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 Lions Have the Talent, Schwartz Needs to Go 
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Post Re: Lions Have the Talent, Schwartz Needs to Go
I would like to ask other fans their opinion about the Lions play these last 6 games. I was absolutely amazed that they were uninspired, flat, and barely full of life except for 1.5 games. Green Bay, and the first half against Philly. Every other game was lifeless, and there was no drive from either the defense or the offense. Am I mistaken or did others feel this way too?

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December 24th, 2013, 11:01 am
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Post Re: Lions Have the Talent, Schwartz Needs to Go
How long ago was it that I said Schwartz should go? Remember 53 seconds? I can not and will not support a coach that simply gives up.


December 24th, 2013, 1:51 pm
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Post Re: Lions Have the Talent, Schwartz Needs to Go
m2karateman wrote:
The Legend wrote:


its so easy for us as fans to blame the coaches or just the QB but at some point shouldn't the players have wanted this a little more. defense made one more stop here, came up with one more batted ball, lineman making one more block, one DB staying home with his assignment, etc they were really just 1-2 plays total in the past 15 games from going into the final week with a chance to clinch a division title/home playoff game. it sure didn't ever appear like the players ever knew that or took responsibility for there own season

Yes, the players SHOULD have wanted this more. But let's examine why they didn't. Players who respect their coaches put forth a better effort, and yield better results. Coaches inspire as much as anything else. The players are saying all the standard things in the press about how they are to blame, and that Schwartz is a good coach. That's all BS. Good coaches don't need to have their players defending them like this. Most people can agree that this is the most talent the Lions have had on this roster in a LONG time. You'd have to go back pretty far, before Millen and more, to find a roster that has this much talent wearing a Lions uniform. As much as folks around here bashed on Wayne Fontes, he got the most from his players. What he did, or how he did it, I'm not sure. But all I know is that Schwartz isn't getting it done. Five years is enough time to show year over year improvement. The last two seasons have been a lesson in underachievement and terrible sideline decisions. Players aren't the only ones playing the games. The coaching staff is involved as well. Coaching decisions have just as much impact on the game as the players. And Schwartz has been a clusterfuck of bad decisions.

If what has happened in various cities that have undergone coaching changes doesn't convince you that a coaching change can have a positive impact, I don't know what will convince you. Is it a risk to change coaches? Yes. But you have to ask yourself, are you willing to live on with the underachieving mediocrity you have been witness to under Schwartz? I am not.
And I believe there are many others who aren't willing to watch a rekindling of the past two seasons. I'm afraid that's all we'll get out of this staff.

lol man, I ve wanted Schwartz gone since the 2-10 start in 2010. I saw then that he couldn't make the right calls during games to get wins. that's not the point - this isn't a team playing out the stretch of a 4-12 season again. they were playing for a division title and showed up flat against one of the coldest teams in the league. if a coach has to get them up in a situation like that, its almost already a lost cause at that point. these guys should ve wanted it for themselves. calvin Johnson included - cant sit that many plays late in such an important game.

December 24th, 2013, 5:09 pm
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Post Re: Lions Have the Talent, Schwartz Needs to Go
m2karateman wrote:
UK Lion wrote:
GB lose. We had a shot. We blew it. Players as much to blame as the coaches, IMO.

49ers wrote:
I also don't think the Lions have as much talent as some people here think they do.

Agree. This is not a talented roster. Effort is a talent, too.

Effort is not a talent. Effort is a character, a quality of person. It is NOT a talent. Talent is body control, speed, accuracy, throwing the ball long, a quick release, quickness off the line, balance. Effort is a quality of the mind, not the body.

This team has the talent to get into the playoffs, and to succeed there. NFL former coaches and players have said it. I'll take their word for it. Calvin is an elite talent. Suh and Fairley are elite talents. Larry Warford, even in his rookie season, is an elite talent. Pettigrew is an elite talent as a blocking tight end. Levy had an elite season at linebacker. Glover Quin is a borderline elite talent at safety. Sam Martin seems to be emerging at punter as an elite talent. It remains to be seen if Ziggy Ansah is an elite pass rusher, or if Riley Reiff can be an elite left tackle. But already both are better than average at their positions. Stafford has the potential to be an elite QB. All that is missing is for him to gain his confidence back. His issues stem more from his mind than his body. Even his poor mechanics are a working of his mind.

This is a team that is a product of the coaches. Their lack of discipline, their lack of focus, poor decisions, etc. are all a product of the coaching. In the end, the players play the game, and they make those mistakes. The coaches are supposed to take WHATEVER measure is necessary to correct and discipline those responsible for the mistakes. Bush keeps fumbling....does he get kept from the game? Is LeShoure made active and Reggie made inactive? No and no. Stafford keeps screwing up in the fourth quarter, giving game after game away. Does he get pulled in favor of Shaun Hill, a player many feel is the best backup QB in the NFL today? Nope. The Lions are playing for a playoff spot, and the coaches are playing it safe rather than being aggressive and trying to put points on the board or gain momentum.

Schwartz had his chance. You can't fire an entire team. Ultimately, the head coach is responsible. That's how it is.


It is time to move on. I agree it could be a risk, but honestly, if they don't fire Schwartz i will likely not be here for next season. I just cant muster enough care to watch them squander the talent we have yet again.

December 24th, 2013, 9:08 pm
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