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 Mayhew's comments 
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Post Re: Mayhew's comments
m2karateman wrote:
vankman79 wrote:
there is no doubt in my mind that if ingram is there at 13 he is the best available player, but then again i would say the same about the 10 spot

If Mark Ingram is still on the board at #13, and the Lions feel he is the best player available, I'm hoping they trade down. I really don't think the Lions need to burn yet ANOTHER round one pick on an OFFENSIVE play maker. Enough is enough. I've been satisfied (not overjoyed) with their last couple drafts, but there are too many other positions that need attention, and Mayhew could probably make out like a bandit if he were to trade down. The Lions took a big step towards making their defensive respectable last year. Now it's time to make them an intimidating force. No receiver, no QB, no running back....defense or offensive line with that first pick, PLEASE!

I can't say I'm sure what team would be willing to trade up....Miami is likely interested in Ingram, but do they think that the Rams would take Ingram? Otherwise, they have no reason to move. Other teams who could want a RB like Ingram would be the Pats, the Giants or the Saints. I'm sure the Packers would like him as well, but I don't see them moving up 13 spots (possibly) to get him.

I know many folks think that Peterson and Amukamara will be off the board when the Lions pick, but one of them, likely Prince, could fall to us at #13. Many of the teams drafting ahead of us have needs along their defensive lines, QB or at receiver. They may forego taking a CB in favor of someone at one of those spots. It wouldn't surprise me to see three or maybe four QBs go ahead of our pick, and possibly two or three receivers. Couple that with three or four DLs and maybe a rush OLB for a 34 team, and you've burned those first 12 picks easy.

Just thinking out loud.....

M2, a lot of this depends on what we do in FA. If we can get a quality LB and a quality CB in FA, I would have no problem with going all offense in the draft. We need a RG, a #3 Wr, and an every-down Rb to make our offense complete. Our D already showed me last year that they can step up and win games, and that's with blatant holes. If we can plug those holes with respectable players, and build an offense that can score some points on a consistent basis, we'd have a good team.

And to be clear, I'm not saying that we SHOULD draft offense with our first pick in the draft, I just don't think that we should shy away from it and/or take a lesser talent if the BPA happens to be a Wr or a Rb.

January 11th, 2011, 5:11 pm
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Post Re: Mayhew's comments
right on m2k, whoa did i just say that lol. I dont know what happened to harris or why he is slipping. probably all the strong showings in bowl games moving guys up and pushing him back maybe, thats my guess.

January 11th, 2011, 7:42 pm
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Post Re: Mayhew's comments
Couple of thoughts on the discussion. Mostly on the prospects talked about.

Prince Amakamura and Patrick Peterson are out of our range. I believe. Despite the lack of production, scouts have raved about these two non-stop. It's sorta akin to Revis and Asomugha who don't have the stats to quantify their value. Peterson should go top 3, Amakamura top 10.

Mark Ingram. I don't see how he could possibly be the BPA at 13. He's just not that special IMO. He's not particularly fast, shifty, big or strong. Just a nice blend of a little bit of each. Picking a runner at the top to middle of the first round, means we getting a franchise back. I just don't see Ingram as that type.

If there's any running back that I think can fit that mold, it's K-States Daniel Thomas. I really like his size and speed. Now mind you, I don't want to draft him at 13. I just think he's someone you could take with the intent of grooming to be a feature back. This is a trend that I think is becoming easier to identify. A no brainer last year was Blount. He was a first round talent who punched his way out the draft. But I was also very high on Arian Foster when he was coming out. Other guys I liked in previous drafts were Shonne Greene, Rashad Jennings, and both have shown the ability to be productive in the nfl. Lesson? Don't waste your time drafting Ingram at 13.

I also am not paying much attention to the shuffling of draft stock. I think they do that more to keep things interesting so Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have something new to write about every day. So if there's no explicable reason why Brandon Harris should fall off the planet, then there's probably not much 'stock' in his dropping stock.

Who would I like to see at 13?

Outside of the obvious game changers like Peterson/Amakamura/Bowers/Quinn.

1. Akeem Ayers - To me, the prototypical linebacker for our defense.
2. Ras-I Dowling - While Peterson and Prince have a swagger for the position, Ras has a 'nastiness' that would make him like Delmas but at the corner spot.
3. Von Miller - Another big linebacker who was primarily for hand in the dirt downhill rushing, but I hear he's got a knack for coverage. That boosts his stock for me, but I like the fact that Ayers is proven in coverage.
4. Brandon Harris - Rated higher than Dowling on alot of peoples boards.
5. Mike Pouncey - His brother transformed the Steelers line, so you gotta feel good about Mike's chances of doing the same for our line. He would probably supplant Peterman, then take over for Dominic.


January 11th, 2011, 10:22 pm
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Post Re: Mayhew's comments
Good post, Honolulu. I too am "expecting" Prince and Peterson to both be gone by our pick. And if one of them is still there at #12, knowing our luck someone will trade up knowing that the Lions are in serious need of CB upgrade.

I would love to have one of them, im just not getting my hopes up. On the other hand, I really like Akeem Ayers. Like you said, i believe he would be a perfect fit for our D.

Im not too sold on Von Miller. The couple times I watched him I saw nothing but blitz, blitz, blitz. They SAY he can cover, but I just never saw it.

January 11th, 2011, 11:19 pm
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