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1 Patriots Super Bowl champs the team to beat
2 Colts Peyton/Harrison ready for the next step?
3 Chiefs Is any back better than Priest?
4 Eagles McNabb to Owens should excite Philly
5 Seahawks Took a major stride forward in 2003
6 Ravens 21 starters back from 10 win team
7 Packers Farve/Green continue to rule Nort
8 Falcons Vick ready to soar high again
9 Panthers Super Bowl took tool on Cinderella
10 Saints Installing phone booth in end zone
11 Rams How much does Faulk have left?
12 Titans McNair needs repeat of co-MVP performance
13 Broncos Champ is corner they been looking for
14 Vikings Monumental collapse down the stretch
15 Redskins Portis runs behind very good O-line
16 Lions Harrington finally has the weapons he needs
17 Bengals Palmer takes over for improved Kitna
18 Steelers Big Ben could take over soon
19 Jets Pennington to Moss could be special
20 Cowboys Vinny and Eddie well past prime
21 Jaguars Leftwich looked strong as a rook
22 Bills Will Evans be the answer to Price?
23 Texans Good young team in tough division
24 Dolphins Ricky, like city, is MIA
25 Buccaneers Tampa is a hard team to figure
26 Browns Garcia/Winslow gives team a new look
27 Raiders Gannon and Collins battle it out
28 Bears Lions look to end streak week 1
29 Cardinals Like Lions, scary young duo at WR
30 Giants Eli hopes to be like dad/brother
31 Chargers LT doesn't look to have much help
32 49er's No Garcia, Owens, Streets, Hearst...
Packers 11 5
Bears 10 6
Vikings 10 6
Lions 4 12
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2013 Detroit Lions
Draft Picks
DE Ziggy Ansah
CB Darius Slay
G Larry Warford
DE Devin Taylor
P Sam Martin
WR Corey Fuller
RB Theo Riddick
TE Michael Williams
LB Brandon Hepburn
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