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Author:  thedanzone [ March 29th, 2005, 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Higgy to Marlins - Encarnacion to the Tigs | + Palmer news

Posted on Tue, Mar. 29, 2005


Florida discusses deal for Tigers' Higginson



A Detroit Tigers official confirmed Monday that the team is discussing a trade that would send outfielder Bobby Higginson to the Marlins but said money issues could derail the deal.

During the weekend, the official was about ''90 percent'' certain the trade would happen but said the talks hit a snag when the two sides couldn't agree on how to divide Higginson's $8.85 million contract. As a 10-year major-league veteran who has played the most recent five years with the same team, Higginson can block any deal, but his agent said he is likely to accept a trade to the Marlins.

But Higginson could waive that and allow the deal to go through.

Another Detroit source, contacted late Monday, wasn't as optimistic a deal could be worked out.

The Tigers are known to be looking for a center fielder and have reportedly mentioned Marlins outfielder Juan Encarnacion's name in the talks. Encarnacion, normally a right fielder, played in center field during the weekend in what might have been a showcase for the Tigers.

Higginson, 34, a left-handed hitter who hit .300 in 2000, has twice driven in more than 100 runs in a season and averaged 24 homers a season from 1996-2000. But he has fallen out of favor in Detroit and no longer has a place in the Tigers' lineup.

Author:  thedanzone [ March 29th, 2005, 3:39 pm ]
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TIGERS CORNER: Monroe, Infante get spots

Trammell set in CF, likely at leadoff man

March 29, 2005


LAKELAND, Fla. -- Manager Alan Trammell said Monday that Craig Monroe would be the Opening Day centerfielder and Omar Infante likely would bat leadoff.

Trammell's only remaining decision appears to be how to position Carlos Pena and Monroe in the Nos. 7-8 spots. That could be a daily, season-long decision based on the opposing pitcher.

Infante replaces the released Alex Sanchez at the top of the order. He brings to the role a potential combination of gap power, stolen-base speed and the ability to get a crucial walk.

Monroe has stormed into the centerfield vacancy. He has looked respectable on defense and torrid at the plate. It's unclear who will be his backup in center. Candidates in camp are Nook Logan (slumping lately), Dewayne Wise and Alexis Gomez.

HIGGY, PALMER ON WAY OUT: Five years ago, in Phil Garner's first season as Tigers manager, Dean Palmer and Bobby Higginson tied for the team lead in RBIs with 102 apiece.

In Monday's game, Garner -- now the Houston Astros manager -- saw Palmer and Higginson play during what apparently will be their final week as Tigers, barring injuries to other players.

Trammell believes Palmer has shown he's still a major league player. But on Monday, club officials told Palmer that the Tigers don't have a spot for him in his new role as a backup player at third base, first base and designated hitter.

Higginson also doesn't figure in the Tigers' plans. But it might be a few weeks before he can shop for a new team.

The Tigers have until early Sunday morning to trim their roster to 25, the regular-season limit. It makes sense to keep him until close to that deadline. Between now and then, the club could get a trade proposal it likes for Higginson. Or an outfielder could get hurt, opening a spot for Higginson on the regular-season team, at least temporarily.

An industry source said the Tigers and Florida Marlins have had informal discussions about Higginson, but that no names have been exchanged. The Marlins might wait until Higginson is released to pursue him.

Instead of releasing Higginson this weekend, the Tigers can designate him for assignment. He would then be off the roster, but the Tigers would have 10 days to trade him before they had to release him. Higginson might not reach the job market until the second week of the regular season.

The Tigers owe Higginson $8.85 million this season, even if they let him go (and they would probably have to pay most of that contract even if they trade him). Palmer doesn't have a guaranteed contract. On Monday, the club gave Palmer these options:

Stay in camp for the week; go to Triple-A Toledo; be released; be made available to other clubs, with the Tigers seeking nothing in return.

Palmer said that he would stay in camp to the end in case an injury opens a spot. He hadn't decided on the other options.

Palmer, who hasn't played in the majors in nearly two seasons, didn't rule out going to Toledo. He sounded doubtful that he would join another major league club.

GERMAN TAKES LEAD: It became clearer that Franklyn German will beat out fellow right-hander Fernando Rodney for the middle-relief spot. Rodney left Monday's game because of continuing soreness in his pitching shoulder. He apparently will open the season on the disabled list or at Toledo. Even if Rodney had been healthy, he still might have lost out to German. That's because German no longer can be sent to the minors without going through waivers, a process in which any other club could take him for its roster.

NOTEBOOK: Right-handers Jason Grilli and John Ennis were sent to minor league camp, and right-hander Mike James was released. ... For the second time this spring, the Tigers scored seven runs off NL Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens. They had help from a strong wind blowing out to right. The Astros won, 14-11, in 10 innings.

Author:  Harrington is da man [ March 29th, 2005, 5:44 pm ]
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I dont see the trade going through,were just going to waive him...

Author:  bsand2053 [ March 29th, 2005, 6:00 pm ]
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We wanted to see if we could get any value at all for him. Someone in Florida likes him for one reason or another, and getting something back is better than nothing.

Author:  thedanzone [ March 29th, 2005, 8:40 pm ]
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Higgy's agent has reported that Higgy would veto that trade.

He doesn't want to go to Florida to play.

Author:  bsand2053 [ March 29th, 2005, 9:07 pm ]
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thedanzone wrote:
Higgy's agent has reported that Higgy would veto that trade.

He doesn't want to go to Florida to play.

I read that his agent said he would accept that trade. I think he has a home Florida. It would make sense

Author:  thedanzone [ March 29th, 2005, 9:16 pm ]
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bsand2053 wrote:
thedanzone wrote:
Higgy's agent has reported that Higgy would veto that trade.

He doesn't want to go to Florida to play.

I read that his agent said he would accept that trade. I think he has a home Florida. It would make sense

WDFN radio is where I got the info from.

Author:  bsand2053 [ March 30th, 2005, 8:17 pm ]
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Sons of guns. new_snipersmilie.gif

Author:  Harrington is da man [ March 30th, 2005, 9:59 pm ]
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I was pretty sure it wouldnt go through anyways, we still need to cut 8 more people anyways so this is better...

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