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 Mayhew looking to deal second overall pick 
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Because I think Cleveland is rebuilding mode with us as well and I do not think they are going to forfeit more picks to move up for talent.

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April 2nd, 2010, 2:09 pm
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Rumors swirl that Lions want to trade down
Posted by Michael David Smith on April 5, 2010 10:25 AM ET
Most mock drafts have the Rams selecting Sam Bradford first overall and the Lions taking Ndamukong Suh second. But Detroit fans shouldn't get too excited about Suh wreaking havoc in the middle of their defensive line just yet, because rumors that the Lions want to trade down are picking up steam.

Until the NFL adjusts its rookie salary structure, there will always be rumors that teams at the top of the draft want to trade down, because teams don't want to guarantee $30 million or so to any rookie. But the rumors surrounding the Lions seem to be more than just the garden variety "of course they'd consider trading down" fare.

"I think they'd like to trade out of there," NFL Network analyst and former Cowboys executive Gil Brandt said, per the Detroit Free Press.

Meanwhile, Peter King of writes in today's Monday Morning Quarterback column that the Lions trading down is "the best draft rumor at this point."

King says that the Lions might not view defensive tackle as their biggest need, especially if they acquire Saints restricted free agent defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove before the draft. In that scenario, the Lions would look to move down, pick up some extra picks and take the best offensive tackle they can get later in the first round.

Of course, it's all moot unless the Lions can find a team that wants to put together a package and move up for the right to guarantee an unproven rookie $30 million or so. But if there's a team out there that's absolutely in love with Suh (or Gerald McCoy or Russell Okung or anyone else), the Lions would like to talk to that team.

Here's another link with info that's in this story: ... No.-2-pick

April 5th, 2010, 11:06 am
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Again a willing partner is the key. I'm sure the Lions want to move down. I'd also be willing to bet that they wouldn't have to have a huge offer to do so. I think a good solid offer, not just an overwhelming one, could get some team the #2 pick. Unfortunately the McNabb trade kind of ruins a few avenues. Unless some team really wants Suh, McCoy or Okung the Lions aren't going anywhere no matter how much they might want to.

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April 5th, 2010, 5:26 pm
I'd love to buck the trend and abstain from picking until we're at where we want to pick... Screw 'em... show the NFL and the NFLPA that you're not going to play their games.

April 5th, 2010, 10:27 pm
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Because of the McNabb trade, I think the chances of the Lions trading down are now very remote. Teams generally only move into the top five for a QB, so #5 is now the premium spot for a team interested in Clausen. I suppose someone could get scared about another team moving up ahead of that spot, but I consider it doubtful. The best chance now is probably Tampa Bay getting spooked about Detroit taking the DT they want and flipping picks, but I think they would still be OK taking whichever one is left. Then again, this is the NFL draft, and anything could happen.


April 5th, 2010, 11:58 pm
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I started this thought in another thread but will continue it here. Everybody thinks it has to be a QB (Bradford) or Okung that teams will trade up for but I think both DTs but especially McCoy is going to draw interest from 3-4 teams looking for a Seymour, Brant Young type of 3-4 DE that can also slide inside with nickel and dime packages. That includes the Redskins they don't really have anybody to fill that role, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Denver (especially if they can get a 1st rounder for Marshall).

Cleveland can offer up #7, a 2nd rounder next year, a 3rd rounder this year, and a 5th or 6th rounder. From the 'Skins #4, their 4th rounder, and a 2nd rounder next year, I don't want Haynesworth there's more to them being willing to move him than the fact they are switching to a 3-4. The Bills would have to give up their 1st rounder next year along with #9, and their 3rd rounder. If Denver can get #6 from Seattle they could package that with their 2nd rounder this year or next year and a 3rd rounder if it's next year's 2nd rounder or a 4th rounder if it's this year's 2nd rounder. From any of those draft positions in the 1st round they can still can an impact player at a position of need or trade back further and get another 2nd rounder or a couple more 3rd rounders.

Bradford and Okung could still be the players that garner the most interest for teams to move up and get but don't count out McCoy and Suh is all I'm saying. To move back to as far as #9 and still get at worst Haden, Williams, Spiller, Bulaga, Morgan, or even Thomas along with additional picks this year and next, wouldn't be too bad regardless if the trade is below the value chart.

April 10th, 2010, 11:36 am
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