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 Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy 
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Post Re: Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy
Pablo wrote:

And Sly I don't think Newt is electable against Obama. He will get the conservative vote, but honestly any Rep would get that running against BO. It is the moderate and independent votes that the Rep candidate is going to need to take from Obama to win and I don't think Newt is going to be able to make much inroads there.


I agree completely about the moderate and independent voters. I think Sly is 180 degrees wrong on Newt being able to attract those voters. He is much more controversial and conservative than Romney, so how does it make sense that people in the middle would be more likely to go for him? As a comparison, flip the ideologies and see if you still hold the same opinion Sly. What if it were a sitting Republican president and there was a choice between a center-left candidate (for example someone with views like Joe Lieberman) and a liberal candidate (for example Dennis Kucinich or Nancy Pelosi). Do you really think the moderate/independent voters would go for Kucinich or Pelosi before they would Lieberman? I certainly don't. It's the same with Romney and Newt in my opinion.

One other thing I'll add regarding