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 Mel Kiper's Mock Draft 
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Drafting for a need is sometimes can also go through previous picks of early CBs and they flopped just as hard...Westbrook, Fair, Abrams, etc...

Its not about need as much as it is about luck IMO...The Lions would be unwise to draft a QB or an RB just cause they are the best available agreed? So you do have to be discriminating about it...I think the Lions are far enough along that drafting need makes sense...luckily (or not) they have need in several areas so if they take the best player available at one of those given positions I will be ok with it. IMO the big key is finding mid late round value almost more than that big pick. The good and great teams can lose a guy and keep rolling cause they have depth.

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January 26th, 2005, 11:06 am
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Lok for a surprise, Detroit takes Braylon Edwards with the tenth pick. Charles Rogers would be a great slot back if he dosen't stub his toe or break a nail. Edwards would give Detroit two big play receivers. They can live for onother year with their tight ends. In the secon round or through FA they need to address Safety and the O line. Now that Kevin Jones has found his groove, they need to protect Joey and fin someone who can catch the ball.... Buress.... Porter? Spend some money Mr. Ford, you won't win by waiting on the other guys.........Randy Moss?????????

January 27th, 2005, 10:00 pm
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uummm......o.k.......yeah, Rogers in the slot.

January 27th, 2005, 10:13 pm
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The tight end position is more integral to the WCO than you have been lead to believe apparently. With a good receiving tight end that has some decent speed, the middle of the field becomes a viable option for Joey, and opposing defenses are forced to cover the whole field, rather than just the outside thirds. It allows the fact that the defense won't be able to double cover both Rogers and Williams. As for the Lions taking Braylon, no way. He won't fall that far, and the Lions don't need him. As for getting a free agent receiver, by all means yes. Just not a high priced one. Someone to replace Az Hakim and Tai Streets is what they need, since neither is likely to be back. With the tenth pick, the Lions value choices are limited due to their needs versus what top players will be available. I don't feel the Lions NEED to take a defensive end at all, let alone in round one. I think the pass rush would be more greatly benefitted by some safeties that actually cover someone, and by more blitz packages for the linebackers. Offensive guard is a definite need, and improvements in other spots on the line would be nice as well. You can forget about Moss and Burress, they both want too much money. And both would disrupt the harmony of the locker room. :(
All in all I understand your disappointment in Charles Rogers, but let's hope his two injuries were just freak accidents that don't happen again. On the bright side, at least it wasn't his knees ala Germane Crowell.

January 27th, 2005, 10:16 pm
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[Its not about need as much as it is about luck IMO...The Lions would be unwise to draft a QB or an RB just cause they are the best available agreed? So you do have to be discriminating about it]...I would venture to say that the buffalo bills would argue that the best available may be the right choice...Mcgehee (miami) when they had a top back in Henry...and in reference to Boss he has played more than 5 games in his career...joey with 3000 yards...that is less than 200 yard a game and tim rattay had a better passer rating...and please note that [Kalimba...contributor to one of the league's better 8 man rotation's on D
] had the fewest tackles for the DE position on the team...when you look at drafting success you look at baltimore who seems to take the best possible (within reason)...i have posted both histories from 96'
2003 Charles Rogers WR Michigan State
2002 Joey Harrington QB Oregon
2001 Jeff Backus T Michigan
2000 Stockar McDougle T Oklahoma
1999 Chris Claiborne LB USC
Aaron Gibson G/T Wisconsin
1998 Terry Fair CB Tennessee
1997 Bryant Westbrook CB Texas
1996 Reggie Brown LB Texas A&M
Jeff Hartings G Penn State
2003 Terrell Suggs DE Arizona State
Kyle Boller QB California
2002 Ed Reed S Miami (Fla.)
2001 Todd Heap TE Arizona State
2000 Jamal Lewis RB Tennessee
Travis Taylor WR Florida
1999 Chris McAlister CB Arizona
1998 Duane Starks CB Miami (Fla.)
1997 Peter Boulware DE Florida State
1996 Jonathan Ogden OT UCLA
Ray Lewis LB Miami

It is apparent to me that only 2004 (RoyWill and KJ vs 0) did the lions get better mileage from the first round


January 28th, 2005, 11:40 pm
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