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 Let's run the Goalie in Game 6! 
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Post Let's run the Goalie in Game 6!
Since Coach Playfair put in his backup goalie to take whacks at Franzen (or any other Wing standing in front of the net), I say we ought to run Kiprisoff (sp) on the very first shift. Send Cleary or Maltby or Bertuzzi at him and say, "sorry" after they send him crashing into the post at full speed. If they want to play dirty, we ought to play dirty too. Since their backup goalie will likely be suspended, let's make them have to play their minor leaguer in net! I'd run Kipper non stop until he is knocked out of the game to be honest with you. Is it unsportsmanlike? Yes, but paybacks are in order here.


April 21st, 2007, 6:33 pm
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After watching games 1,2 & 5 (Didn't see much of 3 & 4 due to the time of the games) I am more worried about the 3rd period of Game 6. The Flames have wrote the blueprint and shared it with the league on how to beat them and how to be the sorest (is this even a word) losers in all of pro sports. I am worried about the 3rd period because after the Wings kick thier asses all over the place and are up 10-0 after 2 the Flames are going to get ugly again and try to permanently injure our stars and take us out of the playoffs anyway they can.

I was screaming at the TV after this game! IMHO the Flames should be ejected from the playoffs...they should have to forfiet the series and go home now.

I really wondered for a minute there that if game 6 does get ugly I am wondering how long it takes before coach goes and jumps the wall and fights himself. I have not seen anger and disgust like that in the eyes of a coach in my entire life. If any Wing is injured and has the possibility of not being available for awhile (Cleary Maybe?) they should go out and take the knee out of Iginla and/or Kiprusoff. I feel bad for Kippy though,,,You know he a brown streak in his shorts for the last 3 minutes of that game in fear for his life!

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April 22nd, 2007, 12:23 am
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I'm with Sly on this. I'd like to see Babcock send a message right back at the opening of the game. I think we might also get the extra benefit of seeing Iginla lose his mind and pick up some early penalties.

Almost as absurd as the last five minutes of the game: I went to a Flames website tonight, and their fans are all screaming bloody murder about the Wings and the refs, and thoroughly praising McClennan.

April 22nd, 2007, 3:26 am
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I love the way the Wings are handling it right now. They just keep playing hard and out-talenting Calgary, and still they are whacking the dirty bastards at every opportunity. I like to see them get tough. Zetterberg yesterday put Iginla on his badonkadonk for messing with Lidstrom. Thats gotta be a little humiliating to be put down by Zetterberg. I just hope the Wings can steal tonight's game at Calgary.

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April 22nd, 2007, 9:27 am
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