. SEA isnt getting much press but IMO is more talented and built in the mold of past Super Bowl winning teams in SF and GB. SEA defensive line will be the surprise of the game with Tubbs and Bernard wreaking havoc inside and the quick backers Tatupu and Hill will contain Parker. PIT has to get an early lead to win and Cowher knows it. He will try with the run but I expect him to test the SEA secondary first and give Roethlisberger a chance to make big plays early. ROthlisberger has to have a huge McNair like game to keep PIT in this one. Even if they connect early, their passing game will not control the game and they wont be able to put it away with the run. SEAs balance on offense will get them back in it, the PIT coaches cant just ante up vs one aspect of the offense as they have in the playoffs and will not get to the QB so easily as they did vs IND. Good game but SEA pulls away late :

SEA 31
PIT 20

MVP Shaun Alexander 28 rush 136 yards 2 tds

February 4th, 2006, 5:56 pm
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Excellent post Legend.

That nailed about everything I was thinking.

I said early that Seattle takes it by 6 - my final score is:

Seattle: 27
Pittsburgh: 21

Draft defense - CB, LB, DT, LB...WR/KR

February 4th, 2006, 6:25 pm
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Excellent post legend, a more complete breakdown then alot of sports writers around have done.

I may disagree on a couple of break downs but on a whole i think it was on target.

One question i have though is can the Seahawks adjust to a aggressive run blitzing scheme like the Steelers run, they faced a similar scheme vs. the Cowboys and it really stopped the Seahawks running attack.

Another question does the Seahawks have a answer for Roethlisberger rolling out?, they dont have a fast DE that is good at containing a roll out and that probably means they would have to spy with a LB.

February 4th, 2006, 9:39 pm
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It's gonna come down to field position, offensive execution, and turnovers. The Steelers win on all counts in a close hard-fought game.

Steelers 24
Seahawks 17

February 5th, 2006, 8:00 am
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I went with Seattle, primarily because I've hated the Steelers since their "dynasty" in the late 70's. I also really don't care for Bill Cowher spitting in everyone's faces, either. Kinda reminds me of someone talking and chewing food at the same time. I just don't like it.

Anyways, I expect a close game, but the Seattle offensive line should be able to overcome the Pittsburgh front seven. If Alexander is able to run, that will take pressure off of Hasselbeck to win the game by himself. It will also decrease the ability of the Steelers to pressure the QB and could result in some big plays.



February 5th, 2006, 4:35 pm
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Well .......... despite the current score the Seahawks are still playing a better game. My belief was that this would be a close game and I still think so. but the Seahawks get my vote for winners. Seahawks 24 Steelers 17 :?:

February 5th, 2006, 9:08 pm
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