Tiger 2010 predictions
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Author:  slybri19 [ April 6th, 2010, 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Tiger 2010 predictions

Since the season has started, how do you think they will do? I think they have one of the better pitching staffs in MLB, but their hitting is suspect. Therefore, 81-81 :D

Author:  conversion02 [ April 6th, 2010, 8:27 am ]
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I think the opposite sly.

I'm saying 84 wins.

Author:  LionsFan4Life [ April 6th, 2010, 1:10 pm ]
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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say... 100-62 will be their record.

Author:  slybri19 [ April 11th, 2010, 11:23 am ]
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conversion02 wrote:
I think the opposite sly.

So you think the hitting is better than the pitching? I can't agree with that when they start players like Laird, Everett, Sizemore, Jackson, and Inge. It's questionable whether any of those five will bat over .250 for the season, and that's over half their lineup.

Author:  conversion02 [ April 11th, 2010, 8:24 pm ]
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I think Verlander is going to have a down year this year...as evidenced by getting ate up in his first two games. Yeah, he always seems to have a total schart to start April, but I don't see him going better than 19-9 by any means. I'm thinking more like 16-10. Willis is Willis and I would be shocked to see him or Bondo post sub-4.0 ERAs. They'll most likely see around 4.5. 10-12 records seems likely, for both. Porcello may be under a 3.75 ERA, with a 15-11 record. Scherzer could likely see a 14-10 record.

Look at the games we've had...we've scored quite a bit of runs. 35 runs scored in 6 games. Damon is going to come around and hit well, it's just a matter of time. Austin Jackson looks like a stud in the making - dood needs to limit his K's (just like Grandy), but dood has been solid in the late innings and good against lefties too. Sizemore has been excellent in the field and has been disciplined at the plate. Santiago has been playing extremely well and so has Everett. Where's his bat come from lately?


Author:  wjb21ndtown [ April 11th, 2010, 9:16 pm ]
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Until Verlander becomes a pitcher instead of just a really good, really hard thrower, he is going to continue to struggle.

Author:  conversion02 [ April 12th, 2010, 8:07 am ]
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wjb21ndtown wrote:
Until Verlander becomes a pitcher instead of just a really good, really hard thrower, he is going to continue to struggle.

ding ding ding. When he struggles, he resorts to the cheese. When the cheese doesn't work, he tries slinging the extra sharp cheddar.

That doesn't work against the Konerko's, Mauer's, and Morneau's of the league.

Author:  The Legend [ April 17th, 2010, 4:47 pm ]
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SP- I dont understand the Robertson trade at all, IMO Robertson was pitching better than Willis and Bonderman in the spring. I think the Willis thing will not last more than another 4-5 starts bc there are already signs the wheels are falling off. Maybe Bonderman can turn it around a bit but he hasnt pitched in 2 yrs so there is going to be a learning curve for him. Scherzer and Porcello can be expected to be inconsistent. Verlander is a stud regardless of his methods. We have the #3 rotation in our division.

Bullpen: This is where our strength is. The bullpen is stacked even with Zach Miner and Bobby Seay out. I have to think that when Seay comes back he either gets traded or they put Coke in the rotation. And when Miner comes back either him or Bonine will get some starting work. Remember they have some top relief arms in the minors as well too. Weinhart and Schlereth leading the way.

Lineup: They have been making some things happen but there is virtually no power. Inge will come around and hit some homers and it looks like Magglio has his power back and 30 HRs is not out of reach for him. Cabrera looks fat (what was all that talk about him losing weight and getting in shape) but he will probably get into the 35-40 range. Damon should be able to get to 15 HRs. Sizemore shows nice plate discipline and has hit some balls very well, he looks like he ll be a doubles hitter but Ive been disappointed in the field. Jackson has looked very good and should be able to cut down on his Ks bc he wont be trying to him homers like Grandy did.

Defense: Their have been way too many errors.

Prediction: 86-76

Author:  The Legend [ July 17th, 2010, 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tiger 2010 predictions

Tigers have been relying a ton on rookies and here comes the tough part of the schedule. I think they ll stay in the race and have a shot at winning the division as Minnesota's pitching has been inconsistent. The White Sox have been on fire but the Jake Peavy injury has to slow them down some. Ultimately I think we end up in 3rd place with the White Sox taking the division.

Looking back at the past offseason it looks like the Granderson/E Jackson for Coke, Scherzer, Schlereth, Jackson trade has been pretty favorable for us both from a talent and financial standpoint. Im looking forward to seeing what DD will do at the deadline, will probably hold onto J Damon and take compensation picks for him in next June's, and more importantly in the offseason with some 40 + million coming off the books.

Potential 2011 Tigers
SP Verlander
SP Scherzer
SP Porcello
Minors: Crosby, Turner as high end porspects but prob still > 1 yr away
Others: Furbush, G. Soto, T. Weber, LJ Gagnier, Brooks Brown, B Villareal as above avg minor league players
Impression: The starting staff is a bit of a mess but I d expect Porcello and Scherzer to be more consistent in 2011. The real need is for a solid No 2 starter which I doubt Rick and Max are yet. That player will have to arrive via Free Agency or an offseason trade. The Tigers would probably get by okay with
some mix of Galarraga, Oliver and their minor league players at no 5.

Long - RP - E Bonine, LP B Thomas
Middle - RP Weinhardt, LHP Coke
Setup - RP Perry, RP Zumaya
Closer - Valverde
Minors: Schlereth, Satterwhite, Sborz, Simons, Ni, C Ruffin any of above starters
THe bullpen still has a lot of depth in the minors but we will have to rely on either getting some arms back from injury Seay/Miner/Zumaya, Schlereth and Fu Te-Ni developing or else we re going to need to sign a solid veteran.

CF A Jackson - R
2B C Guillen - S
DH M Ordonez - R
1B Cabrera - R
RF Boesch - L
3B Raburn - R
LF Strieby - R
C Avila - L
SS Santiago - S
BN Kelly UT
BN Worth UT
BN Laird C
Obviously the lineup is where there are going to be needs addressed in this offseason. Laird may be gone but Avila hasnt shown he can be a reliable everyday catcher yet. I think Raburn's bat will come around if he plays more but him and Guillen in the same infield is pretty weak defensively. Still I think we may be better off letting Inge walk. Their has been some talk of trading for a SS and I think Scott Sizemore could be a good trade piece for a player like S Drew from ARI who could slot as the No 2 Hitter and could be a difference maker. Doesnt look like we have much more help coming in the minors as W Ramirez and C Wells have struggled. A big bat could also be acquired for LF pending Strieby's development.
CF - Jackson - R
SS - Drew - L
DH/RF - Ordonez - R
1B - Cabrera - R
RF - Boesch - L
2B/DH - Guillen - S
3B - Raburn - R
C - Avila - L
LF - Strieby - R
BN - Worth UT
BN - Santiago UT - S
BN - Laird C
BN - Thomas OF - L

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