I just started a Yahoo FF league for Lionbacker members
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Author:  slybri19 [ June 16th, 2006, 6:02 pm ]
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Well, there is just one spot left, but I have given the ID# and password out to a number of people. That means, the next one to register is in, while the others are not. However, this isn't a problem since I registered a second Lionbacker Yahoo League at the same time that I did the first. Once we get the 12th team for this one, I'll start promoting the next league and begin giving out the info to whomever requests it. Also, I have no problem if somebody wishes to participate in both leagues. Just PM me.

Author:  Yorick [ June 28th, 2006, 9:55 am ]
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Get K-mart to join. Do you have his email Pablo?

Author:  K-Mart [ July 5th, 2006, 5:11 pm ]
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Is there still a spot for the twice defending Lionbacker League champion!?

The "Blue Light Specials" are ready to join and take a shot at number 3!!

I'll read back and take a closer look on how to get the league ID and password. I hope you can fit me in the main group! I had such a great time last year. :D

Author:  Brian [ July 5th, 2006, 5:54 pm ]
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I'm not about to do this again, last league we had the settings were terrible, no one showed up for the draft (it was basically all autopick), and we only had a couple committed GMs.

Author:  slybri19 [ July 5th, 2006, 6:54 pm ]
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Brian, unfortunately this league is full, but those kinds of things won't happen in it. I've gamed with half the people that have signed up for it before and they are committed. We battle to the death! Feel free to sign up for league 2 though.

Author:  slybri19 [ July 31st, 2006, 5:55 pm ]
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Buell17 had to drop out of this league because he is deploying to Afghanistan. Therefore, there is an open spot for whomever wants to claim it. BTW, the draft is scheduled for 2 weeks from tonight.

Author:  slybri19 [ August 6th, 2006, 5:02 pm ]
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K-Mart took the last open spot so the league is full again. BTW, the draft is taking place in eight days. Don't forget about it again this year, BillySims. :lol:

Author:  BillySims [ August 6th, 2006, 8:38 pm ]
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slybri19 wrote:
K-Mart took the last open spot so the league is full again. BTW, the draft is taking place in eight days. Don't forget about it again this year, BillySims. :lol:

You still have my phone # ? Call me before it starts. :lol:

Author:  lionmaster420 [ August 11th, 2006, 1:15 pm ]
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id like in always ready for some "friendly fantasy football" :evil:

Author:  lionmaster420 [ August 14th, 2006, 1:38 pm ]
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im in, looking foward to do battle

Author:  slybri19 [ August 14th, 2006, 5:42 pm ]
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lionmaster420 wrote:
im in, looking foward to do battle

I should remind you that league 1 was full, so you joined league 2. Sorry for any confusion there.


Author:  slybri19 [ August 14th, 2006, 7:32 pm ]
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This is the draft order that was randomly selected by Yahoo:
1. Leo Belgicus
2. nuclear_regu...
3. Blue Light S...
4. Detroit 11
5. Rabid Roosters
6. Los Pollos Loco
7. Pablo's Puni...
8. Sly's Hos
9. In Awe of Alpha
10. Mashed Potatos
11. Kingston Kru...
12. Silver Rush

Author:  slybri19 [ August 14th, 2006, 9:26 pm ]
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These are the results:
Round 1
1. S. Alexander Leo Belgicus
2. L. Johnson nuclear_regu...
3. L. Tomlinson Blue Light S...
4. P. Manning Detroit 11
5. S. Jackson Rabid Roosters
6. E. James Los Pollos Loco
7. T. Barber Pablo's Puni...
8. S. Smith Sly's Hos
9. C. Portis In Awe of Alpha
10. R. Johnson Mashed Potatos
11. C. Johnson Kingston Kru...
12. L. Jordan Silver Rush
Round 2
1. L. Fitzgerald Silver Rush
2. C. Williams Kingston Kru...
3. R. Brown Mashed Potatos
4. T. Holt In Awe of Alpha
5. M. Harrison Sly's Hos
6. B. Westbrook Pablo's Puni...
7. A. Gates Los Pollos Loco
8. E. Manning Rabid Roosters
9. J. Jones Detroit 11
10. W. McGahee Blue Light S...
11. C. Palmer nuclear_regu...
12. T. Owens Leo Belgicus
Round 3
1. A. Boldin Leo Belgicus
2. Ro. Williams nuclear_regu...
3. K. Jones Blue Light S...
4. H. Ward Detroit 11
5. R. Bush Rabid Roosters
6. R. Moss Los Pollos Loco
7. D. Davis Pablo's Puni...
8. W. Dunn Sly's Hos
9. R. Droughns In Awe of Alpha
10. Sa. Moss Mashed Potatos
11. M. Hasselbeck Kingston Kru...
12. C. Chambers Silver Rush
Round 4
1. W. Parker Silver Rush
2. J. Shockey Kingston Kru...
3. T. Brady Mashed Potatos
4. D. McAllister In Awe of Alpha
5. D. Driver Sly's Hos
6. R. Wayne Pablo's Puni...
7. D. Jackson Los Pollos Loco
8. P. Burress Rabid Roosters
9. C. Dillon Detroit 11
10. A. Johnson Blue Light S...
11. T. Gonzalez nuclear_regu...
12. D. McNabb Leo Belgicus
Round 5
1. L. Maroney Leo Belgicus
2. Chicago nuclear_regu...
3. D. Mason Blue Light S...
4. T. Heap Detroit 11
5. T. Houshmandzadeh Rabid Roosters
6. T. Bell Los Pollos Loco
7. M. Bulger Pablo's Puni...
8. J. Lewis Sly's Hos
9. J. Galloway In Awe of Alpha
10. J. Walker Mashed Potatos
11. New York Kingston Kru...
12. D. Culpepper Silver Rush
Round 6
1. D. Branch Silver Rush
2. T. Jones Kingston Kru...
3. J. Witten Mashed Potatos
4. A. Crumpler In Awe of Alpha
5. J. Delhomme Sly's Hos
6. L. Evans Pablo's Puni...
7. Ro. Smith Los Pollos Loco
8. J. Horn Rabid Roosters
9. K. Johnson Detroit 11
10. K. Warner Blue Light S...
11. A. Green nuclear_regu...
12. S. Gado Leo Belgicus
Round 7
1. R. Brown Leo Belgicus
2. E. Kennison nuclear_regu...
3. C. Cooley Blue Light S...
4. K. McCardell Detroit 11
5. Da. Clark Rabid Roosters
6. T. Green Los Pollos Loco
7. Pittsburgh Pablo's Puni...
8. H. Miller Sly's Hos
9. N. Burleson In Awe of Alpha
10. M. Muhammad Mashed Potatos
11. C. Taylor Kingston Kru...
12. R. McMichael Silver Rush
Round 8
1. D. Stallworth Silver Rush
2. L. Coles Kingston Kru...
3. J. Addai Mashed Potatos
4. D. Bledsoe In Awe of Alpha
5. Ma. Jones Sly's Hos
6. F. Taylor Pablo's Puni...
7. T. Glenn Los Pollos Loco
8. Carolina Rabid Roosters
9. D. Foster Detroit 11
10. D. Bennett Blue Light S...
11. A. Randle El nuclear_regu...
12. K. Curtis Leo Belgicus
Round 9
1. F. Gore Leo Belgicus
2. N. Rackers nuclear_regu...
3. Baltimore Blue Light S...
4. A. Vinatieri Detroit 11
5. M. Vanderjagt Rabid Roosters
6. J. Feely Los Pollos Loco
7. K. Robinson Pablo's Puni...
8. J. Elam Sly's Hos
9. Indianapolis In Awe of Alpha
10. Tampa Bay Mashed Potatos
11. Mi. Clayton Kingston Kru...
12. Denver Silver Rush
Round 10
1. S. Graham Silver Rush
2. J. Brown Kingston Kru...
3. J. Wilkins Mashed Potatos
4. N. Kaeding In Awe of Alpha
5. Jacksonville Sly's Hos
6. J. Vilma Pablo's Puni...
7. Seattle Los Pollos Loco
8. I. Bruce Rabid Roosters
9. Philadelphia Detroit 11
10. M. Peterson Blue Light S...
11. C. Benson nuclear_regu...
12. Detroit Leo Belgicus
Round 11
1. D. Brees Leo Belgicus
2. L. Tatupu nuclear_regu...
3. Z. Thomas Blue Light S...
4. T. Polamalu Detroit 11
5. M. Vrabel Rabid Roosters
6. T. McGee Los Pollos Loco
7. B. Urlacher Pablo's Puni...
8. B. Edwards Sly's Hos
9. C. Johnson In Awe of Alpha
10. E. Reed Mashed Potatos
11. P. Jones Kingston Kru...
12. C. McAlister Silver Rush
Round 12
1. D. Nickey Silver Rush
2. M. Simoneau Kingston Kru...
3. J. Plummer Mashed Potatos
4. N. Clements In Awe of Alpha
5. B. Leftwich Sly's Hos
6. Mi. Vick Pablo's Puni...
7. T. Newman Los Pollos Loco
8. D. Coakley Rabid Roosters
9. A. Hawk Detroit 11
10. D. Akers Blue Light S...
11. D. Ware nuclear_regu...
12. J. Kitna Leo Belgicus
Round 13
1. Cincinnati Leo Belgicus
2. B. Berry nuclear_regu...
3. L. Smith Blue Light S...
4. M. Brunell Detroit 11
5. C. Perry Rabid Roosters
6. C. Martin Los Pollos Loco
7. B. Watson Pablo's Puni...
8. D. Rhodes Sly's Hos
9. R. Dayne In Awe of Alpha
10. Do. Edwards Mashed Potatos
11. C. Brown Kingston Kru...
12. B. Roethlisberger Silver Rush
Round 14
1. P. Holmes Silver Rush
2. L. White Kingston Kru...
3. D. Williams Mashed Potatos
4. B. Favre In Awe of Alpha
5. B. Dawkins Sly's Hos
6. K. Bulluck Pablo's Puni...
7. J. Porter Los Pollos Loco
8. J. Stevens Rabid Roosters
9. B. Lloyd Detroit 11
10. D. Givens Blue Light S...
11. M. Lewis nuclear_regu...
12. A. Bryant Leo Belgicus
Round 15
1. L. Betts Leo Belgicus
2. B. Johnson nuclear_regu...
3. E. Wilford Blue Light S...
4. G. Jones Detroit 11
5. P. Rivers Rabid Roosters
6. K. Barlow Los Pollos Loco
7. Ma. Clayton Pablo's Puni...
8. A. Smith Sly's Hos
9. B. Troupe In Awe of Alpha
10. E. Moulds Mashed Potatos
11. A. Brooks Kingston Kru...
12. C. Rogers Silver Rush
Round 16
1. J. Wiggins Silver Rush
2. J. Jurevicius Kingston Kru...
3. K. Winslow Mashed Potatos
4. M. Moore In Awe of Alpha
5. A. Toomer Sly's Hos
6. V. Davis Pablo's Puni...
7. C. Pennington Los Pollos Loco
8. New England Rabid Roosters
9. M. Pollard Detroit 11
10. M. Barber Blue Light S...
11. Dallas nuclear_regu...
12. R. Lewis Leo Belgicus
Round 17
1. T. Duckett Leo Belgicus
2. D. Staley nuclear_regu...
3. Washington Blue Light S...
4. M. Jenkins Detroit 11
5. J. Hanson Rabid Roosters
6. J. Kasay Los Pollos Loco
7. L. Tynes Pablo's Puni...
8. A. Lelie Sly's Hos
9. R. Longwell In Awe of Alpha
10. A. Wilson Mashed Potatos
11. Atlanta Kingston Kru...
12. Miami Silver Rush
Round 18
1. B. Jacobs Silver Rush
2. J. Reed Kingston Kru...
3. Minnesota Mashed Potatos
4. Buffalo In Awe of Alpha
5. M. Stover Sly's Hos
6. L. Suggs Pablo's Puni...
7. New York Los Pollos Loco
8. C. Bradford Rabid Roosters
9. V. Young Detroit 11
10. L. Fletcher Blue Light S...
11. S. Janikowski nuclear_regu...
12. Tr. Brown Leo Belgicus

Author:  bgrider20 [ August 15th, 2006, 1:03 pm ]
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Sorry about missing the draft. All day I knew I had to be there and I kept telling myself. Well at 6pm I realized I lost my cell phone so I spent the next 4 hours trying to figure out where it was and what to do. But I'm still happy with my team and I'm still gonna kick some rectum!

Author:  theAlphaMale [ August 16th, 2006, 10:49 pm ]
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yeah I flubbed too...forgot I had my final exam that night...my team is not awsome...but I will make it work :wink:

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