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 Charles Napier dies at 75 
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Post Charles Napier dies at 75
R.I.P. Charles Napier
October 6, 2011 @ 08:01 AM

I know everyone is talking about the passing of Steve Jobs, and certainly without him I would probably never have been in a position to write these words to you… but someone else passed yesterday, as well.

Charlers Napier was one of my favorite actors. I noticed decades ago that he was in a lot– a LOT– of movies and TV shows I adored, usually playing the villain, or at least some kind of a hardass. It took years for me to learn his name, but I always knew who he was.

I wasn’t alone. Everyone knew him, even if they only knew him as “oh, yeah, THAT guy.” But he also did a lot of voice-over work in comic-book adaptations and other stuff… usually playing military guys, or other folks who were in charge.

What qualifies him for mention here, apart from the various voice-over jobs he did, is the interesting little bit of trivia that in live-action roles, Napier fought the Hulk three times (well, sort of– he usually just got hurled into a pile of boxes or something) playing a different role each time… and in the last one he took on Thor too.

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know– in addition to playing villain roles on the old Hulk show, Napier also (along with Ted Cassidy) actually recorded Hulk growls for the show that they used to dub Lou Ferrigno. So on The Incredible Hulk you could say that Napier got to voice both the hero and the villain. That always tickled me.

And, of course, he was immortalized for Trekkies everywhere as Adam the space hippie.

Napier also was in “Little Green Men” for Deep Space Nine (playing a military guy, of course) but it’s Adam that everyone remembers. Some wonderful person cut together a bunch of clips from that episode here. Napier singing and playing his crazy space guitar in that was always good for a smile. “Gonna clap my hands and jump for joy, got a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!”

Whatever you think of that particular Star Trek episode– and it was admittedly awful– Napier is just fearless in it. It was kind of his signature– no matter how silly the thing was that he might be in, he got in there and sold it and made it work. A pro’s pro.

I always enjoyed seeing him pop up in something I was watching. He rarely got star billing, so it was usually unexpected; it was like having an old friend drop in and say hello. He’ll be missed.

Even by the zillions of people who only knew him as “that guy.”

Rest in peace, Mr. Napier. ... es-napier/

You may not recognize the name, but I'm sure you'll recognize the face
He's been a couple movies:

Annapolis (2005) (post-production) .... Supt. Carter
Lords of Dogtown (2005) .... Nudie
Suits on the Loose (2005) .... General Wilkins
The Manchurian Candidate (2004) .... General Sloan
DinoCroc (2004) .... Sheriff Harper
People Like Us: Making 'Philadelphia' (2003) (V) (special thanks)
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) (voice) .... Roy
... aka Spirit (USA: promotional title)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001) (VG) (voice) .... Murphy
... aka Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection (USA)
... aka Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War (USA)
Extreme Honor (2001) Commander
Down 'n Dirty (2000) Captain Teller
Forgive Me Father (2000)
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000) Four Star General
Very Mean Men (2000) Detective Bailey
The Frozen Inferno (2000) Gulag Officail
Cypress Edge (1999) Detective O'Reilly
Los Gringos (1999) The Gringo
The Hunter's Moon (1999) J.T. Conove
Big Tease, The (1999)Warren Crockett
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
Pirates of the Plain (1999) Grandpa
"The Magician" (1998) TV Series (voice) . Lt. Vega
Armstrong (1998) .... Bob
Beloved (1998/I) (uncredited) .... Angry Carny
Breaking the Silence (1998)
Centurion Force (1998)
"Men in Black: The Series" (1997) TV (voice) .... Zed
Steel (1997) .... Col. David
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) .... Commander Gilmour
Macon County Jail (1997)
No Small Ways (1997)
Cable Guy, The (1996) .... Arresting Officer
Original Gangstas (1996) .... Mayor
Billy Lone Bear (1996)
Riot (1996) .... Agent Devaney
Jury Duty (1995) .... Jed
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995) .... Jack
Ballistic (1995) .... Underwood
Felony (1995) .... Duke
Hard Justice (1995) .... Warden Pike
Max Is Missing (1995) (TV) .... Becker
Jailbreakers (1994) (TV) .... Horse Connection
"Critic, The" (1994) TV Series (voice) .... Duke Phillips Fatal Pursuit (1994) .... Herbert
Raw Justice (1994) .... Stiles
Savage Land (1994) .... Cole
Silent Fury (1994)
Silk Degrees (1994) .... Schultz
Loaded Weapon 1 (1993) .... Interrogator
Body Bags (1993) (TV) .... Manager
Body Shot (1993) .... Leon
Frogtown II (1993) .... Captain Delano
Philadelphia (1993) .... Judge Garnett
Skeeter (1993) .... Ernie Buckle
Treacherous Crossing (1992) (TV)
Center of the Web (1992)
Eyes of the Beholder (1992) .... Detective Wilson
Hornsby e Rodriguez - sfida criminale (1992)
Mean Tricks (1992) .... Brian Hornsby
Soldier's Fortune (1992) .... Colonel Blair
To Die, To Sleep (1992) .... Father
Silence of the Lambs, The (1991) .... Lt. Boyle
Indio 2 - La rivolta (1991) .... IMC President
Killer Instinct (1991) .... John Doogan
Lonely Hearts (1991) .... Robby Ross
Maniac Cop 2 (1990) .... Lew Brady
Cop Target (1990)
Dragonfight (1990) .... Moochow
Ernest Goes to Jail (1990) .... Warden
Future Zone (1990) .... Mickland
Grifters, The (1990) .... Hebbing
Miami Blues (1990) .... Sergeant Bill Henderson
Ultima partita, L' (1990)
"War and Remembrance" (1989) (mini) TV Series .... Lt. General Walter Bedell Smith
Alien from the Deep (1989)
One Man Force (1989) .... Dante
Married to the Mob (1988) .... Angela's Hairdresser
Incredible Hulk Returns, The (1988) (TV)
Hit List (1988) .... Tom Mitchum
Deep Space (1987) .... Ian McLemore
Instant Justice (1987) .... Major Davis
Night Stalker, The (1987)
"Outlaws" (1986) TV Series .... Wolfson "Wolf" Lucas Something Wild (1986) .... Irate Chef
Camping del terrore (1986) .... The Sheriff
Kidnapped (1986) .... Lt. O'Bryan
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) .... Murdock
Cartier Affair, The (1984) (TV) .... Morgan Carroll
Outlaws, The (1984) (TV)
"Blue and the Gray, The" (1982) (mini) TV Series .... ..Major Harrison
Wacko (1981) .... Chief O'Hara
Blues Brothers, The (1980) .... Tucker McElroy
Melvin and Howard (1980) .... Ventura
Last Embrace (1979) .... Dave Quittle
"Oregon Trail, The" (1977) TV Series .... Luther Sprague Big Bob Johnson and His Fantastic Speed Circus (1977)
Handle with Care (1977) .... Chrome Angel
Ransom for Alice! (1977) (TV) .... Pete Phelan
Thunder and Lightning (1977) .... Jim Bob
Supervixens (1975) .... Harry Sledge
Seven Minutes, The (1971)
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) ... Baxter Wolfe Love and Kisses (1970)
Moonfire (1970)
Cherry, Harry and Raquel! (1969) .... Harry
House Near the Prado, The (1969)

Detroit vs. Everybody
Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right....

October 6th, 2011, 1:01 pm
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