Tiger's Bats
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Author:  Boz [ August 9th, 2014, 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Tiger's Bats

It's time to put Miggy on the bench for a bit, VMart and Hunter too. Start docking their checks for every strikeout, hitting into a double play and not running out a ground ball (Miggy). How many games in a row do we have to tolerate our pitchers giving up 1 or 2 runs and losing because our "Superstars" cant hit as well as the 7, 8 and 9 ( hitters )? Miggy runs to first base like he has a battleship on his back and strikes out more than anyone on the team. Our relievers suck yet Ausmus keeps pulling starters that have pitched 7 or 8 great innings and puts 3 or 4 of our sucky relievers to lose the game in 1 inning. After listening to Max after the game I don't think the Tigers stand a chance of resigning him. I'm sorry Mr. Illitch but I don't think you will ever see a World Championship, even though you deserve one more than anybody.

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