Buyers or sellers?
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Author:  The Legend [ July 12th, 2008, 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Buyers or sellers?

What should they do?

Given that they cannot beat the AL central teams can they really take the division? They have veteran players they could trade away like Pudge, Renteria, Thames, Rogers, Jones, with potential replacements already on the roster in Inge, Hollimon, Joyce, Zumaya.

Or, do they trade some of the younger talent for veteran players? Joyce, Clevlen, and Thomas are all ready to be tested in the majors and young, can any of them get you enough to make a run at the wild card?

I say they move on to the next phase and develop the talent from the upper levels of the minors. I would try to deal all of Renteria, Thames, Rogers, Pudge and Jones. Renteria may still have value but Hollimon may develop into a reliable player with some experience that could pay off next year. Thames value is at its highest right now, can he get you a young infield prospect and hand the gig to Joyce? Rogers is on a roll and may help someone, how many more years can you really expect from him anyways? Bring up Lambert and see how he does down the stretch. Jones trade could force a decision to keep Zumaya in the pen.

That would leave
C Inge
1B Cabrera
2B Polanco
3B Guillen
SS Santiago/Hollimon
CF Granderson
RF Ordonez
LF Joyce
DH Larish
BN - Santiago IF
BN - Sardinha C
BN - Raburn IF/OF
BN - Clevlen OF
DL - Sheffield

SP Verlander, Galarraga, Robertson, Bonine, Lambert
RP Rodney, Dolsi, Seay, A Lopez, Fossum, Cruceta
CP Zumaya

This way you've both freed up money and gotten an idea of how the young talent will do next season and can identify needs for the 2009 season.

Author:  MKsmn515 [ July 13th, 2008, 11:18 am ]
Post subject: 

I like the Joyce in left but u need to platoon him with Raburn. so u have a L/R combo. Santiago cannot play everyday, we wouldnt have traded for Renteria if we thought Santiago could play everyday.

Unless some1 is giving u something special dont trade him away. If sheef retires this off season (praying he does) id move Thames to DH

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