Yahoo can kiss my dairy air.
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Author:  BillySims [ September 20th, 2013, 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Yahoo can kiss my dairy air.

Copied from what I posted in the fantasy football section.

Well, I guess I am done for the year. Yahoo redesigned my.yahoo.com and the Einstein that did the redesign, forgot to do a module for fantasy sports. You know the box where all your fantasy teams are centrally located? Well, the idiot didn't put one into the new redesign. Once you have accepted the redesign your old design is lost to you forever. But, you can't really see the whole new design until you accept it. DON'T ACCEPT IT. IT COMPLETELY SUCKS. AND I AM DONE WITH YAHOO. FIRST THEY START BOMBARDING YOU WITH ADS THAT FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE YOU SURF, AND NOW THEY COMPLETELY SCREW UP YOUR MY.YAHOO HOME PAGE.

So, anyone know of a good browser that I can pin frequently visited sites up on my toolbar and don't have traveling pop up ads that follow you to every site you visit and get in the way of everything your trying to read? (That might have been a firefox thing. Not sure who the culprit was. no longer care. they are both history as soon as I settle on a new browser.)

Google chrome is not an option, I tried to download it. And it didn't function right.
I am not a fan of IE. But, it is my back up browser.
I am not sure about bing. Isn't bing just another IE?

Author:  regularjoe12 [ September 20th, 2013, 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Yahoo can kiss my dairy air.

Firefox. You can customize that to see almost no adds at all. Don't ask me how though, I'm computer retarded, my friend did it for me.

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